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Grow Park is one of many puzzle games from EYEMAZE but it's one of the most popular on Android and iOS because of the collectible characters and its lively growth compared to the older Grow games.

This guide will give you the order to not only get every item to max level in one go, but also give you a checklist of item orders to see all 150 characters and add them to the medal list for posterity. Whether the goal you've set is to get everything maxed out or to get all the characters, I've got you covered. 

Getting every item to max level at once can be confusing if you're just going at it blindly because there are so many varieties of outcomes based on the item order. 

The items in Grow Park change a lot more than in most of the other Grow games and trying new things can often give you a totally different outcome. Here are the items you work with and what they're called in this guide:

Blob     Dirt    Grass    

 Pillars    Road    Water    


To max all items at once and get the ideal ending

If you're still trying to figure out the order to max out every item and get the ideal ending it is as follows:

  1. Pillars
  2. Dirt
  3. Grass
  4. Blob
  5. Road
  6. Water

If you've placed the items in the order laid out here they should all max out during a lengthy animation after you place the water. If you're curious here's an image of what it will look like (don't look if you don't want to spoil it for yourself!).

Item orders to unlock all characters

You've probably tried a few times to get new characters to add to your collection but getting them all is a lengthy process with a lot of trial and error. It's hard to remember the combinations you've done, that's for sure.

The list below has 23 orders you can do in a row (not including the one above to get you to max) to get all of the characters unlocked. It's easiest to do this list in order so you don't lose track of which combinations you've done. Think of it as sort of a checklist.

You'll see a lot of transformations you never would have expected as you go through this checklist, I promise.

  Item order
 Order 1  Grass, road, pillars, dirt, water, blob
 Order 2   Grass, dirt, water, blob, pillars, road
 Order 3  Blob, grass, water, dirt, pillars, road
Order 4   Dirt, water, grass, pillars, road, blob
 Order 5  Road, pillars, dirt, water, grass, blob
 Order 6  Road, grass, blob, dirt, water, pillars
 Order 7  Road, water, pillars, blob, grass, dirt
 Order 8  Road, dirt, pillars, blob, water, grass
 Order 9  Dirt, pillars, road, blob, grass, water
 Order 10  Dirt, blob, grass, road, water, pillars
 Order 11  Dirt, pillars, road, water, blob, grass
 Order 12  Dirt, blob, road, pillars, water, grass
 Order 13  Water, dirt, pillars, road, blob, grass
 Order 14  Road, dirt, water, blob, grass, pillars
 Order 15  Dirt, grass, pillars, blob, water, road
 Order 16  Pillars, grass, blob, dirt, road, water
 Order 17  Dirt, blob, grass, road, pillars, water
 Order 18  Blob, dirt, pillars, road, water, grass
 Order 19  Water, road, blob, grass, dirt, pillars
 Order 20  Water, road, blob, grass, pillars, dirt
 Order 21  Pillars, dirt, water, road, blob, grass
 Order 22  Water, pillars, dirt, road, blob, grass
 Order 23  Pillars, grass, blob, water, road, dirt


With all these done you should have all 150 characters unlocked in the medal section. Congratulations! It's not all that hard if you approach getting them by making a list of orders you've tried, but this way you take out the guesswork and simply use the listed orders to get them all.

Grow Park is one of many puzzle games from EYEMAZE, which has been updating their puzzle games for around 15 years now. If you're also stuck on Grow Cube, give my Grow Cube walkthrough guide a look. Good luck with your puzzle gaming!

Grow Cube solution walkthrough guide (with pics) Thu, 22 Sep 2016 10:21:22 -0400 Tobbpitt

Grow Cube has been a flash game for well over a decade but the iOS and Android versions of the game came out just this year, bringing a whole new audience to EYEZMAZE's fascinating Grow series of puzzle games.

Grow Cube itself has always been the most popular of EYEMAZE's games, perhaps because it's one of the first or because it's the easiest for people to functionally wrap their heads around. Figuring out the order of items to have the people manipulate the cube for everything to level up adds a certain charm the other Grow games lack.

This guide will cover the basic version of the game and not Grow Cube Omega, which is still Japan-only.

We're going to go through the process step by step -- with links to images showing the effects of the item you've chosen so you can make sure you're doing it right. Completing the game is a simple 10-step (one for each item) process, and the final result is worth the trouble!

If you don't want to read what happens, just skim through the headers telling the item order. 

Item 1: People

You can do either water or people as your first item, as long as the opposite is your second (so people for turn 1 and water for turn 2 or, water for turn 1 and people for turn 2).

Not much happens when you put your first item down in any case.

Item 2: Water

Placing the water down causes your people to dig a small pond. Here's what it should look like.

Item 3: Plants

The people you put down will carve a small stream into the cube on this turn after you put down the plants. The stream will make the top layer of the cube turn green to look like grass instead of dirt. Your cube will look like this.

Item 4: Basket

Like with all the other items, your timing with the basket is important. If you're playing Grow Cube without a guide you may see the basket explode on the fire instead of level up. 

On this turn your people will carve out some of the land at the top of the cube and your plants will grow. Here's what it should look like.

Item 5: Pipe

The pipe not only needs time to grow, it needs certain parts of your cube to be carved out. You're putting the pipe down now to get started and let your bucket level up into a vase, which your people will put a plant into as well as carve out a cave. The pipe is just going to be hanging there for now.

Item 6: Fire

It's finally time to put down the fire! Your people will make a plant bridge to the vase, which levels up again and is ready to be put on the fire. They also carve a hole next to the fire and clean out some more around the cave. Your cube should look like this.

Item 7: Saucer

This turn your pipe should extend into the hole your people dug last turn. Not only that, but they light a fire in the cave! The cube is really bustling now and your journey is almost over. Your cube should look like this.

Item 8: Bone

Your plants keep growing and your saucer changes this turn, and your people run some water down the side of the cube with some new irrigation. Only two more steps to go. Here's what the cube should look like now.

Item 9: Ball

The saucer grows to new heights this turn and your people make good use of the surrounding plants and the boiling pot to make a mysterious yellow ball. What could they use it for? If you've followed the instructions so far, you're about to find out.

Item 10: Spring

The spring is the final item you put down and your cube should transform in some surprising ways this turn. I won't spoil it in text, but if you want to see the final result in image form, here you go.

See? That wasn't so hard. Grow Cube has been stumping players for years and the solution seems so simple written out. Congratulations on your fully grown cube!

There are no secret endings in Grow Cube, but if you want more games like it I highly recommend EYEMAZE's other games like Grow Park, Grow RPG, and Grow Jungle.