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Steam's winter sale is live now through January 4, and Humble Games has a fair few games with discounts as part of the larger festivities. As per usual with Humble, there's something for everyone here, from the classic turn-based Ikenfell to the card-based One Step from Eden and a whole lot more.

Here's a sampling of what's on offer. 

Humble Games Winter Sale

Game Sales Price Normal Price
  Aegis Defenders  $4.99  $19.99
  One Step From Eden  $14.99 $19.99
  Fae Tactics  $13.99  $19.99
  Ikenfell  $15.99  $19.99
  Carto  $15.99  $19.99
  Floor 13: Deep State  $14.99  $19.99
  Wildfire  $11.24  $19.99
  Void Bastards  $11.99  $19.99
  Staxel  $5.99  $19.99
  Forager  $9.99  $19.99
  Ring of Pain  $14.99  $19.99
  A Hat In Time  $14.99  $29.99
  Popup Dungeon  $18.74  $24.99


The full list is over on Steam, though A Hat in Time and Popup Dungeon are listed separately. You can find them at the links in the table. The Humble team will be showing off some of the games on sale during a livestream on December 23 at 2:45 p.m. EST/11:45 p.m. PST, so check-in to see them in action if you're on the fence! 

One Step From Eden Guide: Tips & Tricks to Reach Eden Thu, 09 Apr 2020 12:56:16 -0400 Jonny Foster

One Step From Eden is difficult. Really difficult. But its frantic mix of deck-building and bullet-hell action makes it even more difficult to put down. To help you along the way, we've gathered some of the most important tips, tricks, and suggestions into this guide so you take your game to the next level. 

These tips are primarily aimed at beginners looking to improve, but they all have additional recommendations for intermediate players that might just need that little push to find victory or unlock some alternate kits for their favorite characters. 

After the tips below, I also go over some builds worth trying. 

One Step From Eden Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Plan Your Route

Though much of One Step From Eden is up to chance, you have more control than you might think.

You can essentially choose when to fight certain bosses, which can be vital to the success of your run.

Each zone has two possible bosses, and you have the choice of three zones to travel to after defeating a boss. Bosses get tougher as you progress through each world, so it makes sense to face the tougher foes as early as possible. 

For instance, I find Gunner to be the easiest boss, so I'll always avoid Fire zones until the very end of a run. 

Conversely, I like to face Terra early as her abilities can be really tricky to dodge, and the power of them will increase if I fight her on a later level. I've included a list of which bosses spawn where in my Shopkeeper and characters guide (note: Saffron spawns in Fire zones if you're not playing her.)

You can always reset runs to face the opponent you struggle with the most on your first world — just don't try this immediately after a successful run, as you won't get the free artifacts from your first encounter!

Tip 2: Know Your Win Condition

I alluded to it early, but you can unlock alternate kits for each character by reaching one of the game's endings.

[**Minor end-game spoilers below, skip to the next Tip if you want to avoid**]

So, what exactly are the unlock requirements?

Well, with everyone except Saffon, you'll unlock their alternate kit by performing one of the following: 

  • Reach the Genocide Ending  kill every boss, then kill the final boss you meet in the last world. 
  • Reach the Neutral Ending  kill at least one boss, spare at least one boss, and then kill the final boss you meet in the last world. 

I've left those descriptions fairly vague to avoid major spoilers, but the idea is to complete a run while killing at least one boss.

Now, for Saffron. You need to achieve a True Genocide Ending to get her third kit, which is even tougher. 

On top of killing every boss you meet, you also need to defeat the Shopkeeper in the same run. This gives you a special interaction in the final fight that I won't spoil, but check out the guide I linked above if you're having some trouble with this fight. 

Now, let's get into some gameplay tips to help us get there, shall we? 

Tip 3: Change Your Focus 

One quick and simple tip that everyone should utilize is to assign something to your deck's two Focus slots.

These hover just above your spells when you open the Deck (by pressing the "I" key on keyboard or the "Start" button on controller.

Selecting a Focus will make cards of that class more likely to appear as rewards for winning battles. You're given a short description of each Focus class when selecting them, but head to the Library in the main menu for a full list of the cards you might find.

This tip goes deeper than just that, however.

Something I've seen from gameplay footage and streams is a reluctance to change up your Focus slots once they've been set

While there is some merit to keeping Anima in both slots if you're looking for a pure Frost build, for instance, swapping one of them to Phalanx for a world or two can boost your survival chances significantly.

This links into our next tip, nicely: diversity. 

Tip 4: Diversity

One of the first things beginners should learn in deck-builders is to focus your deck around a specific playstyle and stick to it

Only selecting cards with a specific keyword or from a single Focus class will be better than randomly adding cards. That much is true across the genre.

