State of Decay 2 Articles RSS Feed | State of Decay 2 RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network State of Decay 2: How to Recruit Enclaves and Survivors Guide Fri, 20 Mar 2020 12:09:37 -0400 Mark Delaney

In State of Decay 2, you won't get very far on your own. Whether it's knowing how bring a fellow community member on your travels, how to invite a friend to play co-op, or how to recruit enclaves and other survivors in the desolate worlds of State of Decay 2, the Buddy System is key.

With that in mind, you'll want to know exactly how you grow your numbers within a community. While you begin your game with just a trio of people struggling to survive, there are ample opportunities to bring new faces behind your secure borders.

Recruiting enclaves and survivors in State of Decay 2 are slightly different tasks with a few ways to go about them. Here's everything you need to know to grow your community and revive some hope in a hopeless world.

How to Recruit Allied Survivors

The procedurally generated mission structure of State of Decay 2 makes recruitment drives a bit fuzzy, but there are still specific things to know in order to boost your numbers and bring in more survivors.

The most important thing to know is this: when a neighbor asks for your help, give it to them. Often folks in your town will radio you asking to be introduced or maybe even in a more panicked state needing help fast. Whatever the case, don't delay too long or else they'll start to think low of you.

All your neighbors start out as Neutral, meaning they're there, you're here, and that's it. Start to aid them in their survival and they'll become Friendly. Keep aiding them and they'll eventually become Allied, which has the added bonus of your newfound friends bringing you some survival supplies once in a while.

Ignore their outcries, however, and you'll eventually turn them Hostile, and once they're Hostile, you can't recruit them anymore. They'll shoot you on sight and it becomes them versus you if they catch you near their encampment.

Be sure to aid those in need and you'll have friends indeed, as our grandparents probably all said. Once other enclaves are Allied, you can speak to one of their members and ask them to join you. Should they say yes, the enclave will disband and you'll gain one new follower.

Recruiting Survivors in Need

Recruits allies and other survivors in State of Decay 2 to help you fight off the horde.

Sometimes you don't have to make friends with someone to recruit them. Some missions will have you helping a lone survivor or a pair of survivors out in the wild, seeking some crucial supply, like medicine or food.

If you help them, they'll sometimes have a moment of clarity where they seem to think, "Clearly, I can't do this alone anymore." When they do, you'll be prompted to recruit them. If you want them to join you, choose to recruit and they'll head to your camp right away and become a new playable character.

How to Recruit Enclaves

I hear you asking, "But what if I want to recruit an entire enclave?" Well, it's possible, though somewhat rare. There's one questline that players may be offered which sees you bringing multiple rucksacks of supplies to another community across multiple missions.

By the end of this questline, similar to the panicked lone survivor, the entire enclave may agree it's not working for them, and clearly you've got a much better handle on this whole post-apocalypse thing. They'll then request that you let them move in with you and your community. If you want to, go for it.

Note that the survivor cap seems to be eight people, so the game may not throw this questline your way if you already have more than five, because it won't want to allow you to overcrowd your community.

Other Recruitment Tips

Now that you know how to recruit survivors and enclaves, you're free to be picky about who you allow into your community.

While you'd be pretty villainous to turn away a survivor in dire need, other more optional recruitments should weigh the benefits of each survivor. When you interact with another person, use the Learn About Survivor option and you'll be able to see their Skills and Traits.

Maybe it's the case that you really need a strong gardener or someone with lots of rare abilities. With this method, you'll know exactly who is joining you  and maybe who isn't. 

You should also consider what you have to offer them. If your community is already struggling to feed and provide beds for the folks you have in your community, it maybe isn't a wise decision to bring more people home with you. It can really cripple morale when people aren't sleeping well, going hungry, or are arguing because of the overall low quality of life. 

If you're going to have an open-door policy for survivors in need, consider moving your base to one of the bigger lots in your map of choice. All five maps have several potential home sites and you can see exactly what you need to move in each one  it's dependent on your Influence and number of survivors.

Every game starts on a small home site, so once you get up around five survivors, it's time to pack up and find a new home for your survivors. Let them stretch their legs a little.

That's all you need to know about recruiting enclaves and survivors in State of Decay 2. We've got a ton more State of Decay 2 guides for both beginners and experts, so be sure to check them out.  

State of Decay 2 Guide: Where to Find Scraps of Circuitry Wed, 18 Mar 2020 19:44:38 -0400 Mark Delaney

If you're wondering how to find scraps of circuitry in State of Decay 2, this guide will show you where to find one of the game's most useful and sought after resources. 

In State of Decay 2, the difference between surviving and permadeath often comes down to your preparedness in its harsh world. Those who keep morale high, supplies abundant, and survivors healthy will thrive, while those who forego sleep, fail to pack for a long trip, and don't scavenge properly will likely see their communities overrun in no time.

As fun as that challenge is, there's a lot to know to stay one step ahead of the undead hordes, so we're here to help. Given the many different kinds of crafting and building supplies you'll need, it can be dizzying to know where to look.

If it's scraps of circuitry you're looking for, use our guide so you know just where to look. 

State of Decay 2: Where to Find Scraps of Circuitry

Like the hundreds of various supplies you can find in State of Decay 2, players looking for scraps of circuitry have the major benefit of the game placing loot where it makes the most sense. 

By that I mean, if you need food, you should check restaurants and kitchens. If you need gas, you should check gas stations. And if you need the highly sought after scraps of circuitry, there are sensible places for that, too.

To find scraps of circuitry, search anywhere there are electrical power boxes and breaker boxes, like at the base of radio towers. Elsewhere, you have a good chance of finding them at any locations that seem like they once served as manufacturing or industrial job sites, like factories and warehouses.

You can sometimes find scraps of circuitry by searching around electronics stores, too. Like other rarer crafting items such as jugs of ethanol, once you start spotting them in these specific places, you'll start to know just what to look for. 

Once you have lots of it, you'll open up the possibilities of what else you can build back at your base. Many major projects, specifically Leader projects, require several scraps of circuitry, so it's vital to make the backpack space for them when found if you plan on sticking with your current playthrough for the long haul. 

That's all on finding scraps of circuitry. Need more State of Decay 2 guides? We've got plenty here to keep your community thriving.

State of Decay 2 Failed CLEO Drop Guide Wed, 18 Mar 2020 17:06:57 -0400 Mark Delaney

State of Decay 2 just got a huge refresh. The Juggernaut Edition adds one of the game's biggest updates in its two years since launch, and it's also new to Steam and Epic Games Store. That means players both new and old are scrambling to discover all that's new to the game, like its brand-new map, Providence Ridge, a new heavy class of melee weapons, and Failed Cleo Drops.

What are Failed CLEO Drops and where can you find them? That's what we're here to help with. Read on to learn how to hack and unpack these massive boons for your community. 

Failed CLEO Drop Guide

Failed CLEO Drop in the State of Decay 2 menu. Image credit: Big Blue Bug Gaming on YouTube

What is a Failed CLEO Drop?

Typically a CLEO Drop is something players can find in the game's standard survival mode or in Daybreak, the horde-based DLC now included for free. CLEO Drops provide a good pallet of supplies to survivors in need.

But Failed CLEO Drops are different because they're even more valuable, but also quite rare.

Where Can I Find Failed CLEO Drops?

Currently, Failed CLEO Drops can only be found on the new map, the mountainous and woodsy Providence Ridge. When you arrive to a new game in Providence Ridge, you'll be set up at the firewatch tower base, but with enough survivors and Influence, you'll be able to move your community to a bigger base that will offer more facility areas and greater resources. 

Sometimes when you get to these new bases and move in, you'll need to clear out the debris left behind from the world that's collapsed. One of the greatest gifts survivors can find is a Failed CLEO Drop.

What is in a Failed CLEO Drop?

Inside are packed a ton of supplies, including multiple rucksacks of community goods like medicine, building materials, and food, several magazines of ammo, and some weapons. Suffice it to say, you'll want to clear out the Failed CLEO Drop as soon as you move in, but you'll need to meet a few other parameters other than being a resident to do so.

How to Clear a Failed CLEO Drop

How to Clear a Failed CLEO Drop once you find one requires some ingenuity.

First, you'll need a survivor in your group with the Programming trait, because you'll need to hack the Drop open. If you already have one, congratulations, you've lucked out! If not, there are two ways to get one such survivor.

You can either find a book that teaches programming and have your desired survivor read it if they have an available trait slot, or you can recruit another survivor to your group who has the trait. 

Remember, you can always view the traits and abilities of other survivors in the world just by talking to them. This is another good reason to not go fully Negan on your community. Make friends and everything else will come more easily. 

Once you have the survivor you need, you'll also need electricity. To provide the needed juice, install a facility or facility mod that provides base-wide power. You can find these mods by scavenging the world. Alternatively, if you already finished a Builder leader playthrough and earned the Builder bonus for subsequent playthroughs, you'll be able to have base-wide power (and water) at any base you move into. 

Thus, the quickest way to open a Failed CLEO Drop if you've played before is to bring a citizen with Programming to Providence Ridge while activating the Builder bonus at the start of your new community. When you come across a Failed CLEO Drop, you'll quickly and easily hack it open.

And for those that haven't played before, you can try re-rolling your community until you get a Programmer right away, or go off into the world and recruit such a computer nerd to aid you.

Lastly, once you start the process of hacking the Failed CLEO Drop, it will take up the available labor of one survivor for 20 minutes while they work, meaning that depending on how many survivors you have, other projects may be unable to begin until the hack is complete. 


State of Decay 2 is hiding a lot more secrets and plays to many more strategies. Check out our other State of Decay 2 guides to keep your community morale high and their hearts beating.

How to Adjust Screen Size in State of Decay 2 Wed, 18 Mar 2020 13:55:05 -0400 Ty Arthur

A large number of zombie survival title State Of Decay 2 players are having trouble changing their resolution or adjusting the screen size, a rather unique problem. Luckily you may be able to fix it.

This is something occurring with both the console version on Xbox One as well as the PC release now that SoD 2 is included with the Game Pass service.

You may notice the game keeps defaulting to 1024x768 resolution, and many players have difficulty getting their screens to display anything larger than 1600x900. That can create a very unpleasant viewing experience for some monitors.

Oddly, State Of Decay 2 lacks the normal resolution settings and ability to change screen size that you may expect. That means you are going to need to get creative and go beyond the normal troubleshooting if the screen size is too big or small for your monitor or TV. 

How To Fix State Of Decay 2 Xbox One Screen Size

With the Xbox One version, there's not much to be done through the actual State Of Decay 2 settings. Instead, your best bet is to change the actual TV display settings, which can vary wildly between make and model. Some models bury their settings in truly bizarre and counter-intuitive locations.

In many cases, the default 16:9 display ratio on your TV will typically cut off the sides of the screen, rendering State Of Decay 2 essentially unplayable. To fix this, you need to switch to Scan Mode to automatically adjust settings, or instead manually select different aspect ratios until you find one that shows the entire State Of Decay 2 screen.

To find out how to reach those options, check the side or back of your TV to locate the model number. Then head over to the support center for your particular brand to find the manual and figure out how to select Scan Mode or manually choose different aspect ratios:

How To Fix State Of Decay 2 PC Screen Size

If you're playing the PC version then this problem gets even more obnoxious, because resolution in the PC port is tied to the overall graphics setting.

If you want something approximating actual 1920x1080 resolution, you need to set the graphics to Ultra first. That's just the first step though, as you will still only see the option to select Full Screen or Windowed instead of the normal resolution settings.

Before trying anything else, the first step is to change the resolution of your PC's display screen, then change it back when you are done playing. Obviously, this isn't ideal, but it is a workable solution.

To make this change before and after playing State Of Decay 2, type Display Settings into the Search bar and click the link at the top of the Best Match list. From there, scroll down to Display Resolution and twiddle with the settings until you get a resolution that actually shows the whole State Of Decay 2 screen.

At this point, the State Of Decay 2 screen size may still not be quite right for your monitor due to its tendency to default to a smaller size, and that means its time to dig into some hidden folders and make manual tweaks to a file.

To get to the right file, follow this path in the drive you have State of Decay 2 installed:

Users > Your name > AppData > Local > Packages > Microsoft.Dayton8wekby3d8bwe > LocalState > State Of Decay 2 > Saved > Config > UWP

In the UWP folder, open the GameUserSettings file with Notepad. In the text document, scroll down to the find two grouped strings of text (which may be several lines apart) labeled:

  • LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=
  • LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=
  • DesiredSreenWidth=
  • DesiredScreenHeight=

After the = sign on each line, change the number to the setting you want.

For example: 1920 for X (width) and 1080 for Y (height), then save and close the document. It's critical you change both the LastUserConfirmed and DesiredScreen lines or the setting won't save!

