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Dr. Mario World launched not too long ago and surprised players by including more than Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi for the first time in the game's lengthy history. These additional characters play the role of Doctor or Assistant, and there are quite a few to eventually unlock.

This guide lists them all out for you, along with how to go about unlocking Doctors and Assistants.

Dr. Mario World Characters

These are the available Doctors:

  • Dr. Mario
  • Dr. Bowser
  • Dr. Peach
  • Dr. Luigi
  • Dr. Yoshi
  • Dr. Toad
  • Dr. Toadette
  • Dr. Bowser Jr.
  • Dr. Ludwig von Koopa
  • Dr. Wendy O. Koopa

And these are the 30 potential Assistants you can unlock:

  • Goomba
  • Koopa
  • Shy Guy
  • Piranha Plant
  • Pokey
  • Spike
  • Hammer Bro
  • Cheep Cheep
  • Spiny Cheep Cheep
  • Blooper
  • Koopa Paratroopa
  • Lakitu
  • Spiny
  • Paragoomba
  • Swooper
  • Bob-omb
  • Buzzy Beetle
  • Bullet Bill
  • Amp
  • Boom Boom
  • Sumo Bro
  • Pom Pom
  • Huckit Crab
  • Clampy
  • Porcupuffer
  • Para-beetle
  • Peepa
  • Scaredy Rat
  • Crowber
  • Sledge Bro

How to Unlock Characters in Dr. Mario World

The kicker here is how to go about unlocking Doctors or Assistants. There are a few general requirements to meet, but otherwise, it's completely random. Here are the steps: 

  1. First, you need to level up to Level 20 and clear the first World.
  2. After that, you can spend 4,000 Coins or 40 Diamonds to unlock a Doctor or Assistant.

If you need a refresher about how Coins and Diamonds work, head over here to check out our overview.

You have no control over which Doctor or Assistant you unlock. Each doctor has a 2% drop rate, while all the Assistants have a 2.67% drop rate.

It's possible to end up receiving duplicates of the same Doctor or Assistant as well. Should that happen, it levels up your character, but the duplicates won't be removed from the pool of potential unlockables until you've maxed out that character's skill level.

Diamonds in Dr. Mario World

Should you wish to purchase characters with Diamonds, know that you can't buy Diamonds individually. Instead, they come bundled.

  • 20 Diamonds — $1.99
  • 53 Diamonds — $4.99
  • 110 Diamonds — $9.99
  • 250 Diamonds — $19.99
  • 550 Diamonds — $39.99
  • 1050 Diamonds — $69.99

If you don't feel like doing the quick math, just know that should you want to use Diamonds for all the characters, you'll need more than 1,200 for the Assistants alone, and that's not taking into account duplicates.

Unless you want to spend money for the heck of it, Coins or a mix of Coins and Diamonds are likely your best bet here.


Meanwhile, if you can't sign in to Dr. Mario World, our error code guide might help clear up the confusion.

Dr. Mario World Error Codes 0009, 0007, 0003 Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/frtdv/dr-mario-world-error-codes-0009-0007-0003-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/frtdv/dr-mario-world-error-codes-0009-0007-0003-explained Sat, 13 Jul 2019 09:42:14 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Dr. Mario World, Nintendo's latest mobile offering, fired up its surgery machines just a few days ago, but players have been experiencing multiple connection problems right from the get-go. Error Codes 0009, 0007, 0003 are the primary culprits right now, and they each can be game breaking in their own way.

While Nintendo has acknowledged the problems, it hasn't quite been able to fix them, so this is very much still an ongoing situation.

Dr. Mario World Error 0003

Error 0003 is the one that prevents you from logging into the game. It's related to problems with Nintendo's servers or possibly your own phone, and it keeps you stuck on the login screen.

Fortunately, there are a few possible workarounds for this particular error code.

Nintendo updated Dr. Mario World on July 10 and recommends that, should you encounter Error Code 0003, you should ensure the game is running the latest version.

If, for some reason, that can't be done when prompted to update, you can always go under the game's files in your phone and re-download, which will include the latest updates.

Of course, if it isn't your phone, then it could just be Nintendo's servers. Dr. Mario World is a highly anticipated and brand-new mobile game; it's always a possibility demand swamps the servers from time to time.

If updating the game's files doesn't work, the best bet for now, unfortunately, is just to wait a little while and try again.

Dr Mario World Error Codes 0007 and 0009

Error Code 0007 and error code 0009 cause more problems, but are a little trickier to understand.