The next step to improve at One Step From Eden is learning to diversify your card choices.

There are over 200 cards to choose from, and synergies can be found in places that aren't immediately obvious. 

For instance, while it might seem logical to ignore everything that doesn't mention Kunai in a Shiso build, cards that Root enemies will make your Kunai much easier to land.

Similarly, cards like Amalgam and Leech are versatile options that can fit into just about any deck. So don't be too strict with your card choices; get out there and experiment!

Builds Worth Trying

Speaking of experiments, we'll leave you with a few fun build ideas and tips on how to construct them. If you're still new — or if you're struggling — they're also strong enough to get you to one of One Step From Eden's multiple endings if you play your cards right... (sorry).


With Selicy, try a focus on Anima for Frost, with a side of Phalanx wherever possible.

This build is tons of fun, and it has only been improved by the Patch v1.3 buffs to Frost. Sliding in Phalanx gives you some survivability to properly make use of Selicy's Weapon, Snowpiercer. 

You should be proccing Frost on targets with your spells before using Snowpiercer for maximum damage. For bosses, you can resort back to stacking Frost three times if you're having trouble connecting your attacks. 

Card choices should be pretty self-explanatory, here, but look out for artifacts like Cold Blooded, Mint Tea, and Snow Boots, as these are real game-changers. 


With Saffron, try a focus on Hearth for Flow. This is another relatively safe build that can dish out tons of damage. 

You want to keep your decklist very slim with this build, only taking cards like Fracture and Rock Cycle. Upgrading Rock Cycle to get +20 Shield on cast can remove the need for healing or shielding elsewhere. 

Make sure you're taking Mana Regen artifacts wherever possible.

If you see the Ice Floe artifact, you can also pivot to a Flow/Frost deck quite easily, but you should still maintain a small number of cards so you can make use of Rock Cycle's full potential.

Violette (or Saffron)

With Violette or Saffron (using her Chrono kit), try a focus on Convergence for Trinity

I discussed the power of this build in my other guide, as it's actually the method I used to unlock the Shopkeeper. 

Trinity has lots of cheap, low-rarity spells that are easy to build around, so aim to collect cards such as Tri Rag, Tri Shot, Sequencer and Mana Steal early in your run. 

Violette is a great candidate for this build as she can generate her own Trinity stacks and shield herself in a pinch. Saffron is the safer, easier choice that makes use of the time slow effect on her weapon, but you'll probably need to look for some Shield cards to balance out your deck. 

Again, Mana Regen artifacts will be your best friend here.

There are hundreds of build opportunities in One Step From Eden, though, so make sure to leave a comment below with your own builds and beginner tips! 


We have more great content on One Step From Eden right here, including a review and more guides. Stay tuned for more! 

One Step From Eden: How to Unlock the Shopkeeper (and All Other Characters) Wed, 08 Apr 2020 13:16:00 -0400 Jonny Foster

Are you struggling to unlock the One Step from Eden Shopkeeper? Maybe you're wondering where and how to unlock characters you haven't acquired yet? Well, you've come to the right place! We've assembled a handy guide on how to unlock the Shopkeeper — and how to unlock characters, too.

Since the latter is really easy, we've decided to merge these guides into one so they're easier to keep track of. You can save your browser tabs for other awesome guides. 

Below, we'll first go over the Shopkeeper, including:

  • How to choose the best weapon for beating the Shopkeeper
  • How to pick a good seed that makes your run easier
  • The best artifacts and spells to use in your fight
  • Why you should shop beforehand
  • The best Shopkeeper tactics

After all of that, we'll look at how to unlock other characters, as well as what zones you can find them in. 

How to Unlock the Shopkeeper

Choose Your Weapon

There are a few common techniques for defeating the Shopkeeper. 

One involves hunting for the Soul Link card to quickly bring her HP down. Another utilizes Reva's Reflector Gem to reflect her most powerful attacks. 

Personally, I find success by using Saffron's alternate Chrono kit, so that's what this guide will focus on. 

Saffron's Weapon in this kit, Wristwatch, slows time for 2 seconds, is invaluable for dodging the Shopkeeper's tricky spells.

If you haven't unlocked the Chrono kit yet, don't worry. Play the game a little more, and it will soon unlock as your progression level increases.

Most techniques — ours included — opt to fight the Shopkeeper on the first world, as she grows in strength as the game progresses. This means that we need to take the fight to her as early as possible, which brings us to Seeds.

Every Good Start-up Needs a Seed

Before we start our attempt, let's tackle something important: getting a good Seed. The seed is a number that predetermines the map layout, enemies, and rewards that you'll find on your run. 

To have the best chance of beating the Shopkeeper, we'd like to find a seed that has multiple Miniboss and Treasure encounters before a Shop, so we can load up on artifacts prior to facing the Shopkeeper. 