Have you found any other ways to fix the screen size we didn't cover? Sound off in the comments below, then check out our State Of Decay 2 hints and tricks when you've finally got the resolution set the way you want:

Here's the State of Decay 2 Day and Night Cycle Explained Mon, 16 Mar 2020 13:37:12 -0400 Ashley Shankle

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition roared out of the gate just recently, and players coming to the title for the first time are trying to figure out its day and night cycle.

Nighttime is brutal in State of Decay 2. In one part because the zombies get far more aggressive, and the other being the depth of the game's darkness. It's real hard to get around when you can barely see your surroundings, that's for sure.

So the question is, what is the game's day and night cycle? Many players theorize that night is much longer than day, and it turns out that is, in fact, the case.

State of Decay 2 Day and Night Cycle

So how long is a day exactly, and what are the phases?

State of Decay 2's day and night cycle (in full) lasts 90 real-time minutes, but the phases of the day may be surprising.

Players get a full 30 minutes of daytime to yuck it up and explore under the safety of sunlight, but nighttime lasts a whopping 60 minutes. Luckily, it's not all pitch black.

Of the 60 nighttime minutes, 20 minutes are dusk, 20 minutes are night, and 20 minutes are dawn. Meaning it's not pitch black the whole time, but it is enough to make navigating, building, and generally surviving a whole heck of a lot harder.

With these timeframes in mind, you can more accurately and safely plan your survival in the zombie apocalypse. You know you have 30 minutes straight of sun to light your way, and you know you'll be spending more time stumbling through the dark than otherwise. Plan accordingly.


Now's probably the best time to get into State of Decay 2 considering the newest Juggernaut Edition. Take a look at our State of Decay 2 guides, and good luck to your community in surviving the night!

Project xCloud Impressions: Microsoft Takes the Streaming Lead Tue, 26 Nov 2019 11:23:01 -0500 Mark Delaney

Project xCloud is here. If you read our early Stadia impressions, you know that game streaming has arrived sort of. While Google's foray into the game industry has been up and down so far, that may partly be because they're rushing to beat Xbox to market.

Microsoft is currently running a Project xCloud streaming preview program for select players who sign up for the trial phase. I was lucky enough to be given the green light as a sort of beta tester. 

That makes me one of very few people with a foot in both the Stadia and xCloud camps so far. So how does xCloud work? In brief, xCloud works very well on mobile, just like Stadia. For the long version of that, keep reading.

Project xCloud promotional still featuring games played on phones and tablets.

What is Project xCloud?

In case you've missed the news of xCloud from the beginning or maybe aren't sure of everything it offers, Project xCloud is Microsoft's game streaming initiative.

Much like Google Stadia's 2018 experiment called Project Stream, where select players were able to play Assassin's Creed Odyssey via the cloud, Project xCloud is Microsoft's big bet that game streaming will matter in the years to come.

Unlike Project Stream, and even unlike Google Stadia at launch, Project xCloud has a lot of games on offer  over 50 right now. What's more, in 2020 the service will become compatible with Xbox Game Pass, which currently has well over 200 games in its library.

This includes major first-party stuff like Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 4 to indies and third-party titles like Oxenfree and Madden NFL 20.

Do I Need to Buy xCloud Games? 

The wildest part about xCloud right now is that you don't need to own any of the games to play them. Unlike Xbox Console Streaming  another invite-only initiative Microsoft is running where you stream games directly from your console  with xCloud, these 50+ games are available for free if you can get accepted into the program.

That's because it's all in preview right now, and the tech giant benefits from live player testing. 

Progress carries over, achievements pop, and if you've played before on console, the platform even recognizes that and picks up where you left off. It was awesome to see I didn't need to start my pirate's life over in Sea of Thieves.

What Devices Does xCloud Support? 

The program will roll out to more devices in 2020, but for now you'll need select (see: modern) Android smartphones or tablets to access the app you'll need to play.

According to Microsoft, compatible devices should have specs of at least "Android version 6.0 or greater, as well as Bluetooth version 4.0." Useable Xbox controllers can double as xCloud controllers but require Bluetooth capability. 

Will xCloud come to iPhone or Apple devices? Presumably, yes. Microsoft has previously said the streaming service will come "to other platforms at a later date." Right now, that's all we know, though more news is sure to come.  

Project xCloud Games: What's Available?

Promotional xCloud still featuring a library of more than a dozen games.

As mentioned, there are over 50 games currently in the xCloud library. If you want the full games list, we've got you covered:

  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Absolver
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • Black Desert Online
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • Borderlands 2
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • Conan Exiles
  • Crackdown 3: Campaign
  • Darksiders III
  • Dead Island: Definitive Edition
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • F1 2019
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Gears 5
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
  • Halo 5: Guardians
  • Halo Wars 2
  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
  • Hello Neighbor
  • Just Cause 4
  • Killer Instinct
  • Madden NFL 20
  • Mark of the Ninja: Remastered
  • Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition
  • Overcooked
  • Puyo Puyo Champions
  • RAD
  • ReCore: Definitive Edition
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  • Sniper Elite 4
  • Sea of Thieves
  • State of Decay 2
  • Subnautica
  • Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition
  • Tekken 7
  • TERA
  • The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut
  • theHunter: Call of the Wild
  • Vampyr
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2
  • West of Dead (BETA)
  • World of Final Fantasy Maxima
  • World of Tanks: Mercenaries
  • World of Warships: Legends
  • World War Z
  • WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship
  • WWE 2K20
  • Yoku's Island Express

Will Project xCloud have exclusives? As of now, Microsoft has said that the service will not have exclusive games or titles. The company told Gamasutra

We are investigating a variety of new capabilities made possible by the cloud. However, we remain committed to an approach with game streaming that is complementary to console and have no plans for cloud-exclusive content at this time.

Does Project xCloud Work?

Sea of Thieves shooting cannon at broadside of ship.

Does Project xCloud actually work? In a word, yes.

With several hours logged in Project xCloud so far, I can confidently say it is living up to the dream. My hands-on time with Stadia was a few weeks of mixed feelings, but other than some slight scan lines when Sea of Thieves or State of Decay 2 got very dark the latter gets deliberately, cripplingly dark for horror effect I can't report a single issue I had with xCloud.

To be fair to Stadia, it too always works perfectly on my smartphone, so there seems to be something about the smaller screen or their Wi-Fi catchers that just works astoundingly well.

Playing several consecutive hours of Sea of Thieves has been a dream come true. It's a tough game to play at home when you've got two kids, including an infant, but with xCloud, I finally feel like I can reach Pirate Legend status because now I can play it anywhere the Wi-Fi is half-decent.

As games like Sea of Thieves and Forza exist in permanently shared, often uber-competitive worlds, they rely on high performance, and I would be lying if I said I felt disadvantaged when racing other drivers and fighting off pirates. It just works.

My games almost always look great, if not better than they do at home, thanks to my new phone with a gorgeous screen. In fact, the xCloud stream is, for me, much more reliable than the Xbox Console Streaming preview, which is usually unplayable unless I'm on my home network with my Xbox.

xCloud loads games faster too. I first noticed that when my two favorite aforementioned Xbox exclusives, both known for long load times, threw me into their games much faster than they do at home. When you can give me faster loads, and hitch-free HD displays, I'm convinced.

Project xCloud doesn't have it all yet, though. Notably, I saw no way to join friends' games, nor could I take screenshots or videos. For what it's worth, I could join voice parties at least. These are functions that will surely come later, so I'm not too concerned yet, but as a frequent screenshotter, the feature is missed for the time being. 

Knowing how well Stadia works on mobile, I see a similar trajectory for Microsoft, only the latter has 15+ years of experience in the industry and a huge fanbase.

Stadia took a major hit with its launch lineup of 22 games, some of the titles years old. Xbox won't have that problem as one of the established Big Three in the market, and with Xbox Game Pass compatibility on the way, there will be no shortage of titles.

I'm curious how Microsoft will decide to approach pricing. The a la carte menu on Stadia has turned many gamers away right off the bat. Is it possible Microsoft sticks to offering just Game Pass titles someday, tying the services together?

More likely, they will run it how they do their current digital store, where XGP and single-purchase games coexist. That way, xCloud never feels like it's missing anything, but it also offers a ton of incentive for current and curious Xbox gamers to jump in and try it.

The dream of next year, playing stuff like Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite wherever I may be, is coming to fruition — and fast. I'm already starting to feel old when I tell my seven-year-old how good he has it, and how back in my day, handheld games would never look or play like they do now.

Game streaming is rapidly altering the landscape of mobile gaming. Switch did something similar when it arrived in 2017, but Nintendo still struggles to pull in the full scope of third-party games. This future Microsoft and others are carving is also making Switch feel almost obsolete, or at least awkward at times, like a dedicated gaming handheld suddenly feels old-school.

Smartphones have swallowed up nearly every other item that was once in our lives, from calculators to cameras to newspapers. Now they're coming for your Switches and Vitas. With xCloud performing so well so far, I feel like my favorite games are just an app away.

E3 2019 Microsoft Press Conference Recap: Team Xbox Unveils Project Scarlett and a Whole Lot of Game Pass Sun, 09 Jun 2019 20:47:53 -0400 Mark Delaney

Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference just wrapped after nearly two hours of new trailers for games like Gears 5 and Halo Infinite, world premieres for games like Miyazaki and Martin's collaborative Elden Ring, and more than a little bit of info on the next Xbox, which is now officially being referred to as "Project Scarlett," after rumors have long suggested so.

If you missed the whole show or maybe just bits and pieces of it in your excitement we've recapped every moment, every reveal, and every trailer into this handy round-up. Of course, if you'd rather watch it all from start to finish yourself, that's fine too. Check that out below!

If you want to take it bit by bit with us, here's literally everything Microsoft announced at E3 2019.

The Outer Worlds

The Xbox presser kicked off with the next game from one of their new first-party studios, Obsidian Entertainment. While the space RPG The Outer Worlds isn't being published by Microsoft — it was already in development from 2K's Private Division label before the 2018 acquisition it will still be premiering in Xbox Game Pass at launch, the same as so many more games to come in this roundup, as you'll see.

The trailer avoids the game's cynical humor for the most part and depicts a more serious version of the capitalist hellhole the game was made famous for when it debuted last December. You can look forward to playing the game on October 25.

Bleeding Edge

Following quickly from The Outer Worlds, two of Ninja Theory's developers came to the stage to introduce their next game, Bleeding Edge. If you think of a melee-focused Overwatch, you're not far off. The game was in development before Microsoft came calling with big wads of cash, so the June 27 technical alpha may seem like a quick turnaround, but really this has been their project for a few years already.

Bleeding Edge pits two teams of four into maps that seem conducive to many playstyles, which should benefit players no matter which of the many teased heroes from the new trailer above. Like The Outer Worlds, it'll launch directly into Game Pass at an unannounced date.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Before we had even seen Phil Spencer hit the stage, a third Xbox Game Studios project came to the stage. The Ori sequel delivered a new trailer that showed off a ton of new environments and several enemy types that are hopefully bosses otherwise, Ori may be vastly unprepared if these behemoths are to be commonplace.

It launches on February 11, 2020 -- and yes, directly into Game Pass too.

Minecraft Dungeons

One of two new games in the Minecraft universe coming soon (though the only one shown on stage at the presser), Minecraft Dungeons' trailer highlighted brand new gameplay moments, including character loadouts, combat, and four-player co-op, which can be played either locally or online. It didn't get a firm release date but it did get a window of spring 2020.

I bet you can guess whether it's coming to Game Pass day and date with retail. If you're really stuck, here's a spoiler: it is.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

As promised, Jedi: Fallen Order made its second appearance in as many days on a pre-E3 stage. This time, new gameplay segments were shown off in the trailer on Xbox's stage, including more interaction with a familiar character from the film's universe. Remember, the game is officially canon now. Take that, Force Unleashed! 

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order arrives this year on November 15.

Blair Witch

After the power fantasy of Star Wars concluded, it was time to flip game mechanics on their head with a horror game that leaves you almost completely helpless.

What looked a bit like Outlast 3 at first was soon revealed to be Blair Witch, a first-person horror adventure from Bloober Team, the same studio behind recent horror games Observer and Layers of Fear.

Though it's not a first-party title, Blair Witch will be coming directly to Xbox Game Pass on August 30.

Cyberpunk 2077

After last year's exciting stinger, CD Projekt Red returned to the Xbox stage and they brought John Wick with them. Well, sort of. Revealed at the end of the trailer above, Keanu Reeves is portraying a character in the much-anticipated cyberpunk title.

He took to the stage to reveal the game's release date too. Despite what we heard about the game being too powerful for current generation consoles, Cyberpunk 2077 hits next spring, April 16, 2020, on all the platforms you'd expect.


Yet another Game Pass-at-launch title is this indie, Spiritfarer, which bills itself as a "cozy management game about dying." Well, okay then. Seems like a strange, almost contradictory setup, but I bet that's the point. get comfy with losing your loved ones, folks. This is going to be cathartic.

