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Journey into space with Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness today Tue, 28 Jun 2016 04:41:25 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

Today, Square Enix releases Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness for the PlayStation 4. Developed by Tri-Ace, the title release is also a celebration for the series 20 year anniversary.

Star Ocean was originally released on July 19, 1996 for the Super Famicom/SNES. Tri-Ace was inspired to create the title from Sci-Fi TV shows such as Star Trek. Since it's inception, the games feature a protagonist who finds themselves displaced from home. During his or her's journey, they often end up tangled in a larger plot where the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance. The series has always featured real time combat, an 8 man party, and relationship system to get to know your party members.

The fifth Star Ocean title, Integrity and Faithlessness, tells the tale of Fidel Camuze as his life becomes more grandiose than he bargained for. Everything begins to change when an advanced race of space travelers visit his home planet. The blue haired hero and his companions will travel the ocean of stars to stop evil and keep the peace.

Fans of Sci-Fi and JRPGs can pick Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness at both retail stores and digitally.

New character trailer for Star Ocean 5 released Wed, 13 Jan 2016 15:36:26 -0500 Damian A. Hinton

More Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithfulness information was revealed recently in the form of a new character trailer that introduces the protagonist: Fidel Camuze.

In addition to introducing the character himself the trailer provides some dialogue (in Japanese, of course) and highlights Fidel's interactions with a few characters -- such as an extensive cutscene with the heroine Miki Sauvester. Several conversations happen in trailer within the flow of gameplay. 

Several scenes show off varied environments -- such as a medieval setting filled with castle-like structures that appear to be based on an Earth-type planet. There was also what appears to be a more futuristic area that is brightly colored and filled with more modern technologies. 

Combat is also shown off in the trailer, and it appears to be in real-time, similar to other titles in the series. The battles, however, appear to occur on the field of exploration, as opposed to taking in a separate area -- as is the case in many other JRPGs.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithfulness is set to be released on March 31st, 2016 in Japan. North American and European regions have no scheduled release date, aside from a pending release for sometime this year.

The 17 most anticipated RPGs of 2016 Tue, 10 Nov 2015 06:42:36 -0500 Ty Arthur


Across every platform – console, PC and handheld – these 17 games will offer up a pretty stunning array of RPG goodness for fans of action or turn-based games. Undoubtedly, there will be a few more surprise titles announced, and there's probably a few you're all looking forward to that we didn't cover. So fill us in, what RPGs are you most looking forward to in 2016, and what do you think will get pushed back in the ever-shifting sea of release dates?


Spellforce 3


It's finally happening: a new entry in this RTS / RPG hybrid series is arriving, with Grimlore Games now confirming a 2016 release for Spellforce 3 and just launching a Steam page.


The graphics are much improved from the earlier entries in the series, but not much beyond that is currently known. On the details already unwrapped, the developer has stated the main campaign story will be around 30 hours and take place before the events of Spellforce: The Order of Dawn.


SaGa: Scarlet Grace


The long-running SaGa series continues next year after a long hiatus. The last main entry in the series, Unlimited SaGa, came out on the PS2 way back in 2003.


Unfortunately, it seems like there won't be a major console edition, but Saga: Scarlet Grace is confirmed for the PS Vita sometime in 2016. There's not a ton of info available yet as to how the series will change and whether it will keep up the divisive map movement system of the last entry or go in a different direction.



Divinity: Original Sin 2


After the success of the Kickstarter campaign for the first title, it was a foregone conclusion there would be a sequel to Divinity: Original Sin.


Netting more than $2 million in crowdfunding cash, this is another title that won't show up until the very end of the year, with a December 2016 projected release date. If you dig turn based combat and highly interactive environments, this one should easily be on the top of your Christmas wishlist for 2016.



The Technomancer


Over a hundred years have passed since Mars lost its connection to Earth in this futuristic sci-fi action RPG. If you liked Mars: Wars Log, you'll be very interested in this title, which looks like a more advanced version of that game.


