The 8 best free PC games for May 2016


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This is an incredibly simple game based around one tiny idea: a nuclear reactor is about to explode, and the guy who knows how to turn it off is nowhere to be found (for some reason Homer Simpson comes to mind). You've got to stop the reactor from blowing, but the problem is you don't have any clue how the console works.

Even that description is over complicating things. This game is all about finding which two buttons on your keyboard will turn off the reactor when held down. Problem is, they reset every time you play, and you've only got six seconds to figure it out!

Obviously you won't be putting hundreds of hours into this one, but there's an undeniable rush to trying to figure out which buttons to hold down before that explosion sound hits, and it actually gets sort of addicting if you mess up several times in a row. A strange obsession hits as you realize you have to master this diabolical little indie game!

Published Apr. 25th 2016

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