No release date was given yet, but the trailer does offer some cool gameplay detailing how you can customize your boathouse together with your everpresent cat companion.


"Do you have Battletoads?" Yes, and so will Game Pass at launch. The revived brawler from yesteryear only got a teaser last year and didn't show us any gameplay, so this cartoony melee combat is our very first look at what the hokey series can be in a contemporary setting. It feels like a game that knows it's absurd and that's exactly how you'd want it to be.

No release date was given just yet, so maybe keep calling your local game retailer for now.

The Legend of Wright

One of the cool things Microsoft has done a lot lately is make time on their massive stage for some tiny games. Hand-drawn indie The Legend of Wright is another example of that. The shifting aesthetics of the game are glorious and confusing at once. What's going on in this one?

We can't be sure yet, but we'll find out when it launches in 2020.

ID@Xbox Sizzle Reel

Speaking of indies, the annual ID@Xbox sizzle reel was up next and showed off over a dozen games, all of which will be you guessed it coming to Xbox Game Pass on their respective launch dates.

One of them, Riverbond, is even out today. I know because my wife and I spent all of our morning before the show playing it. It's fun! Check out the trailer for the rest of the games.

20+ Game Pass Titles Added Today

I don't know if you've heard by now, but Microsoft has this service called Game Pass...

Yeah, even more Xbox Game Pass titles were announced, all of which came to the service today. Big hitters like Batman: Arkham Knight and Metro Exodus were supplemented by indies like Hollow Knight and Old Man's Journey. Here's the full list of what's new to Game Pass today:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
  • Bridge Constructor Portal
  • Everspace
  • Guacamelee! 2
  • Hollow Knight
  • Lightspeed: Double Speer Edition
  • Metal Slug X
  • Metro Exodus
  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
  • Moonlighter
  • Neon Chrome
  • Old Man’s Journey
  • Riptide GP: Renegade
  • Riverbond 
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
  • Shenmue 1&2
  • Silence – The Whispered World 2
  • Smoke and Sacrifice
  • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • Supermarket Shriek 
  • Thimbleweed Park
  • The Turing Test
  • Wizard of Legend

Xbox Game Pass Comes to PC Today, Included in Game Pass Ultimate

As the company revealed last week, Game Pass is coming to PC. In fact, you can join the open beta today. The PC version will feature its own list of "over 100 games by August" including all Xbox Game Studios titles on day one just like its console counterpart. 

Subscribers to Game Pass Ultimate (Game Pass and Games with Gold combined) now also get Game Pass PC included with their $14.99/month subscription. You can also sign up for your first month of Game Pass Ultimate right now for $1.

MS Flight Sim

Coming directly to Game Pass PC, and seemingly consoles for the first time, is the latest edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The ever-popular sim has been a PC staple for years, and the trailer implied it'll be coming to Xbox One as well.

In the time since the trailer was shown, some are saying that's inaccurate, though Microsoft has said no such thing themselves yet.

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition

More surely coming just to PC is Age of Empires II Definitive Edition. You can see the remastered classic in action in this brand new trailer.

I probably don't need to say it again, but lest we forget, it's coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one next year. Who would've guessed it?

Wasteland 3

Another title from a newly acquired studio, Wasteland 3 continues Inxile's tradition of keeping CRPGs alive. This time it's to the cold Rocky Mountains of Colorado, giving an aesthetic makeover to the series.

Tonally, it's probably right where fans want it to be, with a similar humorous cynicism as The Outer Worlds from Obsidian and the previous Wasteland games.

Microsoft Acquires Double Fine Productions

Matt Booty twerked to the stage to reveal yet another Microsoft studio buyout. This time it was Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions.

The studio famous for games such as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend got to celebrate their new parent company with the first-ever gameplay trailer for the long-awaited Psychonauts 2.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

It was a bit weird when The Force Awakens got a LEGO game but The Last Jedi didn't. Well, now it has, along with every other mainline story in the Star Wars universe. 

The Skywalker Saga depicts all nine films, including the yet to be released Rise of Skywalker in brick and minifig form. It arrives next year, after the final movie in the Abrams run has made a billion dollars.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Once known as Dragon Ball Project Z, the action RPG based on the hugely popular anime series is now Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. 

The combat of Kakarot resembled something closer to the past games in the series rather than last year's 2D fighter, though the label of "action RPG" should mean it's ultimately quite different from anything else in the franchise. It arrives in 2020.

12 Minutes

If I'm allowed to editorialize here (if you're reading this, I am!) 12 Minutes was one of the coolest reveals on stage during the Xbox show. Presented in top-down format, the entire game seems to take place in a small apartment where players control a man stuck in a Groundhog Day-like time loop, only it's one that tends to end much more tragically. 

I won't say anything else on it, as it's so stylish and well done, you should really see it for yourself.

Way to the Woods

Up next was Way to the Woods, an indie about a pair of deer, father and fawn, exploring a world, presumably to return to the woods. It has the air of a game that will be at different times uplifting and tragic, and it has me wondering which note it will end on.


Stay safe, little deer!

Gears 5

The stage presence for Gears 5 was rumored to be heavy before the show, and it turns out that was correct. It got the longest time on screen of any game, featuring multiple trailers. The first, above, depicts the psychological tormet of new protagonist Kait Diaz. 

The game will be coming to Game Pass at launch on September 10, but you can access it four days early with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription or if you buy the game's Ultimate Edition.

The versus technical test will go live on July 19 during which time players can take part in a new arcade mode. Later this summer, beginning in August, players can regroup for an early look at the game's Horde mode. 

Rod Fergusson also hit the stage to unveil a brand new mode called Escape, which has players infiltrate an enemy encampment, plant a bomb, and escape amid the chaos.

Anyone who pre-orders the game or plays within the first week via purchase or Game Pass will also gain access to a character pack featuring a T-2000 robot from Terminator Dark Fate.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Rumors of a new controller were loud for weeks and they were proven right on stage. Microsoft unveiled the Elite Series 2 controller, featuring "over 30" new ways to customize your experience, including new trigger sensitivity settings, new wraparound rubberized grip, and game profile settings that you can set for up to three games so each plays how you like it.

You can see all that and more in the tech-heavy trailer above.

Dying Light 2

Following the news that it's going to be published by Square Enix, Dying Light 2 got a new trailer during Microsoft's show which included a release date and some more pondering on how player choice affects the world.

You can play nice, be the bad guy, or (a gaming favorite) exist somewhere in the gray area when it hits stores next spring.

Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions

Another one that was heavily rumored was the Forza DLC featuring LEGO. Right again! An all-brick McLaren Senna was this year's token on-stage vehicle and helped introduce players to Forza Horizon 4's second expansion: LEGO Speed Champions.

If you're a fan of both the game and the toys, it seems likely this partnership will extend to physical playsets in the near future just as it has when Forza teamed up with Hot Wheels.

Gears POP!

Returning to the stage after last year's reveal was Gears POP!, a mobile strategy game which brings together an unlikely pair of properties.

Pre-orders go live "soon" and players can pre-register (pre-pre-order?) the game starting today. 

State of Decay 2

We already knew State of Decay 2 was getting a Return to Trumbull Valley DLC. What we didn't know was it had been reworked or just expanded into the Heartland story DLC, which is out today for $9.99 and a 10% discount if you have Game Pass.

The DLC offers two parallel storylines featuring new characters in both cases. It seems likely their stories will converge, but thankfully we haven't been spoiled yet.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Japan's premiere online MMORPG is coming to Xbox as a free to play title next year. A new trailer highlighted a lot of the tropes we've come to expect from the genre like big hair and bigger swords, so even if you're new to the series, it may feel familiar.

Crossfire X

If you're going to go and get Japan's premiere MMO, why not snag China's premiere shooter too? That's what Team Xbox did with Crossfire X, a rebranding of China's most popular FPS. It's coming to Xbox next year and will launch directly into Game Pass.

They didn't reference it in the show, but this is also the game for which Remedy wrote the story content, so fans of their games may want to take a closer look when it arrives in 2020.

Tales of Arise

A new Tales game is coming, and that would've been a huge reveal if it wasn't for the fact that Bandai's site was scraped earlier this weekend and all their news were leaked.

Still, fans got the full trailer on all its glory. Watch it above if you're ready for another adventure.

Borderlands 3

A new stylish as ever trailer was shown for Gearbox's Borderlands 3 and it introduces the four primary character classes on offer in the third go-around.

What's even better is Gearbox confirmed the leaked Fight for Sanctuary DLC is real, out today, and free in Borderlands 2. The DLC is meant to bridge the gap between the last game and this September's so if you're one of the few in it for the story, this one is for you.

Elden Ring

Perhaps no game would've received bigger applause than this one if it weren't for the aforementioned Bandai Namco leak. The Miyazaki-George RR Martin collaboration, Elden Ring, is real.

No release date was mentioned, but the trailer definitely feels like something spun up from precisely these two creators, which makes for an extremely exciting prospect for fans of either and perhaps a literal dream come true for many who admire both men's work.

Project Scarlett Revealed

Phil Spencer then returned to the stage to discuss the future of Xbox. In the near term, your Xbox One will be updated this October to allow you to stream games completely for the first time ever. 

Speaking farther down the line, Spencer also introduced Project Scarlett, the next-gen Xbox project being built by the same team that created fan favorites such as the Xbox One X, the Elite controller, and more. He stressed it will be a games machine first and foremost, obviously still trying to clear away the smears left by Don Mattrick's failed vision. 

Together with AMD, his team has created a custom processor that is four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. Many of the project leaders are seen in the above trailer mentioning things like 8K resolution and near-total removal of loading screens.

The console will launch at the end of 2020. They chose to not yet confirm if there will really be two versions of the console as other rumors have stated, but we image a reveal event next spring may eventually tell us what's true or false in that regard.

Halo Infinite 

Though it's almost a year and a half away from launch, Project Scarlett has already been given its first launch title reveal, and what else would it be? 

Halo Infinite closed out the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference with an extended cinematic trailer featuring our hero, Master Chief, who awakens from near-death and immediately straps in for the fight. He doesn't waste any time, does he? 

That's everything from Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference. What was your favorite announcement?  

Be sure to check out our other E3 2019 coverage below: 

State of Decay 2 Review: A Community-Driven Zombie Apocalypse Mon, 28 May 2018 14:57:34 -0400 Zack Palm

The newest zombie management game, Undead Labs' State of Decay 2, gives you the opportunity to act as a community leader of a small group of survivors attempting to make it in the apocalypse.

You start your game by choosing one of three different town options, each roughly the size of that from the first game. When you set up your first base, you immediately learn about the blood plague zombies. These zombies are more aggressive than normal ones found in the first game, and if the zombies do enough damage to a community member, he or she can receive the blood plague.

A character with the blood plague needs a serum soon or else they turn. You need to get samples from blood plague zombies to cure them, but you’ll find this an easy enough task. I never felt any pressure when a character contracted the blood plague as the cure was never out of reach.

The primary goal of your community is to rid your entire town of the blood plague zombie’s nest, plague hearts. Like the first game, there's no overarching story line; instead, you move from town to town destroying these plague hearts and attempting to survive. You'll find that small events happen throughout the game, but nothing substantial really opens outside of side quests.

Same Ol' Zombies

Other than the blood plague zombies, no new enemies get added to the experience. You have all the special zombies from the first game: your agile feral, your lumbering juggernauts, the loud screamers, and your poisonous bloaters. Naturally, the entire map is covered in rank-and-file zombies you cut down left and right -- however, they remain a force to fear in great number.

Because of how easy it was to handle the blood plague, it felt like the only new addition to the zombie roster was a bust.

Inventory Management

You’ll spend most of your time in the game away from your base, searching abandoned structures for crucial resources. You’re on the hunt for five different supplies: food, medicine, ammo, building materials, and fuel. Your community drains these supplies every day, and if one of these resources gets too low, your community members start to feel the pressure, and your group’s overall morale declines.

Random events crop up at your base all the time while you’re away. These events vary from someone clumsily spilling over a gas can to a zombie siege. The events don’t force you to run home to see what you can do; instead, they’re an additional drain on your ever-dwindling resources.

Though these events were an attempt to make your group feel authentic and real, they leaned closer to being bothersome. These events were structured to serve as the developer’s invisible hand, moving in on you to press down on all of your panic buttons and force supplies even further than they already were. 

Vehicle Sickness

Much like in the first State of Decay, you need a vehicle to drive around, and you definitely need the additional trunk space. Having six to eight more slots to use for inventory made vehicles feel like a vital resource to take with you whenever you went out on a supply run.

However, the vehicles in State of Decay 2 became a frustrating mechanic I found myself constantly annoyed with. The cars have a fuel gauge you have to watch, and this meter drops fast.

I found myself with nearly a full tank at the start of a run and lost almost all of it when I traveled to another part of the map. I cannot count how many times I got stranded on one side of the map with a tired, nearly dead community member, who I then had to use to loot any surrounding buildings to locate a container of gas. Walking that distance is not an option.

