Overwatch closed beta back February 9

Overwatch beta is back!

For those of us that have been waiting for the next beta for Blizzard's Overwatch, we don't have to wait much longer. In a blog post, Blizzard revealed that the date for the next closed beta will be next week, February 9 for players in Europe and the Americas. Asia players will have to wait until February 16.

Also mentioned were some of the new features that players can look forward to with the next beta. Those features include an all-new progression system, two new maps and a new game mode, balance updates, and "private game updates" that will include full A.I. matches.

For those interested, Blizzard is also looking for more beta testers, and is asking players to sign up now. As for the players who have already participated, don't worry, you'll still have access once the new version goes live. 

The last Overwatch beta was pretty enjoyable, but the game did have its problems. Some characters felt boring, and the gameplay was a tad slow at times. It will be interesting to see if Blizzard has addressed these problems and if they did, how. I personally can't wait to give it another try.

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Published Feb. 4th 2016

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