5 Battles "Call of Duty" Should Explore in the Future

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With the recent announcement that Activision is choosing to stick with futuristic shooters in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the reaction by most players has been largely negative.

With a genre filled almost entirely by FPS games set in the not so distant future, largely by Activision themselves, gamers have become tired of the same of shtick being force fed to them year after year. This in large part is why customers have been asking game companies, such as Activision and EA, to visit other historical war periods to liven up the market. It appears, however, that only one of them is choosing to listen to the fans' requests.

Battlefield 1, an upcoming shooter created by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, is set to take place in World War I and explore the landscape which once dominated the shooter genre before Call of Duty redefined it. Considering the massive backlash towards Infinite Warfare, while Battlefield 1 is seeing major support from followers, it's entirely possible that Call of Duty's sales will fall to the likes of its biggest competitor. So, if said instance were to happen, it's likely Activision will follow in EA's footsteps and return to World War shooters as well. To help give Activision some new ideas to spice things up a bit, let's throw out some real life battles that could help redefine Call of Duty once more in the near future. 

Published May. 13th 2016
  • Connor Van Ligten
    Featured Contributor
    I think the six day's war would be really interesting in a call of duty game, or some of the battles in the arab israeli conflict in general would make for an interesting shooter.

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