Both are classified as some kind of communication or connection error, though some players have reported receiving both codes at different times, without seemingly doing or experiencing anything different each time.

To make matters worse, it's completely random when the codes pop up and can happen in the middle of a level, costing a valuable Heart and level progress.

As of now, there's no known way around Error Codes 0007 and 0009. One player thought it was an issue with their Bluetooth, while another solved the problem by turning Wi-Fi off and using cellular data instead. These aren't surefire fixes and don't work for everyone, though.

Given the official recognition on the Dr. Mario World Twitter page of network issues causing in-game problems, it seems this is probably some kind of server issue and not anything wrong with your phone's connection. 

If so, we'll just have to wait for yet another patch to correct the bugs. When it happens, we'll update with any relevant fixes required for overcoming these error codes.

Dr. Mario World Multiplayer Trailer Shows Off Heart Sharing and Versus Mode https://www.gameskinny.com/gah5y/dr-mario-world-multiplayer-trailer-shows-off-heart-sharing-and-versus-mode https://www.gameskinny.com/gah5y/dr-mario-world-multiplayer-trailer-shows-off-heart-sharing-and-versus-mode Wed, 03 Jul 2019 11:02:23 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Nintendo showed off some of Dr. Mario World's multiplayer features ahead of the mobile game's July 10 launch, including the send Hearts feature and Versus mode.

The game's original announcement mentioned players can send their friends Hearts, in-game items players have to spend so they can challenge the game's stages. No other details were given at the time, but the recent multiplayer trailer confirmed that's basically all there is to it: select a friend from your list in the game, and choose how many Hearts you want to send.

There don't seem to be any limits on how many Hearts you can send, but of course, the maximum number of hearts a player can hold at a time is still five.

However, it appears actually creating a friends list is dependent on linking social media accounts, and for now, only Facebook and Line are supported. Once a friend is included in the player's friends list, both can keep track of each other's level progress and rankings.

It wouldn't be a Dr. Mario game — or a match-three puzzler, for that matter — without some competition, and Dr. Mario World offers that in its Versus mode. Two players can challenge each other to see who can survive the longest before their stage is filled with viruses.

To keep things interesting, the game lets players send viruses to their opponent's stage from time to time. How effective these viral assaults are depends on the Doctor the player chooses; those with higher defense, like Dr. Bowser for instance, aren't affected as drastically by incoming viruses.

As mentioned in the Dr. Mario World announcement, each Doctor has special skills they can use after filling up their Skill Meter, and these carry over to Versus mode as well. They offer a variety of advantages: for instance, Toad can clear five random objects, and Peach can clear a random column.

There's still no word on how many Doctors the game will offer, but the multiplayer trailer did show the Koopalings taking part in Versus battles. We don't get to see them kitted out as full-on Doctors, though it seems like they'll bring their own unique skills as well, which means plenty of variety in playstyles — once you spend the Diamonds needed to unlock them, naturally.

Dr Mario World Pre-Registration Open Now for iOS and Android https://www.gameskinny.com/nvxdk/dr-mario-world-pre-registration-open-now-for-ios-and-android https://www.gameskinny.com/nvxdk/dr-mario-world-pre-registration-open-now-for-ios-and-android Tue, 18 Jun 2019 10:30:07 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Dr. Mario World, Nintendo's latest mobile title, is now open for pre-registration on Android and iOS ahead of its July 10 release.

Alongside the announcement, Nintendo also released a lengthy overview trailer demonstrating how the game works — including its microtransactions.

Dr. Mario World is a Match-3 puzzle game, tasking players with matching different pill colors to different viruses to clear stages. Of course, it's not as simple as it sounds.

Each stage has its share of obstacles, be they have traps to work around or blocks impeding progress. The stages are spread out over five themed worlds (hence "world" in the title) based on the usual Mario themes: sky, ice, haunted, and so on. Nintendo will be adding more worlds eventually, too.

The game initially gives access to Dr. Mario himself, but as players collect coins and diamonds  the game's primary collectible items  they can eventually unlock other doctors, including Peach, Yoshi, and even Bowser. Each doctor has their own special skill, like randomly clearing obstacles or rows.

The catch here is a stamina-like system, similar to Fire Emblem Heroes, but much more limiting. Players must spend hearts to attempt a stage, and while they refill one every 30 minutes, the little "+" icon next to the heart shows, unsurprisingly, hearts can be purchased using diamonds as well.