Although in a non-traditional setting, looting, crafting, and romancing party members will keep this one firmly in the RPG realm.



Persona 5


Fans had hoped for a 2015 release, but the latest entry in the controversial Persona series was pushed back to next year.


Everything that drew fans to the third and fourth entries appears to have remained intact, but with some updates into a more modern era, like managing your high school relationships through a smartphone app before jumping into an alternate world and battling free-roaming monsters.


It also seems like rather than shooting yourself in the head, you'll summon your inner persona by donning a stylish mask – which makes a little bit more sense.



Dark Souls 3


I'm going to let you in on a secret: I don't understand the appeal of this series. At all. Dying around every 90 seconds and being brutally put down until you figure out the correct pattern recognition to complete a tiny area (before moving on to do it again a few feet down the road) just simply isn't fun.


Obviously, I'm in the minority here, because this is a massively anticipated title. For those of you with a masochistic streak, you can look forward to Dark Souls 3 on March 24th, 2016.



Mass: Effect Andromeda


It's been three years since the original Mass Effect series ended, and fans are clamoring for more on this franchise that put sci-fi RPGs on the map in a major way.


Unfortunately, the saga of Shepard seems to be done, as Andromeda will reportedly take place in an entirely different galaxy long after the timeline of the third game. This one isn't set to drop until the very tail end of 2016, projected for a December release date (and hopefully not getting pushed back at the last minute).



Kingdom Hearts 3


Who would have ever thought this crossover series would work? Goofy and Donald Duck alongside Final Fantasy characters seemed like a huge stretch that had RPG fans skeptical, but the series has managed to become much beloved despite the odds.


A release date hasn't actually been announced yet for the third entry, but with so much new info coming out this year it seems likely 2016 will see the return of Sora and his infamous Keyblade.



Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness


For an RPG franchise that started in the '90s, Star Ocean has a significantly smaller number of overall releases compared to many of its peers. The latest entry Integrity And Faithlessness is set to land on February 25th for PS3 and PS4 and looks to include everything that series is known for, like active battles where you run around an arena and can switch between characters.


In a new twist, the cut scenes are reported to be part of the gaming experience this time around, forcing you to interact during what is traditionally down time in an RPG.



Project Setsuna


Another PS4 / PS Vita entry, this Square Enix-led project seeks to recreate that feel of classic games like Chrono Trigger. There's not a ton of info available yet, but this one looks like it will be a real winner for those who still feel nostalgic about the golden SNES era of RPGs.


The game is set to drop in early 2016 in Japan, but there's been no official word about the stateside release, meaning the English speaking gaming world might not actually get this one next year, unfortunately.



Deus Ex Mankind Divided


Continuing the story from the 2011 released Human Revolution entry, Deus Ex is coming back in 2016 to offer another chance to choose whether you want to go stealthy or go loud in a dystopian near future. You'll be able to sneak around or head out guns blazing on February 23rd.


Unfortunately, this latest entry in the series got off to a rocky start, with a tiered pre-order system that had a lot of fans fuming. Listening to all the negative reaction, Square Enix ended up canceling the unpopular changes and made all the same content available to anyone pre-ordering.



Horizon: Zero Dawn


This action RPG exclusive to the PS4 sets primitive tribal humans in a post-apocalyptic (but still very lush and green) world against huge hybrid robotic creatures.


This game looks absolutely gorgeous, and taking everything that should be biological and making it mechanical adds in an interesting twist. The open world and combat style gives off a bit of a Far Cry feel, but with more RPG style elements.



Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Looking to the pages of history for inspiration rather than going to less realistic worlds, Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks like it will appeal equally to fans of the Mount And Blade series as to those who prefer The Elder Scrolls.


Focusing on detail, all the outfits and weaponry go for an authentic recreation of 15th-century European warfare, and you'll reportedly have to remember to eat, sleep, and regularly repair your equipment if you want to stay alive while taking part in castle sieges, picking pockets, and getting into drunken brawls.