On top of that, the vehicles were full of glitches. There were times I would bash the front of the car up against a railing or a fence and it would get stuck on the environment, or I would go flying in the opposite direction. I’ve nearly lost a handful of community members, and all of their supplies, to my vehicle getting destroyed because it glitched out.

Despite these troublesome glitches, vehicles were still better than in the first game. In the first one, you could kill about two dozen zombies with your bumper before the hood would start smoking. I had run over so many zombies with my vehicle in this one I thought they were indestructible. This turned any vehicle I drove into the ideal zombie-killing weapon.

Community Survival

Though your main goal is to rid the town of these plague hearts, your main, consistent objective is to survive with your community. And you’ll find this no easy task as you get to know your community members and learn about their preferences. 

The survivors that make up your small community turn out to be the stars of the game. The first State of Decay had a small trait list with random facts about the characters, like they were a tour guide or they’re really good at television trivia. State of Decay 2 doubles down on this but openly breaks down how these traits affect the community as a whole and what passives they provide the community member.

These traits also provide incentives for you to decide what you should build in your base to improve your community. I found myself constantly referring to the community page to see what sorts of skills and passives my group had.

When I saw one of my community members had the "gardener" trait, I got to work quickly to give them a tiny plot in which to work their magic. Not only did the garden plot give my group an overall morale boost, but the community member, Chili, was able to optimize this location and provide more food than the addition already gave. One less supply to worry about on my travels.

Early on, I decided I wanted to streamline a particular community member to act as my leader. Her name was Tweak, an energetic chemistry major who played paintball in her free time, and I felt she was going to be a positive driving force for our community to look to for support. Turns out this plucky chemistry major was a dictator in training because she had the Warlord legacy personality.

Each community member comes with their own legacy personality, either the Warlord, Sheriff, Builder, or Trader. The personality trait provides the member with a moral compass on how they prefer to have their community run. Additionally, when you move over to the next map, this personality trait adds a starting bonus to your starting home.

Tweak turned into a little tyrant and ruled our town with an iron fist. She enjoyed the power she rightfully won.

A Thriving Environment

As you explore the game, you’ll run into a number of NPC communities also trying to survive. Periodically these groups make calls for help over the radio, asking you to help them with a zombie infestation near their base or asking if you can help them locate a specific supply they’re running low on.

You can handle these NPC communities however you like. If they become friendly enough towards you, you can receive discounts on trading with them and stock up on any supplies you’re lacking. If they like you enough, you can ask if members want to join up with you.

Unlike the first game, State of Decay 2 gives them a lot more depth and personality. I felt more willing to go out of my way to help them out and give them assistance, if I could.

When I missed opportunities, I felt bad; however, this system weighed me down. While I was getting yelled at by the NPCs, I was meeting my group's needs and helping them out. I was conflicted about how this system worked, but in the end, it was a good addition. If anything, this system provided me with more tasks to do rather than raiding abandoned homes or clearing out zombies.

While you normally start out neutral to these parties, Tweak wasn’t too keen on letting them move in for free. If she found out about a group, she wanted them out of her town or to have them join up with her survivors -- there was no middle ground.

Anyone who was against this idea didn’t last long.


This installment also introduced the concept of multiplayer. A host could invite up to three other friends to their game to help them survive. The mode feels more helpful for the host as any supplies gathered during these sessions went to them, and the guests only received a small portion of what they grabbed.

However, I can't talk too much about this new mode as any session I attempted to play ended in failure. My friends could never connect to me, nor could I connect to them. We never got to experience this portion of the game.

This may have been a favor to us as many players have reported a number of bugs and problems, from guests being unable to access a host's base facilities to being unable to open up a passenger door while driving around.

Plagued With Bugs

Throughout my journey I ran into a number of different glitches and problems with the gameplay. Sometimes my character would get stuck on a rock, or I’d look behind me to see how my follower was doing, and they’d be invisible. Unlike other players, I hadn't run into any game-breaking bugs or infinite loading screens that many have reported dealing with.

Until the last hour of my game.

I had corralled a juggernaut into my camp to take him out with all of my community members. The thing would not die.

The battle between my community and the juggernaut lasted 10 minutes. I had used up all of my ammo, half of my melee weapons, and let it kill two of community members before I relaunched my game. When I loaded back in, the juggernaut was gone, but the damage was done and the end of my playthrough was soured, knowing how far back the invincible zombie had sent my group. My positive morale was in the trash, along with a great number of my resources.

At the End of the Day

For anyone searching for a repetitive base-management game, State of Decay 2 scratches that itch by forcing you to constantly take care of your group and see to all of their problems and needs. For some, the repetition will grow stale. When you beat one of the three available maps, you’re forced to move to one of the other areas, where you have to start all over again, repeating the same process there. You’ll face all the same problems: low resources, NPC communities to see to, and all-new plague hearts to destroy.

Other than the new quality-of-life mechanics and new descriptions added to make it easier to know what to do, it feels like a lot of the same.

How to Pause in State of Decay 2 Wed, 23 May 2018 13:33:06 -0400 Ashley Shankle

One feature that almost every online multiplayer game lacks is the ability to pause. We expect not to be able to pause with certain games, but you can in State of Decay 2. You just have to know how to do it.

The same rule that applies for most games you play online applies to State of Decay 2: You simply cannot pause when you are online. Even if you are only playing by yourself, you can't pause if your game is online.

If you know you're going to need to pause, or just like to have the feature available to you, you can enable the ability to pause the game by turning multiplayer off.

You can turn multiplayer off by doing the following:

  • Press the Start button on the Xbox One controller (Esc on keyboard) to open up the Pause Menu
  • Go to the Multiplayer option
  • Switch it to "Offline"

After you've done this, you'll be able to fully pause the game when pressing the Pause Menu button, rather than simply open up the menu as it does when you are set to online.

The downside to all this is that there is no way to pause in multiplayer at all, but that's typical. It doesn't make sense to be able to pause a multiplayer game. But if you intend to play by yourself and need to be able to pause from time to time, it's best to simply set the game to be completely offline so you can press that magic Start button/Esc key when needed.

Having to turn your entire gameplay experience offline isn't a huge deal if you'd rather play by yourself anyway, and if you generally play multiplayer, having to set the game to offline just makes sense. Good luck out there!

Be sure to check out our other, more comprehensive State of Decay 2 guides, including the best base locations, how to rack up unlimited food, and more!

State of Decay 2 Co-Op Multiplayer Guide Wed, 23 May 2018 11:48:36 -0400 Sergey_3847

Microsoft Studios and Undead Labs heard the fans and implemented a multiplayer co-op mode in State of Decay 2. However, to the surprise of many players, the local co-op mode is not available, so you cannot play the game with a buddy on a split-screen.

This means that you have to either join a multiplayer game online or invite friends to your own game. Either way, if you want to know how to set things up in State of Decay 2, then follow our guide below.

How to Join a Co-Op Game in State of Decay 2

Joining a co-op game in State of Decay 2.

If you get bored playing solo, you can always join an online multiplayer game. In order to do this, you need to open up your Radio menu by pressing up on your D-Pad. In the open menu, select "Volunteer."

The matchmaking process will start, and you will be added to the playthrough of someone else, who called for help. Obviously, you need to be connected to the internet when choosing this mode.

Also, be well-prepared before venturing into another player's game, since you never know what might be needed there. So try to stock up on as many useful items as you can, and then choose the Volunteer option.

How to Call for Help in Co-Op Mode

If you're playing solo and got yourself into trouble, but there are no friends that can help you out, then you can ask the game to find somebody from the online matchmaking lists.

Ask another player to join your game through a Radio signal (the same as before), but instead of the "Volunteer" option, you need to choose "Call for Help." You can do this at any point in the game, and rather soon, one more random player will be helping you out.

How to Invite Friends in State of Decay 2

inviting friends to State of Decay 2 through the multiplayer settings menu.

On the other hand, if you do have friends that you want to invite to your game, then you can do so with up to three other players. In order to invite your friends, you need to go to the Settings menu and choose the Multiplayer tab.

There you can choose either "Invite Only," which lets you choose specific players, or "Friends Only," which gives you an option to invite players from your friends list.

When you choose either of these options, you need to send guest invites to one or more friends. As soon as they accept your invitation, your co-op game will start.

How to Play a Local Co-Op Game in State of Decay 2

As already mentioned, you can't play local co-op games in State of Decay 2. The split-screen option isn't available, so you need to opt for one of the online multiplayer modes described previously.


That is all you need to know about the multiplayer co-op modes in State of Decay 2, and for other guides at GameSkinny, check out the list below:

State of Decay 2 Guide: How to Get Unlimited Food and Molotovs Tue, 22 May 2018 16:33:53 -0400 Ty Arthur

If you want to stay alive and build up your base while stomping zombies in State of Decay 2, you are going to need a lot of resources, which can be scarce. Constant scavenging for food, medicine, ammo, and fuel is all well and good, but having unlimited food and molotovs is better. 

One group of survivors, in particular, will have you go out on a rather annoying series of fetch quests, but once that's out of the way, you can use them to potentially get an unlimited supply of food and molotovs!

Unlimited Food Cheat/Hack

When you come across the drunk survivors trying to re-build their whiskey distillery, be sure to complete all of their requests and keep them as happy as possible -- but don't recruit them to your group. As recruits (rather than free-roaming survivors who offer quests) they aren't very helpful at your base, and they won't be able to call in food airdrops.

While interacting with these survivors, they will constantly ask you for food, and go into fights drunk out of their minds, which makes it easier to wash your hands of them and go on your merry way in the apocalypse. Don't make this mistake, however, because they become extremely useful if you put in a little extra effort!

While gathering supplies for the survivors during the questline, you'll eventually need to grab a wheat sack from a barn. The wheat item looks like a standard food rucksack but will be marked with ! as well. Because it seems like standard food, be sure NOT to deposit it at your own base, as this will screw up the quest.

The wheat sack is also available for pick up before this section of the quest starts, which can completely nerf the whole quest line as well. If you accidentally grabbed the wheat before meeting the survivors, return the rucksack back to the original location where you picked it up at the barn.

Pick it back up again when you have this particular objective active. That should reset the item position and let you proceed without any problems.

After going through their fetch quests, one member of the drunk group will eventually get infected and you will have a limited amount of time to return that character to their base to save them.

Make absolutely certain to complete this section of the quest within the 10-minute timeframe, and then finally ask the group to start making medicine instead of whiskey. Turns out they just needed a little guiding hand to get on the right path.

Raining Unlimited Food Airdrops

From this point on, the distillery survivor group is available to call in an airdrop that can be repeated over and over for infinite State Of Decay 2 food supplies. Each airdrop will only cost you 75 influence, and with the cooldown timer, a drop can be called in once every 8 minutes.

Every single airdrop will always have a ready supply of food, molotovs, and luxury liquor to sell for a return of 35 influence. By repeating this airdrop each time it resets, you can end up with unlimited food and molotovs for very little effort.

If you bring the whiskey distillery survivors into your group, exile them, let them die, or otherwise ignore their requests for help, you sadly won't have access to these easy resources!

Have any other tips on getting lots of resources quickly without much effort? Let us know your strategy below, and be sure to check out our other State of Decay 2 guides here:

The 5 Best State of Decay 2 Glitches Tue, 22 May 2018 10:31:28 -0400 Sergey_3847


Legacy Glitch


There seems to be a huge glitch in State of Decay 2 that won't let you continue your quests if you destroyed all the plague hearts, and your legacy goals stop showing up.


The only way you can deal with this glitch is to exile your leader and assign a new one. Of course, this means you may lose your best character, but your legacy goals will appear once again.


The developers should definitely take into account all these glitches as soon as possible and make State of Decay 2 a truly great game free of bugs.




That is all for the best glitches in the game, but be sure to come back soon for more State of Decay 2 guides here at GameSkinny!


Gate Parking Glitch


Here's another warning for those who like to park their vehicles in the wrong places. Never park a car at the gates! If you do and try to open the gates, for some reason, the game will decide that it should destroy it.


Now imagine if you play in co-operative mode and you leave your friends in a van that is parked near a gate. It will completely obliterate them and leave you all alone.


Vehicle Glitch


Be careful when driving a vehicle with low fuel! For some reason, the game can completely glitch out if you try to run your car too fast when you have very little fuel.


Your car will either start spinning or it will randomly stop as if there was an invisible barrier in front of it. This is not exactly an exploitative glitch, but a cautionary one.


If you want to always have enough fuel, then be sure to build a large fuel storage on your home base, where you can keep enough of it for all your driving needs.


Unlimited Influence Glitch


Influence is the game's main currency, so the more you have of it, the better the things you can do, including moving from one home base to another. However, earning influence is not easy in State of Decay 2.