It appears the player can only hold five hearts at once, which means either tackling one or two stages per day or buying diamonds to buy more hearts. There's an infinite option that lets players attempt as many stages as they want in 60 minutes, too — for a price. A full five-heart refill would cost 10 diamonds, which translates to $1.99 (for 20 diamonds), while the hour-long unlimited option goes for 30 diamonds.

Diamonds are also used to obtain additional capsules players can use to continue a stage should they run out of capsules before finishing. As one would expect, these, too, are available for purchase in the in-game store and can be used to obtain more hearts.

There's a feature where friends can share hearts with each other as well, though the trailer doesn't provide any more information than that.

8 Ways women are poorly portrayed in Super Mario Bros https://www.gameskinny.com/4i3d0/8-ways-women-are-poorly-portrayed-in-super-mario-bros https://www.gameskinny.com/4i3d0/8-ways-women-are-poorly-portrayed-in-super-mario-bros Mon, 01 Feb 2016 12:29:09 -0500 CharlottePoitras

The Super Mario Bros series is one of the most popular video games of all time. Unfortunately, the game makers tend to forget half of their audience: women. Here are eight ways women are portrayed in Super Mario Bros.

1. Pauline: The First Damsel in Distress

The plot of the first Mario game is simple: “Donkey Kong the ape kidnapped Mario’s girlfriend!” In this action-packed rescue adventure, you move Mario through incredible dangers to save her.” The idea of a beautiful woman who needs to be saved isn’t new. Since the beginning of Mario's story in 1982, it has always been about a man saving a woman (who wasn’t even named at first).

People act and objects are acted upon. The damsel in distress is something that needs to be saved, a treasure to find, a trophy to win is treated like an object. Manual even proves Mario probably didn’t stop dating Pauline when he was with Peach, as there was a new game made with Pauline during his adventures with Peach.

2. Peach: A Woman Can’t Save Herself

The main female character in Mario Bros is the (first unnamed) Princess Toadstool: Peach. And what does she do? Nothing but wait for a man to save her so she can bake him a cake. She appears in 16 Super Mario platform games and is kidnapped in 14 of them. Even if she is believed to have the power to break the curse of the evil Koopa King, she doesn’t do anything else than waiting and sending letters of encouragement to Mario.

Peach doesn’t seem to hate being with Bowser that much as he never hurts her and even lets her write letters of encouragement to Mario. She might even be Baby Bowser’s mom, even though we never heard of her being raped. This leads to the theory that she is often willingly leaving Mario for her lover, Bowser. That way, the princess pretends to be kidnapped to play the damsel in distress, creating drama and getting the attention of two men (or man and turtle). This isn’t the greatest way to portray a woman. Otherwise, we can see it as a fight between two men in which the princess is not part of any team but rather acts as the ball men are fighting for.

In Super Mario 64, the story ends with Peach saying, “Thank you, Mario! We have to do something special for you... (kisses Mario) Listen, everybody, let's bake a delicious cake...for Mario…" Many fans agree to say that baking a cake is a metaphor for having sex, which she couldn’t say in a game for children.

Following this idea, the only female character in the game is still portrayed as a beautiful lady to save in exchange for sex. This is the best thing she has to offer to Mario after he saved her life.

3. Princess Daisy: an Improvement?

Peach's friend Daisy makes her first appearance in Super Mario Land as the damsel in distress, kidnapped by aliens, that has to be saved by Mario. “Now, [the monster Tatanga” wants to marry Princess Daisy of Sarasaland and make her his queen. Mario came to know of these events, and has started on a journey to restore peace to Sarasaland.”

Fortunately, she was a smart, competitive tomboy and adventurous in parties, sports, fighting, and racing games. She even gets to slap Bowser in Mario Party 3… but ends up fleeing and bursting in tears when someone finally defeats her. Sadly, she never truly had an important role in the game. Her looks also changed through the years as she used to have brown hair and no makeup but then turned out to have red hair, a tan and makeup on. A better appearance doesn’t have to be negative, but it can be when every woman is portrayed the same way. 

After all, looks don’t seem to matter when talking about men. This is because games often focus only on heteronormative sex appeal, thinking most of their players are boys.

Daisy doesn’t only share looks with her best friend but also an interest for a similar man: Luigi. Once again, the princesses are third role characters known for their appearance and their relationship with a man.

4. Rosalina: the New Princess

Rosalina first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy as a powerful figure watching over and protecting the cosmos by commanding the Comet Observatory. She is known as a kind, wise, and mature character with a great knowledge of the universe. Rosalina even has special powers that allow her to surround the observatory with a force field, teleport, create holograms of herself, float, speak via telepathy, and use the iconic spin move. She also protects herself with a bubble and does the same with Mario if he falls off the observatory.