World Of Final Fantasy


PS4 and PS Vita players get an extra Final Fantasy experience in 2016 with World Of Final Fantasy, which reportedly will return to an earlier style with more traditional RPG battles and be geared towards gamers of all ages.


Famous characters from throughout the franchise are slated to make an appearance in this meta look at the king of all console RPGs, and you'll have to switch between full size and chibi versions of characters to overcome certain obstacles.



Final Fantasy XV


There's quite a bit of Final Fantasy coming your way in the near future, with one of the most anticipated probably the FF7 remake that has no set release date yet. For those who want to go forward rather than retreading previous ground, FF XV will hit the current gen consoles next year. This is the time for Square Enix to show off its skills in pushing the series in new directions, while hopefully keeping those elements that make this such an iconic gaming franchise.


Unfortunately, it would seem Nobuo Uematso is not around for the music again (a continuing mistake started with Final Fantasy 13), but the mix of sci-fi and fantasy that made parts 7 and 8 so famous has returned, with cars driving alongside herds of chocobo. The trailers that have dropped so far also give off the impression there will be a host of giant outdoor boss battles to take part in.



Darkest Dungeon


Currently available in Early Access, the full release of this oddball indie title is expected out in January of 2016. A devastatingly hard rogue-like, this very stylized 2D RPG blends in plenty of classic elements with a few new twists: like dealing with the psychological health of your mercenaries.


Turns out battling sanity-blasting monstrous horrors in underground dungeons isn't so great on your mental health, and having a companion go nuts at the wrong moment is just as dangerous as that horde of zombies shambling down the corridor towards your camp...



Torment: Tides Of Numenera


How do you follow-up what is still frequently heralded as the best story in all of RPG history? InXile has its work cut out for it with the spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment. There's a solid history there in re-imagining old IPs, as the developer previously brought about the non-traditional Bard's Tale reboot, as well as the 25 years in the making Wasteland 2.


Those who haven't been eagerly following this project since it was first crowd funded all the way back in March of 2013 may be wondering just where the “Planescape” tag went. Well, Wizards of the Coast wasn't going to give that setting up (despite not using it in any meaningful way themselves for years), so the themes from the original are getting re-imagined in the new-ish Numenera pen and paper RPG setting – and don't worry, it's every bit as weird and wonderful as Planescape.


Some other big changes are coming as well, like the “real time with pause” system being replaced by turn based combat. Following an alpha test for backers, project lead Kevin Saunders just departed the project and was replaced by Chris Keenan, prompting a delay in the release to 2016 as more changes and tweaks are made. This drastic change so near the proposed release date has some fans skittish, but personally I'd be fine with even further delays to polish this thing until it shines. This is a game that needs to be perfect and can't afford to drop with all the bugs and problems that existed on the initial launch of Wasteland 2.


Elements from what is traditionally thought of as the roleplaying genre have increasingly bled through to other mediums, leading to fewer straight-up RPG titles in recent years for anything that isn't a handheld system.


In turn, that progressive change prompted a demand for old school games, most of which were funded directly by fans through platforms like Kickstarter, culminating with the Infinity Engine love letter that was Pillars Of Eternity.


Now that many of those classic reboot titles are out, along with the major AAA title of the year - The Witcher 3 - we've got a new year to look towards with a whole lot of titles already confirmed. A solid blend of indie innovation and major franchise sequels are slated to keep RPG fans happy throughout 2016, and we're going to take a look at all of them.

Square Enix announces "secret" for TGS on Sept. 19 Tue, 08 Sep 2015 12:00:58 -0400 Chelsea Senecal

Speaking Japanese won't help you know whats happening here. What we do know, is Square Enix will announce some "secret" on September 19 at their stage for the Tokyo Game Show 2015. 