This glitch will help you make your influence never end. First, you need to have an upgraded Command Center 2 on your home base. Then, you need to find a trader and buy some 9mm or 22mm rounds. Sell them one piece at a time, and then buy them back again one piece at a time.


Do this kind of trading while using Broadcast, which increases your influence by 10%. So for each traded round, you will earn more influence, which will result in a solid profit. You can exploit this every time and never have to worry about your influence ever again.


Unlimited Stamina Glitch


Did you know that it is possible to maintain an unlimited amount of stamina in State of Decay 2? Well, it looks like this glitch can actually make it happen.


You will have to pay attention to the blue gauge located on the bottom-left corner of your screen. That's the stamina gauge, and the red one is your health gauge. When you run or do any other physical action, the blue gauge will quickly go down.


As a result, you will have to wait a bit for it to recover. But if you don't want to wait and would rather just use this infinite stamina glitch, then simply press LB and tap it. You will notice that your character will keep moving without using your stamina at all.


State of Decay 2, the latest zombie apocalypse survival game from Microsoft Studios, is finally out. However, it is reportedly riddled with all sorts of bugs and glitches. Some of them can be exploited for unlimited stats, and others simply mess up your gameplay.


In any case, if you want to know the five best glitches in State of Decay 2, and how you can use them to your advantage, then follow this guide for all the information you need.


And, if you were looking for the best base building locations on all three maps, then check out our guide below:

State of Decay 2 Guide: Best Locations for Base Building Mon, 21 May 2018 10:52:20 -0400 Sergey_3847

State of Decay 2 offers three different maps with various home base locations, which you can move into and upgrade as you wish. Every base has its own advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to find the one that works best for you, as moving into a new base is not cheap.

If you want to know what locations are the best for building your home base on each of the three maps in State of Decay 2, then follow our guide below for all the information you need.

Best Providence Ridge Bases

Fortified Truck Stop

This base has the best position on the new map; it is located almost in its central part, which provides an excellent overview and equal access to all other areas of the Providence Ridge.

This would be a great base for the mid-game after you've used all the resources of your starting base.

There are three facilities in the Fortified Truck Stop that have huge advantages over other bases:

  • Kitchen is equipped with a distillery
  • Auto Shop provides access to the Mechanics skill
  • Fuel storage

You can also use the storage as the watchtower since there is a pretty good view from the top.

Prescott Fire Station

In the late game, when you're ready to settle inside larger spaces, you can opt for either Prescott Fire Station or Lundegaard Lumber Mill.

The fire station has a huge number of facilities, which you can't find anywhere else on the map:

  • Workshop with full upgrades and reduced cost for all repair works
  • Gym that gives access to a highly valuable Medicine skill
  • Scout tower that gives you three scouts for free, although unarmed
  • Kitchen with food storage
  • Utility room that provides electricity and water to an entire base

That's a very impressive list, which is nothing you'll ever find in Providence Ridge or anywhere else.

Lumber Mill

While Fire Station is packed with useful structures, the Lumber Mill is the only base in the game that offers five large facility slots. That's a lot and provides players with an opportunity for massive creative endeavors.

As for built-in facilities, the Lumber Mill offers the following:

  • Command center that helps search for new territories and hack maps for info
  • Sawmill
  • Storage facility for all types of materials

Lumber Mill will fit players that look for flexibility in their gameplan rather than safe space for resting and healing. So keep this in mind when setting up your next base in State of Decay 2.

Best Cascade Hills Bases

Bridge Fort

If you go west from your starting base, you will come to a bridge with another potential home base. This one has three parking sites located on both sides of the bridge.

Bridge Fort has four open slots for building in total:

  • 1x Large Slot
  • 1x Small Indoor Slot
  • 2x Small Outdoor Slot

There is also a watchtower on the upper floor that overlooks the eastern side of the bridge. If you want to claim this base, you need to have 500 influence and 4 people -- a perfect location for a small community.

Lock & Keogh Self Storage

If you're looking for a huge storage room, then this is the base you need. It is located in the northwestern part of Cascade Hills.

There are several clearable lockers, which can be used for building or storing things. You also have one Secret Distillery -- a great source of Fuel, if you care about driving vehicles.

This base will cost you 1,500 influence and 6 people in total.

Container Fort

This is probably the best location in Cascade Hills. It is located in the southwestern part of the map. It has seven building slots, two of which are large slots.

The best feature of this base is that it already has a ready-to-use level 3 Workshop, which is a great thing to have. Of course, such luxury isn't cheap and will require you to have 3,500 influence and 8 people.

So, if you have a large community, this is the base for you.

Best Meagher Valley Bases

Whitney Field

This base is located in the southern part of the map. There are two large Fortified Bleachers that serve as the watchtowers on the opposite sides of the base.

There are five building slots in total. The large ones are located on the outer edges of the base, and the small ones are set closer to the middle.

This is a huge open area that requires a large community of at least 8 people and 3,500 influence.

Squelones Brewing Company

The best part about this base, which is located in the central part of the Valley, is the on-site water tank. This means that you will have a constant supply of water without having to build anything.

There is a lot of free space outdoors for building farms and other types of buildings that require a water supply. Inside the large warehouse, you will find a room where you can recycle food and make alcohol.

In order to claim this base, you will need 1,500 influence and 6 people.

Camp Kelenqua

On the western side of Meagher Valley, you will find a truly great base that looks like a campsite. The fencing may require some repair, but there is a lot of free space inside.

This base also has an on-site source of water, so you can start your farms from the get-go. There are lots of buildings around for chilling out and hiding from those pesky zombies.

Although the area of the base is huge, it will only take you 1,000 influence and 5 people to claim it.

Best Drucker County Bases

Barricaded Strip Mall

If you go to the north of the map, you will stumble upon an abandoned mall. However, it's not as useless as it seems. This base has an in-built Urgent Care facility, which is like your own personal infirmary.

On the other side of the base, you will find a High-End Kitchen, where your people can eat well, and which will grant them a nice morale boost. Overall, this is a really great place to have.

In order to claim the Strip Mall, you will need 3,500 influence and 8 people.

Mike's Concrete

This base is located in the middle of the map, which is perfect for those who want to drive vehicles and quickly get to any part of Drucker County. It is supported by a Huge Fuel Storage that will provide you with enough fuel for all your cars.

It is very similar in design to Wheelhouse Truckstop, but that base is located in a far less convenient place, on the outskirts of the map. So if you enjoy driving a lot, then be sure to choose Mike's Concrete instead.

This base requires only 1,500 influence and 6 people.

Knight's Family Drive-In

This is probably the best-designed base on the map. It looks like a castle with a tall fence surrounding it. The front part is protected by a gatewatch, which is great for general area surveillance.

The base covers a rather large territory, and in the back, you will see a Drive-In Theater, where you can repair and store your vehicles.

Claim this base for 1,500 influence and 6 people.


That is all for the best base locations in State of Decay 2; be sure to check out our other State of Decay 2 guides

17 Most Anticipated Upcoming Horror Games of 2018 Tue, 28 Nov 2017 14:35:37 -0500 Ty Arthur


These 17 entries aren't even all the terrifying games slated to land next year, with other titles such as Hunt: Showdown and Metro Exodus better classified as shooters, so they hit our list of most anticipated FPS games of 2018 instead.


Plenty of other big-name, anxiously awaited games have the possibility to drop next year, with no specific release date announced yet. Maybe we will actually get Death Stranding in 2018?


What horror game are you most looking forward to playing next year, and what titles didn't make our list that we should be looking out for? Let us know in the comments!


Remothered: Tormented Fathers


Developer: Stormind Games
Platforms: PC, PS4
Release Date: TBA 2018


There's a major Clock Tower/Silent Hill vibe going on with this one, and it's refreshing to see a different protagonist, as you play as a middle-aged woman in a suit rather than an action hero.


Remothered: Tormented Fathers sadly just came to my attention, so it didn't make the list of Early Access titles in our State Of Horror 2017 article, but rest assured we'll be covering this one more in the coming months. A portion of the game is out on Early Access at Steam now, with the full version landing on PS4 and PC next year.


Stygian: Reign Of The Old Ones


Developer: Cultic Games
Platforms: PC
Release Date: TBA


Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones is a game very solidly aimed at the old-school PC RPG fans. If you couldn't get enough of Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, etc., then you need to be closely watching this game's development.


The setting is very different from those fantasy affairs though, taking place in the Lovecraftian staple of 1920's New England . . . except in this alternate history, Cthulhu already rose, and humanity is on the brink of annihilation.


Madness and death are around every corner as a scattered humanity lives out its last days. Although it won't have the visceral terror of a first-person game, it's a good bet Stygian will deliver both as a classic RPG and as a horror title.


Ad Infinitum


Developer: StrixLab
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date: TBA


Honestly, this atmospheric single-player game probably isn't going to actually come out next year, but it's worth keeping an eye on anyway just in case.


As if the unrelenting hell of war in the trenches during WWI wasn't horrifying enough, now there's some sort of supernatural or psychological threat to deal with as well in Ad Infinitum.


The claustrophobia of those tight trench tunnels can already make a person break a sweat, but add in something horrible chasing you that can do a lot worse than a bayonet or grenade, and it's COD meets Hellraiser!


The Last of Us 2


Developer: Naughty Dog
Platforms: PS4 Exclusive
Release Date: TBA 2018


Before anyone gets all up in arms, I would defy anyone to play the opening scene of The Last of Us or to consider the connotations of the story's ending and tell me that's not a horror game.


Now that we've got that nonsense out of the way, is there anyone out there who isn't stoked beyond belief for The Last of Us 2 to land next year? Seriously, the PS4 is killing it on exclusives lately, and this just make the hype more real.


The Shattering


Developer: Super Sexy Software / Deck 13 
Platforms: PC
Release Date: Q1 2018


The Shattering is about as different on the visual front as you can possibly get from any other horror game, with starkly white, austere rooms making up your dreamscape.


Working on the notion that emptiness is more upsetting to the human mind than darkness, there is a total lack of combat as the game messes with your -- the player's -- mind instead. 


This is looking to be a very different type of game than Deck13's previous titles like The Surge or Lords of the Fallen. It's a bit up in the air as to whether this will be something experimental but ultimately a one-hit wonder like Super Hot, or if it might really strike a chord with gamers due to its offbeat nature.


Dead Matter


Developer: Quantum Integrity
Platforms: PC
Release Date: February 2018 (estimated)


Although definitely an indie affair, this sandbox survival-horror entry looks like it will go incredibly in depth with a variety of subsystems such as water lines, player-made structures, radio stations, and more.


While there have been plenty of zombie games, a truly immersive open world experience that brings the real world to life in a post-apocalyptic scenario has been elusive, and Dead Matter aims to rectify that situation.


The Dead Matter release date listed above is the Kickstarter "expected fulfillment" date, and developers have essentially never met that date on a crowdfunded game, well, ever, so expect it to slip back towards the end of the year.


Project Wight


Developer: The Outsiders
Platforms: PC
Release Date: TBA


Here we've got something very off the beaten path -- an alternate history Viking horror game about transforming into something monstrous and hunting down people who have nearly eradicated your species.


Project Wight's extremely unique subject matter, coupled with the fact that you start as a relatively weak baby creature fleeing humans and then move forward through time, has officially got my interest piqued.


It's sort of like playing the opposite side of The Witcher! Aside from asymmetrical titles like Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight, there aren't many games that let you play as the monster, so it's a welcome change to see that finally happening with Project Wight.


Moons Of Madness


Developer: Rock Pocket Games,
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date: Sometime 2018


Moons Of Madness is another Lovecraftian entry, but this one looks quite a bit different from either Call Of Cthulhu or The Sinking City. While many of those types of games deal with what comes up out of the sea, fewer cover what's out there among the darkness between the stars.


Of course there will be liberties taken in the name of game design, but what's interesting about this project is its focus on "hard science," taking a more realistic bent -- so think more The Martian than Star Wars on the sci-fi elements.


Scorn Part 1: Dasein


Developer: Ebb Software
Platforms: PC
Release Date: October 2018


There have been some amazing highs and devastating lows in Scorn's history, from a jaw-dropping trailer that had the whole horror world abuzz to times where it seemed like the project was dead in the water.


When I first saw that disturbing, flesh-focused world in the game's original teaser video, I was hooked and knew I'd be on board no matter where development ended up going. 


While I'm not exactly overjoyed that the game has been split into two, I'm still hopeful we'll get something that messes with our minds on the level of SOMA, while giving us an insane Giger-esque world with major touches of Cronenberg in the flesh-meets-technology style.


Days Gone


Developer: SIE Bend Studio
Platforms: PS4 Exclusive
Release Date: TBA


We may be stretching just what qualifies as a "horror" game here, as the emphasis seems clearly more on the action, but since it takes place in a world where zombies (sorry, "freakers" in this case) have destroyed civilization, I'd say Days Gone qualifies.