Together, this all makes her even stronger than any other male character in the Super Mario games. For once, she also simply thanks Mario with a 'thank you' and not with a kiss or any bakery.

Problem is, she stays passive and let only the men, like Mario, Luigi and the Toads, take part of the action in the Super Mario Galaxy Games. The female character fits the gender role by acting like a mother to all the Lumas in her Galaxy. During this time, men are manly, working outside to help them. Fortunately, she eventually becomes an unlocked playable character in Super Mario 3D World. That makes her the strongest female character in Super Mario games and makes us hope we will see her more often.

5. Female Enemies

Female enemies are rare, but still present in some Mario games. The first to appear in the game is Wendy O. Koopa, Bowser’s daughter. New female enemies will then be created as Kammy Koopa, Cackletta, the Shadow Queen (final boss in Paper Mario), Princess Shroob, and Pom Pom. If these characters share one negative aspect, it is that they all have a classic feminine look and nothing that would be considered as more masculine or even neutral.

The good thing is they are not presented as weaker than other male enemies. The bad thing is we would like way more. Most of  the bad characters are male, according to the manual. The only enemy that differs from it is Ostro, who is made fun of for his bucking of gender norms: “He thinks he is a girl and he spits eggs from his mouth” - as if being feminine would be a negative thing.

6. Mario Bros without any Women

Some entire games didn’t involve women at all. Donkey Kong Junior was (terrifically) about Mario kidnapping Papa Donkey Kong, the first two Mario Bros about carpenters unblocking water pipes so they can take a bath and Mario is Missing in which Luigi is saving his brother. The problem is still present in recent games like Mario vs Donkey Kong, Luigi’s Mansion and Dancing Stage Mario Mix.

Even if women represent about half of the population, they still didn’t manage to have their place in any of these games. Is it better not to represent women well or not to represent them at all?

7. Female Characters in Party, Sport, Fighting, and Racing Games

The games in which the princesses are the best portrayed are the party, sport, fighting, and racing games - never the main ones. They have different characteristics (like any characters) but are still equal or even better than male characters. They also have their own special powers, skills, and personal courses.

If the princesses were first classified as lightweight with small vehicles, Rosalina was first to have a large one due to her height. If there is one negative aspect it is that, after any race or fight, they are shoved right back into the role of damsels in distress in the platform games.

8. Rarely Part of the Main Games

Female characters are playable in the party, sport, fighting, and racing games but rarely the most important ones. Peach “the Princess” with no name was first playable in Mario Teaches Typing 2 as a character just as smart as any other. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t big enough to consider it an important role.

She was then an available character in one 2D platform game: Super Mario Bros 2, which led her to become a favorite of game players. Problem is, she wasn’t even supposed to be part of the game. She was because a fourth character was needed. Unfortunately, she has been replaced by another Toad in New Super Mario Brothers Wii and wasn’t part of the action again until Super Mario 3D World.

Fortunately, the new Princess Rosalina is now the strongest female character in Super Mario Bros Games. Her female friend Luma also helps Mario (in his cap) during all the game. It is possible to unlock Rosalina in Super Mario 3D World so the players can play with her as with any other character. Women are starting to have a better place in video games, as in Super Princess Peach and Super Mario 3D World.Game makers are slowly understanding that players want to be able to play as women too. Rosalina is sure an improvement, but they still haven’t restored gender equality yet.

Mostly male game makers first tried to attract male players by giving them the chance to play as a strong manly character.

Their goal: saving their object of desire. Their price: the love of the damsel in distress. Problem is, half of the people on this earth are women and game makers disappointed them by portraying women this way. They are wrong to think so many more of their players are male as we now know that around 48% of gamers are female. Even if we now believe women are equal to men, video games have been slow to change the cliche. Many developers would rather repeat the same gendered tropes over and over again instead of trying something new. 

We need to share our disappointment to let them know we want more strong female character so they can be the heroes of their own adventures.

"What were they thinking?" weird video game commercials https://www.gameskinny.com/kv2mi/what-were-they-thinking-weird-video-game-commercials https://www.gameskinny.com/kv2mi/what-were-they-thinking-weird-video-game-commercials Wed, 09 Sep 2015 02:30:01 -0400 katlaborde


Big faced Sega Saturn man doesn't want to see you go. 


I know I left out some great weird commercials, so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!


Image source: Wikia

"Crying Baby" PlayStation 3

Well, you had to have known this was coming. After all, it was featured as the main image to this article.