Many speculate and anticipate what the "secret" could possibly be, although many don't want to get their hopes up. A Final Fantasy XII remaster or more about Final Fantasy XV is always welcome among fans although the "secret" is being called a Stage Event.

Regardless, Twitter is buzzing:

Square Enix have already announced a few modules for the expo:

Dragon Quest Builders, a Minecraft-like Japan only release.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, a playable module. Star Ocean is an older franchise continued by Square Enix as a passion project and is to be released in 2016.

... and Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for a battle challenge, probably much like the battle challenge featured at PAX.

Square Enix E3 2015 flops hard Tue, 16 Jun 2015 10:25:54 -0400 Matt Amenda

This year, Square Enix managed to bore me, confuse me, and creep me out all the same presentation.

After a reasonably sound showing of Just Cause 3, they announced a sequel to Nier, otherwise known as "that JRPG starring that old guy that no one played." The director, Yoko Taro, showed up on stage wearing this:

An Hour and Half of Awkward Golf Clapping

I'm going to type as fast as I can now so I don't have to look at that mask anymore.

The game seemed to feature a lot of talent and was teaming up with Platinum Games; I'm sure the gameplay will improve over the last one. So it saddens me that whenever I think Nier that horrible leering moon-faced freak will haunt my dreams.

We saw a tech demo for Rise of the Tomb Raider that impressed nobody, some hipster touch and go game called Lara Croft Go, and the same Final Fantasy VII remake trailer we saw yesterday. Nothing exciting there.

But then I saw one good thing: Kingdom Hearts 3

The director of the Kingdom Hearts series showed up on stage and announced a new Kingdom Hearts game: Kingdom Hearts: Unchained. It was an isometric RPG that wasn't in the same timeline. I could feel the bewildered disappointment of the audience.

But then the director was like, "Oh, right, we have Kingdom Hearts 3," the crowd predictably went bananas. They showed us a gameplay trailer, in all it's blasting, slashing, wall-running, high-flying glory, and everyone loved it. I love a good old bait-and-switch.

The rest was pretty bad

We got World of Final Fantasy again, Hitman again, the horribly titled Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (whose "gameplay trailer" consisted mostly of running around in empty environments), and an ok trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (now with less yellow).

But the crowning moment of failure was when Yosuke Matsuda, President and CEO, announced in an agonizingly boring monotone that there was going to be a Final Fantasy Portal App, for all Final Fantasy related news. When he awkwardly paused for applause, no one clapped. The room was dead silence. He then showed a few concept paintings for a new game he called "Project Setsuna." He gave no other information save that it was "early in development." Again, no one clapped.

And to top the whole sad clown performance, they said not one word about Final Fantasy 15

The disappointment and boredom I felt cannot be exaggerated. Come on, Square Enix, you're freaking Square Enix! One of the most legendary developers on the planet! You're better than this. This was straight-up amateurish.

What You Missed: Square Enix E3 Conference Tue, 16 Jun 2015 19:04:51 -0400 Jackson Ingram

Square Enix took the E3 Stage today to make major announcements on all of their upcoming games. For those of us who couldn't make it to LA, livestreams brought us up to speed on the action.

While waiting through a short delay, Twitch users were treated various trivia about past Square Enix games, while a never-ending feed of fan comments scrolled by on the side. Recurring themes in the chat included cries for a sequel to The World Ends With You, "KH3 or riot," "FF7 HYPE TRAIN," Illuminati symbols, and, of course, complaints on the late start.

When the conference finally did begin, it kicked everything off with a bang. Several bangs. Probably a few low-grade missile explosions.

Just Cause 3

Screenshot from upcoming Just Cause 3Avalanche Studios is upping the ante on their popular open-world series, promising to allow you to basically do whatever, whenever. Explore 400 square miles of freedom, providing "a new benchmark for action and destruction."

