The 8 best free PC games for May 2016


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OK, I'm sort of breaking my promise of skipping the super obvious ones, and Hearthstone is certainly not a new game, but there are big changes coming with the Whispers Of The Old Gods expansion. This new Cthulhu-themed add-on is not only bringing in more cards, but also major tweaks to some of the staples that were in need of re-balancing.

A few of the changes aren't making long-time players happy (as the go-to cards like Ironbeak Owl, Leper Gnome, and Big Game Hunter are undergoing revamps to make them less powerful or more costly) but I'm looking forward to jumping back in now that the standard strategies are out the window and players have to come up with new ones.

If you love Warcraft lore and dig CCGs like Magic: The Gathering or Might And Magic: Duels of the Champions, now is a great time to jump into the completely free Hearthstone.

Published Apr. 25th 2016

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