The seed I used was 7218765, as it has one of each room before facing the Shopkeeper. This is by no means the perfect seed, and I urge you to look for your own if you still can't beat the Shopkeeper after using this guide, but it's a good place to start. 

You can input a seed into the text box just below the "START" button when you begin a run. 

Paralysis by Analysis

Lots of players struggle when deciding which spells and artifacts to choose, so let's clarify what we're looking for to help us defeat the Shopkeeper with our Saffron/Stopwatch tactic. 

Ideally, you're looking for cheap spells that dish out decent damage, such as Hired Gun — bonus points if they also have Trinity effects, like Tri Rag.

Next, prioritize finding one to two cheap shield spells like Shields Up or Miss-Me Shield. These help you avoid some of the Shopkeeper's insane damage spells. 

Finally, look for cards that synergize with the Trinity build, such as Tri Shot and Mana Steal. These are expensive spells, but the multi-use effects make them powerful early options.

Choosing Convergence and Phalanx in your deck's Focus slots will make these cards more likely to appear. When choosing artifacts, also look for Shield and Trinity keywords, as well as anything that increases maximum Mana or Mana regeneration.

Shop Before She Drops!

It might seem silly, but I've seen multiple attempts where people forget they can actually shop before trying to fight the Shopkeeper. Don't miss out on the vital chance to spend your money before the fight!

I usually buy an Upgrade to use on my most expensive card, in hopes of a mana reduction upgrade. Upgrading a high rarity card is also a good choice if you got a lucky find.

Of course, if the Shopkeeper is selling one of the cards mentioned above or an alluring artifact that you can afford, by all means, give those a try. Also remember to look at her Pacts for something that might be useful in the fight.

Taking something like "Lose 100 Defence" is suicidal against the Shopkeeper, but Pacts like Sell Shield are often worth it if the benefit is a free upgrade.

Don't forget you also start with one free Remover. Step Slash and Whirl are good candidates to remove from your deck, as they can be difficult to use effectively against the Shopkeeper. 

Down to Brass Tactics

It goes without saying, but the Shopkeeper is tough. Like, really tough.

By design, she's the hardest boss in the game, and she will test your abilities. Unfortunately, defeating her will require you learn the pattern of her attacks, which means trying, and failing  again and again  until you learn her rhythms. 

We can give you some pointers, however. 

Firstly, use spells that fire in a straight line — like Minnie Gun and Tri Rag — sparingly. You'll need these to escape from the ice pillars she raises before her biggest damage attack. 

Next, remember to use Stopwatch often, especially when you're learning the cadence and order of her attacks. The time-slow effect is incredibly useful for ducking out of the way of damage, or recovering quickly if you get hit. 

The hardest attack to dodge is probably the scattering attack depicted in the screenshot above, as it hits the whole field in quick succession. The best tactic to avoid damage here is to stay in the center four tiles of your field and move in a clockwise circle behind the attack. 

This is very tricky to master, so use Stopwatch to get the initial timing down. 

Her other attacks are less menacing, and shouldn't take too much time to learn, but remember to weave your own spells in whenever she stands still. Don't waste resources — especially Trinity-empowered spells — if you aren't sure they'll hit. 

How to Unlock Characters Other Than the Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper is definitely the toughest boss to defeat, but how do you unlock the rest of the crew as playable characters? 

It's pretty simple, really; all other characters are unlocked by defeating them on the World 4 or above.

This means that once you've made it to 3-0 in a run, any boss you defeat after that will be unlocked as a playable character. 

If you're looking for a specific boss, then aim for these zones:

  • Arctic Zone: Selicy & Violette
  • Fire Zone: Gunner
  • Forest Zone: Hazel & Shiso
  • Ruins Zone: Terra & Reva

Heading to one of these zones after the third boss will maximize your chances, as the character you want will be easier to defeat on World 4 than on World 5 or World 6.

Good luck in your hunt!


We have more great content on One Step From Eden right here, including a review and more guides on the way. Stay tuned for more! 

One Step From Eden Review — One Giant Leap for Rogue-Kind Fri, 03 Apr 2020 13:26:13 -0400 Jonny Foster

Editor's note: As of 04/03, Patch 1.2 has made the early levels more user-friendly, and added more user interaction into the later world's. Though we feel this change ameliorates some of our initial concerns, it does not change our final score.

One Step From Eden is a deck-building, action/rogue-like that deserves far wider acclaim that it's currently receiving, but it could also do with some polishing of its rougher edges. 

I’ve been following the game since its Kickstarter and even interviewed the game's developer, Thomas Moon Kang, last year. His enthusiasm was infectious, and it’s great to see the finished product live up to the hype and receive backing from Humble Bundle.