Rico Rodriguez returns to his mother's home in Medici, where a dictator has taken complete control of the island and is setting his sights on global domination. The preview gives us a nice look at the game's main feature: lots and lots of explosions. With improved physics-based motions, you can watch that whole building go down with unparalleled realism.

Other major features include an all-new wingsuit for exploring the skies, stablized parachute gameplay, and a completely redone grappling hook sporting multiple tethers and a manuel retract function. You can do a lot of damage with the grappling hook alone - form a wrecking ball, attach your enemies to explosives, even bring entire helicoptors down. And with over 80 land, sea, and air vehicles, you'll be able to test out these new functions all over the island.

"Set the world on fire" this December on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

New NieR Project

Screenshot from the announcement trailer for the new NieR project at E3 2015.

Yosake Saito of Business Division 6 started with a coy presentation of a mysterious new project. In the following artwork showcase, we were treated to various landscapes featuring a mysterious generator, a ramshackle treehouse, and sprawling urban ruins.

A white-haired girl wielding a sword rises from the ground in the previews only action shot, teasing more information this fall.

Director Yoko Taro dropped by in full Emil Weapon Mode cosplay, thanking the fans, but refusing to disclose much information, not even the game's subtitle, besides confirming development by Platinum Games.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Promotional shot of Rise of the Tomb Raider, as revealed in the E3 2015 Square Enix Conference.

We then jumped right into the action for the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider, showing video game icon Lara Croft trudging through an arctic expanse, making weapons, and discovering the enigmatic Prophet's Temple. This new installment will push Lara's limits, allowing her (and you, the player) to explore and survive in completely innovative ways.

Game Director Brian Horton made an appearance, promising to make Lara as human and believable as possible. In an exclusive look behind the scenes, we see staff members focusing on the finite details of character design, even down to the last nuanced facial expression. Finally, they've decided to use actual people as models to make sure they get the proportions right (good bye and good riddance, back-breaking boobs), but don't worry. This is still the Lara we all know and love. She's even sporting the scars she got in the last game.

Additionally, Lara and the environment can affect one another, with various natural objects available for use and Lara's appearance changing based on her experiences. So if you go trekking through the mud, you'll actually get muddy. If you tumble down the hill, you can see the scrapes and bruises.

The hyper-realistic Rise of the Tomb Raider is looking at an Xbox-exclusive release November 10, 2015.

Lara Croft Go

Gameplay from Lara Croft Go, an upcoming mobile game announced at E3.

In the same vein as Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go will distill all of your favorite elements of the Tomb Raider series into a puzzle adventure game for mobile platforms.

The visuals are simple and clean (sorry, I have Kingdom Hearts on my mind), a departure from the gritty graphics of the main games in the franchise. The moving platforms and art style are reminiscent of another popular mobile game, Monument Valley

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Screenshot of Final Fantasy VII Remake. E3 2015.

Though Sony already dropped the big bombshell yesterday that Final Fantasy VII was getting a full remake, Square Enix brought up the monumental news again today, featuring the same preview. Everything is beautiful. Cloud is beautiful. The Buster Sword is beautiful. Even that ominous feather floating in the puddle was beautiful.

The already-promised PC version of the original game is still on, coming to PC this winter and iOS as early as Summer's end.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X promotional shot. E3 2015.

One mention of Kingdom Hearts and the crowd basically lost their minds. They became considerably less excited however, when they realized they were watching news about Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, a remake of the Japanese-exclusive mobile game Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]. 

After a brief view of the gameplay, featuring power-ups based on the familiar fighting styles of old characters, and a reaffirmation that this is in fact relevant to the main series, Square Enix confirmed that the game would be coming to North America.

Kingdom Hearts III

Sora official new outfit in Kingdom Hearts III; Square Enix E3 2015

Wow. I admittedly had trouble hearing this one over the sound of my own sobbing. Before showing us any footage, Square Enix revealed that they would be working with Disney Animators to make it feel like you jump right into the movies. Also confirmed: a Tangled world, one of the most highly speculated additions to the franchise.

