New Terraria 1.2 Music Spoiler, Mushroom Biome, and Bee Hive Are Pretty Great

All aboard the spoiler train! Choo choo!

Terraria 1.2, how we want you! A special treat popped up on Demilogic's YouTube account this weekend: a single musical track from the game. Hot damn is it nice. Check it out above.

The description for the video asks if we can guess what this could possibly be for, and honestly I'm a bit stumped. While the first minute or so of the track and certain parts throughout sound a bit like it could be a boss theme, the tune's slower tempo at other points leads me to believe this is a special piece of music for an in-game event.

It's impossible to tell for now -- Demilogic's lips (or fingers) seem to be sealed.

Mushrooms and Bees Please

The sound sampling is not the only bit of new Terraria information we've gotten over the past week. Some YouTube users have an especially good eye for spoilers moving into the 1.2 patch and they are more than willing to share what they see that just might surprise you.

The first one seen just below shows the new jungle, bee hives, and new assets associated with bees. Check out Yrimir's video featuring these below.

ChippyGaming also took a crack at recent spoilers, comparing the previously leaked mushroom biome to what has been more recently shared and giving the icon for the piranha gun some attention.

You know what would be really cool to do once Terraria 1.2 hits? A base/home built in the mushroom biome with a honey moat and a rainbow fountain, and whatever the leaked music goes with. That would be the best.

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Published Aug. 12th 2013

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