There isn’t much of a story behind One Step From Eden, but when you consider this fantastic title was developed almost completely by one person, this is very easily forgiven. 

One Step From Eden Review — One Giant Leap for Rogue-Kind

In One Step From Eden, you're put into grid-based combat encounters that mimic Megaman Battle Network’s combat — an early 2000’s game that not many have played, but tactical RPG fans remember fondly. 

To simplify it as much as possible, you’ll fight enemies on symmetrical 4x4 grids while launching skillshots and avoiding wave after wave of incoming attacks. Skills are drawn from a deck of cards in a set pattern, though you can shuffle at any time to reset your hand if you don’t like the two spells available to you.

It’s chaotic, and it’s hectic, but boy, is it fun.

Thankfully, the progression structure is very familiar by comparison. It follows the tried-and-true routine that Slay the Spire and many other deck-building rogue-likes use; you select one of three paths towards a boss and fight enemies, find treasures, and stop to shop along the way. 

After each battle, you pick new cards for your deck, and you can find powerful Artifacts that provide additional combat buffs and effects. Pacts from the shopkeeper also offer a tantalizing risk-reward factor that will balance your run on a knife’s edge.

Another common feature of the genre that One Step From Eden employs is upgrading cards, but its spin on them is far more interesting. Here, you have to choose between three different versions of an upgraded card, all of which are randomized between runs, which are comprised of six to eight randomized worlds — depending on which routes you take — steadily increasing in difficulty and capped with momentous boss battles. 

These fights are intricate affairs that require not only a mastery of your own deck, but force you to learn the rhythm of the boss’ attacks in order to succeed — quite literally, in the case of the musically-themed Violette, whose attacks sync up with the background music. 

Bosses can also be spared once you’ve defeated them — rewarding the player with a chunk of health and an ally to assist in later battles — or mercilessly cut down to receive some powerful items.

Which option is best will often depend on your remaining health after the battle, but the option to choose adds an additional layer of autonomy to help each run feel unique and special. 

There’s also a universal leveling system, allowing you to unlock more spells and alternate costumes as your proficiency increases, though it’s a shame there are no permanent upgrades to ease the difficulty.

The game features local co-op, though you share your deck, available spells, and health pool with the second player, so you’d better hope your companion is up to the challenge that One Step From Eden provides. It would have been nice to see some customization options for the co-op so you can let younger players tag along, or craft synergistic decks to sweep your way through Eden, but that’s not to say the mode isn’t worth exploring with a friend. 

One Step From Eden’s blend of genres is unique and exciting, but it won’t suit everyone. 

Its frantic bullet-hell design makes it brutally difficult — especially in the later worlds — while the deck-building also requires strategic thought throughout. This combination may push some players away, but it’s bound to be the perfect addiction for others.

An Easy mode would go a long way towards broadening the accessibility of this fantastic rogue-like, so hopefully, we’ll see something in a future patch or mod.

One of the biggest issues with One Step From Eden is it’s lack of clarity, however. There are lots of secrets and unlockables that the game doesn’t explain to you, and though there is some enjoyment from the “trial and error” progression, a more robust tutorial system and glossary are sorely needed. 

What I will say for anyone on the fence, however, is that the game looks more intimidating than it actually is. The first 2-3 worlds soon become fairly routine, and you’ll learn and improve from there. 

You’ll definitely need to spend a good few hours with the game to get the most out of it, and probably look up some guides along the way, but when everything starts to click and you’re able to craft the perfect deck, One Step From Eden really shines.

One Step From Eden Review — The Bottom Line

  • Gameplay is fast, frantic, fun, and will test you to your limits
  • Tonnes of replay value between 9 playable characters and hundreds of spells
  • Pixel-art aesthetic and synth music compliment each other nicely
  • Difficulty ramps up extremely hard, with no Easy option to ease players in
  • Clarity improvements needed in some areas

Like most roguelites, One Step From Eden is brimming with replay value but can easily be played in short stints, too; each run takes 30-60 minutes to complete — or, more often, 5-10 minutes to lose. There are multiple “endings” as well, and achievements for special-tactics runs, so there’s plenty to keep you coming back. 

There’s still lots that I haven’t touched on such as the thumping synth soundtrack, a local PvP mode, and the cheeky pop culture references sprinkled throughout, but that’s just testament to how much content is packed into this $20 gem. 

Seriously, though, with card flavor text like “It’s free heal estate”, how can you not give One Step From Eden your attention?

Between nine playable characters, hundreds of spell cards and items, and Steam Workshop support, this is a title you don’t want to pass up.

[Note: A copy of One Step From Eden was provided by Humble Bundle for the purpose of this review.]