The biker protagonist is what will shake up the formula a bit here, putting some serious Sons Of Anarchy action into a game somewhat akin to The Last of Us, but with an absurd number of zombies on the screen at once to rival Dead Rising.


The Inpatient


Developer: Supermassive Games
Platforms: PS4 Exclusive
Release Date: January 24, 2018


After the success of the PS4 exclusive slasher title Until Dawn, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that more games in that franchise were in the works. Like its oddly on-rail sequel Rush Of Blood, this prequel, titled The Inpatient, will be a VR-only game.


The Inpatient dives back 60 years into the past and the events that took place at Blackwood Sanatorium, expanding on the mythology of Until Dawn. We know there will be a branching narrative with different possible outcomes, so based around the setting and what we discovered in Until Dawn, it leaves me wondering if you will eventually become a Wendigo yourself . . . or perhaps if you are responsible for them being unleashed from the sanitarium seen in the first game.


Either way, the prospect of playing through a nefarious sanitarium where supernatural monsters are sure to be roaming in a VR setting sure sounds like it will get the blood pumping!


State Of Decay 2


Developer: Undead Labs
Platforms: PC, Xbox One
Release Date: Spring 2018


Since Dead Island 2 is probably never going to arrive, and who knows what's happening with the Left 4 Dead franchise, we've got to look now to State Of Decay 2 for our co-op zombie apocalypse fun on consoles. The game is shaping up to be a pretty stellar combination of hard choices, tactical combat, and open-world survival.


If you haven't gotten into the State Of Decay series yet, think of the RPG elements and large areas in a zombie apocalypse wasteland from Dead State, but with the better visuals and faster pace of something like Left 4 Dead. The mixing of styles offers up something really compelling for console players, and the sequel aims to expand that even further.


The Sinking City


Developer: Frogwares
Platforms: PC, presumably consoles
Release Date: Unannounced


After Frogwares passed development of the official Call Of Cthulhu game to Cyanide, they immediately got to work on . . . a Lovecraftian Cthulhu-style game. Yeah, I don't get what happened there either, but whatever, I'll take two cosmic horror games instead of one.


What sets The Sinking City apart is that it's an open-world game, and while the setting clearly calls to mind Innsmouth, it's done quite a bit differently, as the various districts of the game are slowly dropping beneath the waves. The city generator tool, in fact, is going to be released to fans so players can create their own versions of the city directly.


If the promo art is any indicator, The Sinking City also looks to be a lot more explicit on the monster front than Call Of Cthulhu. We may be overly optimistic in expecting it to land as a full release by the end of 2018, but fingers crossed.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


Developer: ArtPlay
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Release Date: March 2018


It's hard to believe we first saw the Kickstarter for this spiritual successor to Symphony Of The Night all the way back in early 2015! Koji Igarashi's love letter to his Castlevania series is finally almost here, and it's looking to be a bloody good time.


In true horror fashion, I'm a relentless pessimist, so I've got this nagging feeling we might sadly end up in Mighty No. 9 or NightCry territory with another crowdfunded flop. Pray to all the dark gods out there that I'm very, very wrong.




Developer: Madmind Studio
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date: March 30, 2018


This long-awaited titled was also on our list last year but got pushed back in recent months. But if it means a better game, I've got no problem with that development. The big draw to Agony is in its location -- you start out already in hell!


The possibilities there for a horrifying gaming experience are endless, and based on the latest trailers, it's clear we are in for some very disturbing material. Calling to mind a bit of H.R. Giger, it's clear there's a serious vaginal motif going on with many of the demonic things to be found in the pits of hell.


With any luck, this one will end up hitting as hard as Outlast and become a new classic of atmospheric horror.


Call Of Cthluhu


Developer: Cyanide
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date: TBA 2018


Due to the mangled path of this elusive game's development shifting between two different companies, Call Of Cthulhu has managed to make our most anticipated lists for the coming year ... a solid three years in a row now! Third time's a charm, am I right?


This new take on the Cthulhu Mythos features investigator Edward Pierce delving into the mysteries on Darkwater Island, and it looks like it will manage to get the proper pacing and style to match Lovecraft (rather than an action game).


The way the insanity system is being implemented is also quite a bit different than what we've seen before. Hopefully the controls and difficulty won't be as maddening as Dark Corners Of The Earth!


Lust for Darkness


Developer: Movie Games
Platforms: PC
Release Date: Q1 2018


Ready for something really different? This one features a main character seeking satisfaction on the border of two intertwining worlds -- one in an old Victorian mansion (anyone else thinking of Eyes Wide Shut?) and one in another dimension altogether with some Cthulhu Mythos overtones.


Erotica has entangled with horror in many different mediums over the ages, but video games tend to shy away from that due to the ESRB, so it's a welcome surprise to see that trend getting bucked here with the psychological horror entry Lust for Darkness.


While the promo imagery makes it clear that sexuality intertwined with the occult and BDSM will play a key role, it obviously must be toned down or off-screen enough that Steam will still let the game be sold, so it's not quite clear just how far the game will really go.


There's a lot of room here for unintentional comedy or for the sexual aspects to really fall flat, so hopefully this new developer has all its ducks in a row before release. Consider me "cautiously optimistic" for something worth playing that just might change how we view horror games.


The horror genre has been absolutely thriving lately, with knockout entries arriving to revitalize the Resident Evil franchise and keep survival horror going strong with The Evil Within 2.


Don't forget about the indie side either, because small-time developers are consistently coming out with surprising entries that propel horror forward in unexpected and innovative ways.


With the year nearly done, it's time to start looking ahead to what's slated (or rumored) to drop in the 2018 horror game lineup. Sadly, perennially missing entities like Routine, Draugen, and Dead Island 2 are probably never coming out, but that's OK because there are some killer games set to land next year.


Here we're rounding up 17 of the most interesting horror games in a variety of gameplay styles, from FPS to RPG and beyond.

Xbox One X and So Much More: Microsoft's E3 Conference Recapped Mon, 12 Jun 2017 09:46:45 -0400 Zantallion

Microsoft and Xbox were the first of the Big Three console developers to present at this year's E3, and the company came prepared with a swath of new things to show off. With 42 different games shown at its conference, Microsoft put a lot on the table this time around. 

The conference kicked off with a flashy neon showcase, with multicolor wireframes slowly becoming characters from some of Microsoft's biggest properties, like Gears of War and Halo. This graphic eventually segued into a visual reveal of the Microsoft's new console -- known until now only as Project Scorpio. Phil Spencer walked onstage shortly after the showcase ended to confirm the console's official name -- The Xbox One X.

Xbox One X

Taking the stage after Spencer was Kareem Choudry, who talked about the specs and capabilities of this new console, breaking it down into three different categories: Power, Compatibility, and Craftsmanship. In the Power portion, Choudry mentioned that the One X has a 6 teraflop GPU, 12 GB of GDDR5 memory, and 326 GB of memory bandwidth. Under Compatibility, Choudry confirmed that all prior Xbox One games would not only be backwards-compatible on the new system, but improved with faster load times and more. Finally, for Craftmanship, he talked about the console's unique liquid-cooled vapor chamber, its new power management system, and that it's the smallest Xbox system to date.

The Xbox One X will be available on November 7, 2017 for $499.

And what about Backwards Compatibility?

Microsoft had a pretty big announcement to make about its catalog of backwards compatible games. A fair number of original Xbox games are being made backwards compatible in an update coming later this year -- including 2003's Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.

Forza Motorsport 7

With specs done, Microsoft wasted no time diving right into the game reveal. It kicked things off with Forza Motorsport 7, debuting the game with an incredible reveal trailer showing off its visual chops, including dynamic weather and incredible environments on display. Also, in a world first, a new Porsche car made its debut onstage, the Porsche 2018 911 GT2RS. Driver customization was also mentioned briefly, with more details to come later on. Last but not least, its released date was revealed for October 7th, 2017.

Metro Exodus

Following Forza was a new title by 4A Games -- Metro Exodus. The trailer showed off a gas-mask-wearing protagonist exploring the ruins of a post-apocalyptic civilization, fighting bat-like humanoid monsters as they made their way through a ruined tunnel filled with destroyed cars and human corpses.

After sneaking around and sniping some hostile wolf-like enemies, a creature resembling a bear-crocodile cross bursts through a wooden wall. The protag runs for it after taking a hit from the beast, and eventually manages close enough to a cliffside that they can blast it down into the ravine below. Finally, the protagonist takes a quick zipline trip before hitching a ride on an old-timey train, which sets off into the distance.

Metro Exodus is coming in 2018, with more information on the way later this week.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin's Creed Origins was up next -- and despite it being one of E3's worst-kept secrets, the game still wowed with its full gameplay reveal. As is well known by now, Origins takes place in Egypt and stars Bayek, the last magi (or protector) of his community.

It is said that Bayek will eventually become the founder of the Assassin's Brotherhood, and that Origins will tell that story. The reveal trailer shows off numerous aspects of the game -- with scenes showing off Bayek sliding down the side of one of the pyramids, horseback archery, coliseum-like arenas for fighting, different weapon types, and a gargantuan basilisk-like snake dwarfing Bayek.

The gameplay footage that followed shows Bayek returning to his hometown to assassinate a false oracle. He uses an eagle named Senu to do reconnaissance on the oracle's temple, before infiltrating it himself. The gameplay showed off some of the game's mechanics, such as slowed-down time when firing arrows midair, weapon looting from enemy corpses, and chain assassinations. Origins launches on October 27.

PUBG, Deep Rock Galactic, and State of Decay 2

Next up was Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, which was announced to be exclusively coming later this year to the Xbox One in 4K, with even more improvements coming on the One X.

A new title called Deep Rock Galactic came afterwards, showing off voxel-y dwarves exploring seemingly endless cave systems, mining valuables and fighting against huge hordes of insectoid enemies. 

State of Decay 2 followed, showing off the game's co-op play. Aside from surviving the zombie apocalypse with vehicles, melee weapons and guns, players can also build safe haven communities, dictating where everything goes in their new homes. Different special zombie types were showcased as players raided houses for supplies, with some exploding, some clinging to vehicles, and an armless variant spitting blood. 

New IP: The Darwin Project

A new IP, The Darwin Project, made its debut next, clearly taking a page from The Hunger Games' playbook. With an art style very similar to Team Fortress 2, the game appears to be a multiplayer survival game where the characters are on an in-universe entertainment program, killing each other in a snowy environment with all kinds of implements and weapons -- all narrated by a floating robot head. Different abilities for the characters were also shown off -- one had a protection forcefield, while another could go invisible for a short time. More information on that should be coming soon. 

Minecraft With Cross Play and 4K

Minecraft took the stage next, and revealed that it had a big update on the way. A community marketplace is in the pipes, allowing for user-created skins and servers to be created and shared online with all. Llamas, recently introduced in the PC version of the game, are also on their way -- alongside a gaggle of new block types and a new lighting update.

The biggest announcement however, was cross-play across almost all of the different systems Minecraft calls home. PS4, Switch, Xbox One, VR, and mobile devices were all confirmed to have cross-play functionality. This new update for Minecraft goes live later this year.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

After being announced with screenshots a few days prior, the Arcsys-developed Dragon Ball Fighter Z made its gameplay debut on Xbox's stage, and its over-the-top nature shows hopes to keep Dragon Ball's legacy intact. The game has a 3v3 team/assist system much like Marvel vs. Capcom, with a 2.5D artstyle much like that of Guilty Gear -- but adjusted to match the visuals of Dragon Ball. Characters shown off include Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu, with more no doubt on the way when the game launches in Early 2018.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online took the stage next. An MMORPG with anime-styled visuals, Black Desert looks to have a large variety of different playstyles based on what class and character is chosen -- but the combat shown in the trailer makes it clear that no matter whether you choose a magic or melee class, fighting will be quite the spectacle.

Artful Escape CodeVein

Up next was The Artful Escape, which appears to be a kind of rhythm-based infinite runner or platformer game. The game's paper-like art style lent itself well to the insane and surreal scenes shown off in the trailer, and it's rock-and-roll motif will certainly add to the game's charm.

CodeVein came next. This seems to be an RPG of sorts, with an interesting twist to it. The trailer showed off a handful of characters who appear to be party members fighting in a ruined city -- but what really set CodeVein apart was a system in which characters could apparently spawn metal limbs that doubled as weapons with which they could fight enemies infesting the city.

Sea of Thieves

We also finally got a more in-depth look at Sea of Thieves, and it did not disappoint. The trailer showed off a treasure trove of things that players could do -- like raiding sunken ships, following riddles and treasure maps to hidden booty on islands, exploring puzzle-filled caves, and fighting skeletons rising from their graves to defend their loot. Ship vs. ship battles were also showcased, and the player we were following put themselves into a cannon and blasted aboard the enemy ship, where they were able to take down the opposing crew.

After making a failed desperate leap back to their ship, the trailer ends with a shark eating the playable character, with the promise of there being more footage later, before it's final release in Early 2018.

