Void Crew Trailer Reveals "Chaotic" Co-Op Multiplayer in Space

Void Crew is a chaotic co-op game coming later this year.

Focus Entertainment has teamed up with new studio Hutlihut Games to bring Void Crew to a galaxy near you. Announced with a reveal trailer, the four-person co-op is set in space as you work to regain humanity's lost history and battle against the Hollow. While there is no specific date of release just yet, the title will be available later in 2023 for PC. The game is already available to wishlist on Steam.

Playing as four "chosen" Followers of Metem meant to head into the void of space, you man some of the most advanced spaceships, all with zero training (because, why not?). In multiplayer fashion, you'll work together to succeed on your mission or fail as the chaos overtakes you.

Gameplay also involves space battles as you try not to blow up your own spacecraft through lack of experience. And you'll venture outside of the confines of your ship to loot or escape death, too. You'll come up against asteroid storms, face off against aliens and human scavengers as you attempt to make your way through the galaxy and bring order to the void, and a lot more in Among Us meets Everspace action. 

A playable demo will be available for those who are attending PAX East, taking place in Boston, Massachusetts, March 23-26, at the Focus Entertainment booth at Booth 13085 in the Expo Hall.   

Hutlihut boasts a team that has worked on titles such as Path of Exile, Deus Ex: Mankind, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Oh, and they worked on Deep Rock Galactic, too. Stay tuned for more on Void Crew

Featured image via Focus Entertainment


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Published Mar. 16th 2023

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