So what does a freakish baby doll have to do with a PlayStation 3? Thankfully, nothing, but someone at Sony thought it would be a good idea for a commercial to advertise their new system.


Although this commercial is trying to be weird, it did too good of a job at it. First the baby sits there idly, then starts to cry, and finishes with a creepy laugh.


It's a good thing the PlayStation 3 was a successful system as the weird advertisements didn't do much for Saturn or Jaguar sales.


Video source: YouTube

"We Suck Your Eyeballs Out" Sega Saturn

Honestly, I don't know what this commercial was trying to go for. It is hard to even make sense of what's going on in Sega's artistic attempt to sell you a Saturn.


I am assuming the man who had his eyeballs sucked out of his head is experiencing the pure, amazing realism that is the Sega Saturn. It's ambitious and weird, but I don't think it was that effective.


Especially when the man utters "reality always hurt", making us wonder who in the hell would want to buy a Sega Saturn after seeing that.


Spoilers: no one did.


Video source: YouTube

"The Witch Doctor" Dr. Mario

At the point, I know it seems as if I'm picking on Nintendo. Honestly I'm not, their marketing department was just "cray cray" in the 90s.


I remember seeing this commercial when I was a kid and thought it was scary. It wasn't the witch doctor, it was the guy's small head that freaked me out. 


The commercial hardly shows any gameplay footage. Although it was Dr. Mario, so that was probably intentional. If people actually knew it was a puzzle game, they would have likely ran for the hills.


Video source: YouTube



"Do the Math" Atari Jaguar 

What's the best way to get your point across? If you answered, "screaming loudly into someone's face", then Atari's marketing department for the Jaguar agrees with you.


There is something strange about this commercial. Is it the scary, violent tone of the teacher, her haircut, or knowing how much the Jaguar flopped? Maybe it's a combination of all three.


If you were enrolled in Video Game Marketing 101, you'd know the answer.


Video source: YouTube

"Just One More Bite" Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 

It must have been a blast to work in Nintendo's marketing department in the 90s. Although this one lacks a sweet rap song, it does feature an exploding fat guy. Nintendo never lets us down!


Okay, so, the commercial actually does a good job at showing off the game at the beginning. The problem with this commercial is that...well, it's nauseating. 


It's not very appealing watching a guy cram food into his mouth and definitely gross to see him explode all over everyone at the end. I get that these commercials are marketed to kids, specifically boys, and boys tend to like gross stuff.


However, I don't know if it's a good idea to associate your game with liquified man guts spewed all over innocent restaurant patrons.


Video source: YouTube

"Down with Zelda" Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

So you're an advertising executive for Nintendo in the early 90s and you want to sell a Zelda game to kids. Well, the kids in the 90s sure did like their rap music. They also enjoyed themselves some Zelda as well. So it was only natural to combine the two, right? RIGHT?!


Well, that's the core of this commercial's problem. Zelda and rap music don't really go well together. I will admit the rap is catchy though. Out of place, but catchy. Also, the rap does not really sell much on the game except for the game's overhead view. If you were a Zelda fan in the early 90s, you were likely already expecting the game to have an overhead view. It's kind of like advertising a first-person perspective in Call of Duty.


Also, I'm no advertising expert, but it's probably not a great idea to obscure the gameplay images to the point where you can hardly see them. 


The rap is catchy though, right?


Video source: YouTube


Some people often say that advertising is an art form. In the case of these video game commercials, all that comes to mind is some kind of bizarre, creepy performance art. 


It's hard trying to market a product to as big as audience as possible. However, you can't help but wonder how someone thought these commercials were a good idea.


Regardless, it makes for a great, yet bizarre nostalgia trip through the stupidity and weirdness of video game advertising!


Image source: Push Square



Poetry Corner (NES Games) with Lumpz the Clown https://www.gameskinny.com/i9qiq/poetry-corner-nes-games-with-lumpz-the-clown https://www.gameskinny.com/i9qiq/poetry-corner-nes-games-with-lumpz-the-clown Tue, 19 May 2015 20:16:57 -0400 LumpztheClown

Prepare to get fancy with some NES poetry!

In a recent contest, I asked the retrogaming community to submit their best NES game-themed haikus and poetry! The turnout was absolutely amazing, and to show them my appreciation, I recite all of their submissions here. Works feature games like Amagon, The Adventures of Bayou Billy, Mega Man 2 and many others, reviled and beloved.

Crack open your finest wine and dig out the glassware, because this homely clown is about to get fancy with some of the best that the retrogaming community has to offer!