Cuphead and Crackdown 3

Cuphead also had a quick reel, showing off its gorgeous old-timey cartoon look and finally giving us a long-awaited release date. Cuphead launches September 29, 2017...hopefully for real this time.

Terry Crews made a surprise appearance during the presentation. In a spot clearly reminiscent of his Old Spice commercials, Crews yelled and exploded his way to introducing Crackdown 3, which has fully destructible environments, a ton of different weapon types, mechs, and more. Crackdown 3 hits stores on November 7, 2017.

Lots of Indies & A Few AA Games

Tacoma also made an appearance. The spiritual sequel to popular walking simulator Gone Home, Tacoma follows a faceless player character after they wake up on an empty space station and try to piece together what happened while they were asleep. Tacoma releases on August 2, 2017

Super Lucky's Tale made its debut onstage as well, charming many with its cute visuals and fun-looking characters. The playable character, likely the titular Lucky, is a cute little fox who runs, jumps, and digs his way through a bunch of colorful worlds -- collecting coins and more. The game appears to be a 3D collectathon akin to games like Banjo-Kazooie and the more recent Yooka-Laylee.

We also got a look at Ashen, a very stylized game with a melancholy tone. The trailer showed inhuman grey beasts attacking and killing seemingly helpless and almost featureless humans -- who we were told by the narration are simply trying to find their way to "the light". Hopefully more details on this game come soon.

Before moving into its series of highly anticipated sequels and a brand new IP, an impressive line-up of indie games was showcased in a quickfire reel which included: Osiris New Dawn, Raiders of the Broken Planet, Unruly Heroes, Path of Exile, Battlerite, Surviving Mars, Fable Fortune, Observer, Robocraft Infinity, Dunk Lords, Minion Masters, Brawlout, Ooblets, Dark and Light, Strange Brigade, Riverbond, Hello Neighbor, Shift, and Conan Exiles.

Middle Earth and Ori Sequels, Plus a Life is Strange Prequel

Life is Strange also got its prequel revealed, titled Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Attending school, getting into barfights, lighting fires, and throwing tantrums in junkyards all seem to be involved in what is set to be the first of three episodic installments.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War took the stage next, showing off its expanded Nemesis System. Enemies that are defeated can now be recruited to your army via a new mechanic, and the amount of dialogue in the game looks to be massive -- as each orc appears to have unique dialogue all to themselves. Players can even set what orcs they want to be in what positions in their army before engaging in battle. The showcase ends with the player's prepared army launching an attack on an enemy fortress, with all of their recruited orcs in tow. 

Ori made a surprise appearance at Xbox's conference with the reveal of her new game, Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The trailer showed off much of the gorgeous art that contributed to the original Ori and the Blind Forest being such a hit -- and ends with Ori comforting a small, sad owl looking upon its dead family. Could the cute little owl maybe be a second playable character? We'll have to wait and see.


Closing out the show was EA and BioWare's momentous new IP, Anthem. Taking place in a futuristic city walled off from the rest of the world, Anthem is a cooperative third-person shooter with a massive open world.

Freelancers, the defenders of the walled city and the player characters, climb into flight-capable mechsuits (knowns as Javelins) to explore the wild overgrown world around their isolated city. These javelins can be equipped with all kinds of different weapons and gear, which can be looted from robotic enemies known as Scars. These items also appear to have varying rarity, as the demo shows a character collecting a "legendary" gun.

The world's events and weather are dynamic and unique, and include something called a "shaper storm" -- a storm with high winds and lightning, with a glowing ball of energy at its center. As the Freelancers fly towards the center of the shaper storm, the screen goes white, and the logo for Anthem fades back in, with it's release date listed as "Coming 2018". 


The conference ended with a highlight reel set to music of all the games revealed and more, capping off a seriously long showcase for Microsoft.

So what did you think? Did you think Xbox's E3 briefing was a hit? Or was your favorite title missing from their lineup? Let us know down below, and we'll continue to keep you posted on E3 news as it happens for the rest of the week.

E3 2017: Microsoft Predictions Wed, 31 May 2017 09:33:38 -0400 Curtis Dillon


That wraps up our predictions for Microsoft's E3 2017 showcase. Nothing too crazy, but we're hoping Microsoft really surprises us this year.


The tech giant has a ton of ground to make up if it wants to keep competing with PlayStation and Nintendo, as its console is currently trailing in sales to PS4, and in mindshare to both. The importance of this E3 for Microsoft cannot be understated -- the company needs to prove to fans that there are new exciting games on the way, and at least a few good reasons to buy the Scorpio.


I think it would be hyperbolic to say that this is a make-or-break E3 for the Xbox One. The console has still sold very respectably -- but as far as selling the Scorpio and being a part of the console wars conversation again, it's a little less hyperbolic. As the saying goes, "pressure makes diamonds". And E3 2017 will prove if Microsoft crumbles or becomes a diamond.


What can Microsoft do to win gamers hearts at this E3? Would you be happy with a partnership with Oculus? Want to be blown away by the Scorpio? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 


Make sure to check out our other E3 predictions: 


Halo 6


Halo 5: Guardians released in October 2015 to a decent reception from fans and critics alike, holding a respectable 84% on Metacritic. That being said, the game didn't sell quite as well as past entries -- and it seems that the adoration and reverence for this series is waning fast. Regardless, it seems all but certain that Microsoft's E3 2017 will close with a trailer for the next installment in the franchise, despite the studio saying it won't make an appearance.


It was reported a while back that Halo 6 will feature Master Chief as the sole protagonist, with no other playable characters. This comes as a surefire song to the ears of Halo fans everywhere, as the series has often gotten bogged down with secondary characters like Locke. For a while, it even seemed like developer 343i wanted to replace Chief with Locke going forward. Thankfully, it sounds like that idea has been scrapped.


Halo 6 will definitely make the Xbox's upcoming slate sound a lot better, not to mention it could be a showcase for the graphical power of the Scorpio. 343 Industries has said that Halo 6 will not appear at E3, but developers often lie about these kinds of things, and it's hard to imagine Microsoft not pushing for a CG trailer at the very least.


Cuphead & ID@Xbox


Where the hell is Cuphead? That's a question that's been floating around for a couple of years -- and still no answer.


This highly-anticipated game was revealed at E3 2014, a reported four years into its development (It's worth mentioning that the game started life under the development of two brothers, but now the team consists of almost 20 people).


Cuphead is a side-scrolling shooter -- like Megaman on steroids, with the art-style of a 1930's cartoon. The game is beautiful and was originally intended to be entirely made up of boss fights. But based on fan adoration, Microsoft decided to fund the developers to make the game significantly larger. So the team set about adding in platforming sections, which have, unfortunately, demoed poorly. Now the game is due for release this year and, surely to God, we will get an official release date at E3.


Aside from Cuphead, the ID@Xbox program will inevitably make a return this year to showcase all of its upcoming indie games. We Happy Few, Below, and Tacoma are just a handful of announced games for the Xbox One, with no full release dates as of yet. These games should be showcased at E3, alongside a handful of exciting new titles to play.


New IPs


Without a shadow of a doubt -- even more so than the Scorpio reveal -- the most important thing Microsoft can do at this year's E3 is reveal a new IP. The Xbox One needs at least one new game series very, very badly.


Taking a quick look back, and hindsight being what it is, I think it's fair to say that Microsoft has bungled exclusives all generation long. At first, we had Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Forza Motorsport 5 -- all good games, but nothing mind-blowing. Then came the atrocious launch of the Master Chief Collection, the fun Sunset Overdrive, and the promising Titfanfall.


We didn't know at the time, but Titanfall set a precedent for things to come: Microsoft paid a lot of money for exclusive rights to a game and it ended up selling poorly, thus forcing the developer to put the next game on the PS4 as well. We've seen that happen with Titanfall 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider (kinda), and games from both Insomniac and Remedy.


The pattern here is very clear: Microsoft doesn't have the resources to develop exclusives and instead pays experienced developers to make games for the Xbox One -- which don't sell well. Microsoft only has a handful of internal development teams, and they have been quite literally forced to work on the same franchises year-in year-out: Halo and Gears of War. On a podcast with IGN this year, Xbox head Phil Spencer admitted that creating a development studio takes a lot of work, money and time, so expecting a talented team to appear from nowhere is unlikely.


On a podcast with IGN this year, Xbox head Phil Spencer admitted that creating a development studio takes a lot of work, money, and time, so expecting a talented team to appear from nowhere is unlikely.What does this mean going forward? It means Microsoft sure-as-hell better have an ace up its sleeve. Should we get a new IP reveal at E3 this year, it's most likely going to be another second-party exclusive that Microsoft paid for. One very possible scenario is a


One very possible scenario is a Marvel-superheroes game. Marvel has stormed the industry recently, announcing partnerships with Insomniac, Telltale, and Square Enix -- and one of those announcements is a PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game. That partnership could very well lead to a similar deal with Microsoft and a yet-unknown developer. Maybe at E3 Microsoft will reveal an exclusive Iron Man game or X-Men or Fantastic Four. There's a lot of possibilities there.


Barring any partnership with Marvel, Microsoft needs a new IP that rounds out its exclusive line-up. Right now, it has two shooters and a racing game -- not counting Crackdown, Sea of Thieves, or State of Decay. What does the studio need in order to better compete with Sony? Well, Rise of the Tomb Raider was intended to rival Uncharted, but failed to do so both in commercial success and quality. So the obvious answer is an open-world RPG, akin to Fables or Horizon: Zero Dawn.


More Details on Games Already Revealed


This prediction is as safe as can be: We will see more of the games we already know about. Here's a quick rundown of the major games we know about that should make an appearance at Microsoft's big show.

Forza Motorsport 7

Over the past several years, the Forza franchise has risen to the pinnacle of the racing genre. But for the first time in years, Gran Turismo is back with a major installment in the series. That doesn't mean there is any real pressure on Forza because the two series are exclusive to their respective consoles. However, It does mean that the spotlight will be on Forza Motorsport 7 for the first time in a while -- but I expect Turn 10 Studios to knock it out of the park.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 was revealed two years ago, and we haven't seen anything of it since Gamescom that year. Based on the history of Xbox One games being revealed only to then disappear, this is a little worrisome. Generally, this absence can mean one of three things:

  1. The game had barely started development when it was shown at E3.
  2. \n
  3. The game is almost finished and it's being saved for a quick release.
  4. \n
  5. The game is in trouble and it's being hidden.
  6. \n

Each of these scenarios are equally plausible, and perhaps Microsoft has been saving Crackdown to really showcase the power of the Scorpio. However, if Crackdown skips this E3 as well, you should probably know that it's on the chopping board. Regardless, we will know soon.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an upcoming pirate-MMO from Rare. This game was also revealed at E3 2015 and was lauded as a return-to-form for the ex-Banjo Kazooie developer. Hands-on impressions of the game have been positive but it's difficult to see the game being a big success. That being said, it seems an open beta could be announced at E3 2017, as well as a nice new gameplay clip -- and hopefully a release date.

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is going to be a big deal. Of all the Xbox One games on this list, State of Decay 2 is by far the most exciting. The original State of Decay was a great video game, albeit with a few issues that held it back. This is the reason I expect the sequel to be a fantastic game that builds upon the best elements of the original.


The original title is probably the closest you can get to a true The Walking Dead/zombie survival experience. Undead Labs has hopefully fixed a lot of the bugs from the first game while introducing new gameplay mechanics and better graphics. And that's about all State of Decay 2 needs to be.


Frankly, Microsoft does not have a lot of great games on its roster right now. In fact, I can't recall any time when the Xbox's upcoming slate was this poor. The system badly needs a big new game, especially considering both Halo and Gears of War are no longer the mega-selling franchises they used to be. And with Sony nabbing high-performing exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn and Nioh, Microsoft really needs to step up its game. 


A Full Scorpio Reveal


This reveal is the only certainty heading into Microsoft's E3 showcase -- but it's also the most newsworthy, and arguably the most important. Just what is Project Scorpio? Well, it sounds like a lot more than a high-powered Xbox One.


Based solely on the innards of the machine, the Scorpio is a next-generation console. However, Microsoft has stressed that it won't have exclusive games, thus making it a machine that merely improves visuals and load times for current gen games. And that begs the question: Why does it need to exist? As is the case with the PS4 Pro, if the Scorpio is solely for visual enhancement, then it becomes a baffling waste of resources.


There are two alternative scenarios here: 


1. Microsoft is lying and the power will be used by developers, eventually leading to the standard Xbox One games running poorly and becoming obsolete. If you create a super powerful machine and developers create games for it, then attempt to scale it way down to work on the original Xbox One, chances are the game will not work properly. This happened with Hyrule Warriors on Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS - it ran very poorly on the older hardware, despite Nintendo saying that would never be the case.


