Nintendo enters the app world with free games

Upcoming Nintendo smart phone games are planned to be free.

With longstanding plans to start releasing smart phone games, Nintendo finally decided to release details on pricing for their games. The good news is that they are free...for the most part.

Co-developer DeNa has stated that the popularity and success of games is not determined by how much they are worth. The company plans to rely on microtransactions to create a sizable revenue. This will follow the trend of other popular games such as Puzzles and Dragons

The free games were only announced for early smart phone titles and both Nintendo and DeNa plan to release 5 games by March 2017. This means that some of these games will have to be paid for, but fans can be optimistic awaiting promising Nintendo games for their phones. The first wave of games is still unknown -- except for Miitomo, which hopes to create a new social media experience with interaction between Miis. 

Keep an eye out for any more Nintendo smart phone titles in the coming months as fans eagerly await their release. 

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Published Nov. 11th 2015

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