The all-new sneak peak started off with a gorgeous shot of young Xehanort and Eraqus discussing the Keyblade War over a game of chess. They are adorable. We then get another look at the gameplay, featuring the transforming keyblade as previously advertised, making each fight new and dynamic. While we've already seen the rollercoaster, gun, and ship transformations, the Pegasus-drawn carriage is new.

It also looks like Sora's getting a new look. Halfway through the video, he ditches his magical KH2 threads for a sleek red and black ensemble, sticking true to his past aesthetic while bringing a fresh twist on his Dream Drop Distance outfit.

World of Final Fantasy

Screenshot from World of Final Fantasy

Another one previously announced in the Sony Conference, the World of Final Fantasy showcases a new chibi style, taking characters both old and new to a completely original universe.

Director Hiroki Chiba says that the main purpose of the game is the introduce new players to a long-established series like Final Fantasy. Its simple but accessible style is meant to appeal to players of all ages and genders.

The World of Final Fantasy will also feature "towers" of players and monsters that you can use in battle. Different formations create different outcomes, adding a whole new layer of strategy.


Hitman (2015) game unveiled at Square Enix's conference at E3.

"Enter a world of assassination" with the newest addition to the Hitman series. With a digital release scheduled for December 8th, Io Interactive plans on releasing new content at regular intervals, while adjusting the game based on user feedback.

In the trailer, we take control of Agent 47, who has been hired to take out Victor Novacov, the ring leader of a corrupt organization known as Iago. Hitman is a sandbox game that gives you the freedom of approach. You can choose brute force or get a little more creative. Decide on a disguise and get ready to improvise as you create a "genuine masterpiece of assassination."

The online aspect of the game will revolutionize the Hitman series. The preview showcased two new features. The first of which allows players to mark their own targets and then challenge their friends. The second advertised hits that will appear only once before disappearing forever, encouraging the Hitman community to take them out.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness as shown in E3 2015.Despite its admittedly clunky title, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is all about "seamlessness." From exploration to battle, the transitions will be smooth, aiming to maintain immersion. Additionally, tri-Ace will be incorporating "dynamic cutscenes," blending the story perfectly into the gameplay.

The preview started off with a brief recap of the last six years of Star Ocean, promising new and exciting plots and "heart-wrenching farewells" in this fifth installment of the main series. While Integrity and Faithlessness had already been confirmed for a Japanese release this winter, E3 confirmed future availability in North America and Europe.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Screenshot of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The year is 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution. Adam Jensen returns, decked out with cybernetic enhancements as one of the augmented, a type of human facing wide scale discrimination and being forced to live in "aug-only" slums. Adam joins Task Force 29, a division of Interpol, as a double-agent, believing them to be controlled by the Illuminati. Apparently the Twitch stream had some truth behind it after all.

The augmentation provides all-new weapons including a gun built into Adam's mechanical arm and detachable nano blades that can be used as projectiles. Other highlights of the trailer include nano-based body armor and a rare look at Adam's eyes behind the shades.

Choices will play heavily into the gameplay and will ultimately decide the ending you're shown.

Mankind Divided will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One early 2016.

Final Fantasy Portal AppFinal Fantasy Portal App.

In a penultimate anticlimax, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy Portal App, providing up-to-date info on all things Final Fantasy, set for a Japanese release this summer. English release dates and how this will differ from the Final Fantasy Wiki will supposedly be provided at a later time.

Project Setsuna

To finish things off, Square Enix officially announced Project Setsuna, a completely original console RPG. They made it a point to mention that this was neither sequel nor spinoff, remake nor reboot. It's all-new. In honor of that, a new studio, the Tokyo RPG Factory, is taking the reigns on development. Though they refused to give us more than a few gorgeous pieces of landscape artwork, Square Enix confirmed a global release in 2016.

What did you think of Square Enix's conference? Which of these games are you most excited for?