2. All that extra power is secretly for use with Oculus VR. It's no secret that Microsoft has a partnership with Oculus, and all the extra power in the Scorpio could be used to make the Xbox One the best place to play the Oculus. Should that be the case, I think there will be a large amount of disappointed Xbox fans, especially considering Oculus is, so far, the least viable VR platform.


What the machine is, and its purpose, will be revealed sooner rather than later, along with an official release date and price. The latter is also a huge matter for Microsoft and fans -- considering the specs, conventional wisdom puts the price tag around $499 (at best), which makes it twice as expensive as its closest competitor. Microsoft is in a huge bind when it comes to revealing the Scorpio, which makes E3 all the more exciting.


We're a month away from E3, so it's high time we start getting hyped beyond any reasonable measure! All month long we will be making some predictions for each of the big E3 conferences, from Nintendo to Sony and beyond. Thankfully, Ubisoft managed to reveal their entire conference in a recent financial earnings call, so they've done that job for us.


Today, we're talking Microsoft! Heading into E3 2017, Microsoft's conference is without a doubt the most shrouded in mystery. With a huge console upgrade on the way and precious few AAA games to go along with it (for now), Microsoft should have a lot to bring to show-and-tell. That being said, Microsoft's conferences can also be somewhat predictable -- most of the time.


That's where this type of prognostication comes in. We'll be making a handful of (fairly) safe, yet bankable, predictions to give you an idea of what you can expect from the upcoming conference. Microsoft has a lot riding on this year's E3, having fallen so far behind the PS4 and losing a ton of the remaining mindshare to Nintendo. So we're hoping the company comes out guns-a-blazing! 

3 Upcoming Survival Games You Need to Pay Attention To Sun, 09 Apr 2017 10:00:01 -0400 ReverendShmitty


2017 is a big year for games, and the survival genre is carving out a bigger and bigger niche -- as best it can. From magic to magical worlds and terrible zombie abominations, if you're looking for an experience that will test you differently than your typical action or shooter game, give these a try.



Developer: Tidal Games

Venture into the ancient arts of sorcery in this unique pixel-aesthetic role-playing game filled with monster slaying and adventure.


I haven’t played a side-scrolling survival game since The Oregon Trail, and Arcane looks more than promising. The trailer on its Kickstarter page displays a beautiful pixelated art style, resource gathering, crafting, combat, and interestingly enough, magic. Monsters can be fought and slain, presumably for rare components and resources, which creates a great system of risk-reward.


Unfortunately, the game is barely a quarter of the way to its goal with only hours hours remaining. If this sounds interesting to you, check it out and consider contributing.


State of Decay 2

Developer: Undead Labs

Revealed at E3 last year, State of Decay 2 looks to be bigger and better than its predecessor in every way.


You get to survive against hordes of zombies by crafting and fighting just like before, but now with up to three friends to help you! Every character in your community also has special traits and skills, increasing the customization and specialization options available to you.


And you’re going to need it. State of Decay 2 launches with three maps, each the size of State of Decay’s entire world. Each one is that big.

State of Decay 2 is expected to launch sometime this year on both Xbox One and PC.


Worlds Adrift

Developer: Bossa Studios

Currently in Alpha and with a Beta on the way, Worlds Adrift has incredibly lofty goals. You’ll see why that’s punny shortly.

You play as a traveler exploring the world, gathering resources, crafting, and flying around in skyships, which you, of course, get to build yourself. You traverse different floating islands in search of supplies and resources to get to the next one, though what you'll find at the end -- if there is one -- remains a mystery.


And there are bound to be a lot of islands. In addition to those in the game by default, the game features a separate builder where players can design and create their own islands for others to explore. This will likely be done in Alliances, Worlds Adrift’s take on guilds. And while it is unusual to have such strong multiplayer ties in a survival game, it’s bound to make the title more enjoyable.


If you're interested, sign up for the beta


With big hits like Minecraft, Rust, Ark, and H1Z1 getting a lot of attention these dayssurvival games are more popular than ever before. Yet somehow, they still often slip under the radar for many gamers outside of their hardcore niche.

Well that just won't do. To better spotlight some of the great survival games currently in development, here are three you shouldn't miss -- and should be able to get your hands on soon.

6 Exploration Games You Need To Pay Attention to in 2017 Wed, 11 Jan 2017 08:58:40 -0500 Will Dowell



TBA 2017

Fe shows a beautiful world full of both wonders and sorrow. You awaken as a small cub and must explore this new and frightening world. Face dark beasts and travel great distances in search for a place in this world. Discover yourself and others in a world where not all survive. Become the being you were destined to become.


These games can provide not only the sense of adventure, but beauty, sorrow, and fear. What exploration games are you excited for in 2017? Let us know in the comments. Remember, art can make you feel, but only games can make you experience.


Shape of the World

TBA 2017

Not all games require action or survival. Some only need an engaging world to explore and experience. Shape of the World provides this through a beautiful world in which each playthrough will never be the same. Inspired by Proteus and Flower, combat is replaced with a dynamic world to study and explore. Learn the land and become lost in the world. Experience the next Journey as the Shape of the World whisks you away into a land of art and beauty.


The Wild Eight

TBA 2017

Now to something more realistic and frightening. In The Wild Eight you are stranded in the Alaskan wilderness and must face the cold world with seven other companions. You must fight nature itself as you try to solve the mysteries of your sudden plane crash, and become rescued before it's too late.


Like Don't Starve, one wrong descision will lead your party to death and misery. Survive or die; the choice is yours.


Prey for the Gods

December 2017

While some exploration games create dread, others create wonder and beauty. Prey for the Gods creates a stunning frozen island, in which you must slay the gods you once followed. Inspired by artistic masterpieces such as Shadow of the Colossus, Prey for the Gods sends you on a chilling journey filled with both serenity and chaos. Explore this beautiful hellscape this December.


State of Decay 2

TBA 2017

Zombie games may have been done to death, but that does not mean State of Decay 2 has nothing to offer. Quite the contrary -- this game provides a new post-apocalyptic world to explore on the Xbox One. While seemingly generic, this game will forge alliances with its four player co-op and destroy them through harsh circumstances. Exploring in fellowship has never felt so dreary.


Conan Exiles

Jan 31, 2017

When games come from Early Access, everyone is immediatly suspicous. This marketplace has been used to house shovelware and asset-flips while turning a blind eye to the consumers. But Conan Exiles does neither, with its expansive world and brutal conquest coming in only a few weeks.


In this multiplayer survival game, build an expansive kingdom while dominating your enemies. Explore dangerous ruins filled with monsters and false gods, while striving to become the strongest in all the land. Prepare for the bloodshed and become the next warlord in Conan Exiles.


It is human nature to search for the unknown. To wander the world, in real or in games, is always an engaging adventure. The exploration genre capitalizes on this desire, providing not only new worlds to explore, but new adventures to experience. Genre classics such as Minecraft and Journey show how much variety is present and how influential these type of games are.


With so much variety, gamers looking for something new can easily become overwhelmed, as every choice of game provides a different experience. Finding quality titles can be extra challenging with every young developer trying to cash in on Minecrafts success. Luckily, this list will provide you six quality games to look forward to this year. 

E3 Evaluation: Microsoft Press Conference Wed, 27 Jul 2016 12:48:10 -0400 Dalton White I

So last month all gamers waited in anticipation for the E3 Press Conferences to show and wow us with what they have been cooking up for their audience. This year E3 had some solid presentations among its press conferences but also some cringe moments along the way. So basically it was the normal air and fare for E3.

Naturally, from forums to the live Twitch chat, there always seems to be a tremendous amount of competition between gamers who prefer different consoles. Sometimes it’s nice to see fellow gamers sticking up for their preferred systems but more often than not there are forms of bias, harsh words and annoying spammers present as well. For this set of E3 Evaluations, the plan is to comment and judge on the content and overall tone of the press conferences. Did they impress gamers and give their loyal fans something to look forward to or did they drop the ball this year? We finally have gotten down to the last two conferences which are both the big names in the gaming world. Bringing up the back of the herd is Microsoft.

Starting off running:

Microsoft came out swinging from the very beginning with Xbox One S. It is nice that Microsoft is giving its fans access to their games for a lower price but with small memory space the question is “is it worth it”? Naturally, Microsoft covered their bases with their exclusives. Following the Xbox One S was Gears of War 4 which had a nice lengthy presentation of its gameplay, played by voice actor Laura Bailey. The game looks gorgeous and has all the crazy violence that fans of the series could hope for.

On the topic of shooters, Microsoft had those in spades this year.Tom Clancy’s The Division and Battlefield One also made appearances during the conference, but it was disappointingly nothing that wasn’t shown or covered in Ubisoft’s conference.  One of the last announcements of the conference was that Halo Wars 2 was in the works, so it is safe to say that Xbox owners have a lot of shooters to look forward to in the future.

Zombies and Fighting Games, Oh My!

Moving on from shooters to zombies Microsoft’s conference had plenty of those. The fourth installment in the Dead Rising series seems to have a strong Christmas theme to go with its December release date. Was not expecting to hear some holiday music in July especially while seeing a guy decapitate zombies. The trailer for State of Decay 2 was not as revealing about what the game has in store for fans, but it looked like it had potential. There was also a healthy amount of fighting titles shown during the conference as well. Killer Instinct has a new character in the works, and Tekken 7’s trailer looked gorgeous and featured Akuma having a slug fest with Heihaci.

Emphasis on Hardware:

Microsoft also devoted a short section on new features coming to Xbox owners. Language region independence and the implementation of Cortana didn’t seem all that exciting. However, the use of background music and the new Arena platform setup for online matches seemed rather useful and made me jealous that my PS4 won’t be getting that kind of treatment. These new features on top of the Xbox Play Anywhere feature make the Xbox One quite the tricked out console.

Spotlight on Indies:

One surprising fact that Microsoft pointed out in their conference was that they have some very impressive indie games coming out soon. Games like Inside, Cuphead, Below and We Happy Few made a very solid impression. We Happy Few’s trailer, in particular, left me wanting more about its very odd and surreal world.

Curiously Microsoft’s expansive selection of indie games seems reminiscent me of Sony’s conference at last year’s E3.

The Big Guns:

Although the Xbox One’s indie games had their time to shine Microsoft also showed off some impressive titles which both featured explosions and gigantic beasts. There hasn’t been much released about Scalebound, but the gameplay shown at the conference showed that the huge enemies and cooperation between dragons and humans could be as gorgeous as it is epic.

A short demo of Final Fantasy XV had the player fighting against a humongous Titan, a well-known summon in the Final Fantasy franchise. The scope of the battle was just amazing, and the music that played during it had the right level of hype.

Overall Feeling and Ending

Microsoft was very consistent: they started out with new hardware and ended with another “addition to the Xbox family”. The guys at Microsoft gave Project Scorpio a lot of hype as the “most powerful console this generation” but not too much more than that. Microsoft’s conference was very impressive with plenty of games, new and old, and some new features for their console hardware. They covered every check on the “E3 to do list”. This doesn’t mean the conference was flawless. There were definitely low points during the presentation such as the gameplay for Forza Horizon 3 or the new enhancements to Minecraft, which overstayed its welcome.

Xbox One S

One thing that got repetitive and annoying was the announcement before almost every game that it was a “Xbox and Windows Exclusive”. It was fine the first couple of times but after a while, it just seemed redundant. Also during the trailers, there would be little inserts or updates, usually with information we already knew, at the bottom of the screen that threw off the immersion and distracted from the trailers and gameplay.  When weighing the pros and cons of the overall conference, I’d give Microsoft a solid B+. It wasn’t perfect, but it covered so much and had some real epic moments of gameplay and releases that excited their audience.   

Do you agree with my evaluation? Any comments or arguments? If so, please leave a comment and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more E3 Evaluations and gaming news. If you want to check out the entire experience for yourself, you can check it out on Youtube.


State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition getting a PC retail release Fri, 01 Jul 2016 05:02:15 -0400 Pierre Fouquet

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition, which originally released in April 2015 for Xbox One and Steam, is now getting a physical retail release for the PC version on August 9th, 2016.

Included in the Year One Survival Edition is the original State of Decay, as well as the the two DLC pieces which released later -- Lifeline and Breakdown.

The retail version will also include:

  • A special premium clamshell box
  • The game (and two pieces of DLC) on a disk (Steam code included).
  • A double-sided State of Decay A3 poster
  • The soundtrack supplied via the ancient CD

All of this will set you back $19.99/£14.99 (estimated)/€19.99, which is less than the price of the game digitally.

State of Decay originally released on Xbox 360 in September 2013, then for Windows in November of the same year, to much critical praise -- earning a 79/100 metacritic rating for the PC version, and just 1 point less for the Xbox 360 version.

A few years later, and after receiving two pieces of DLC, the Year One Survival Edition was released. This brought State of Decay to the Xbox One, and an upgraded version to Windows, with 1080p textures and bug fixes.

State of Decay 2 was revealed at Xbox's E3 2016 presser. It will feature co-op, and is set to release in 2017.