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Netflix has shared a small handful of behind-the-scenes images for Stranger Things Season 4. The images come after the show's first teaser trailer dropped last week, bringing with it a big, spoilery reveal.

Titled "From Russia with Love," the trailer unsurprisingly has many fans believing the next season of the hit horror show will be set in Russia. It does show Russian soldiers after all, so it's a pretty safe bet 2+2=4.

With the new season in production, we know that some scenes are being shot in Lithuania, specifically the Lukiškes Prison. Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, the imposing 115-year-old prison is indeed a good stand-in for a Russian penitentiary.

While the behind the scenes images show very little that's actually exciting (unless you really enjoy seeing a film crew unload trucks), they do provide fans a glimpse of what they can expect see when it comes to the state of The American name redacted later this year.

Season 3 ended on a big cliffhanger that left the internet reeling, with fan theories grasping for ways to explain the disappearance of Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour. Leading up to last week's not-so-shocking yet surprising reveal, Harbour had remained coy about Hopper's fate. 

Telling TheWrap earlier this year, Harbour said: 

... I really thought I was ‘The American,’ and then I haven’t heard a lot from them (laughs). So I really don’t know if I am. But I thought I was, but it was never discussed. I didn’t ask [The Duffers], ’cause I felt confident I was — and now I’m not so confident.

Stranger Things Season 4 is set to release on Netflix sometime this year. Considering production is still in the early stages, a November or December air date is most likely, though the streaming company has yet to share anything definitive. 

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Stranger Things Chapter 2 Walkthrough -- The Gate Thu, 12 Oct 2017 09:55:37 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Welcome to our Chapter 2 walkthrough for the Stranger Things mobile game. When we left Chapter 1, Hopper had just departed the National Hawkins Laboratory and was tasked with finding Nancy.

Chapter 2 continues Hopper's search for Nancy, which takes him into the Upside Down. But his adventure also leads him somewhere even more dangerous.

As with our Chapter 1 walkthrough, we're going to go through getting through Chapter sections area by area. Chapter 2 is longer and more difficult than Chapter 1. Important directional bits are bolded so you can skim through for directions. 

Stranger Things Chapter 2 -- The Gate

You start this chapter in the Upside Down. Luckily, you don't have to be here for long. This area has a particular gimmick: knocking pods around to wipe out the tentacles in your path.

The very first section of this area has one of these pods. Each pod can be hit a total of three times, after which it will explode. Have Hopper punch this first one left twice, then up once to have it deal with those annoying tentacles.

The next room is a little trickier, but luckily, not by much. Punch the pods into the positions seen in the image below.

Then punch them each toward the tentacles at about the same time. With the tentacles taken out, you can exit the Upside Down.

Lucas will now rejoin you, and you can enter the next dungeon via the giant spooky tree stump.

Forest Maze

You can destroy bushes for money, hearts, and slingshot ammo in this dungeon. You want to try to stay at full health in this area so Lucas can one-shot birds from afar. Otherwise, you may have a tough time.

Knock out the first enemy you see and open the gate leading to the bear. You're about to get your first taste of this dungeon's gimmick.

Have Lucas shoot down the beehive closest to the bear (the one to the left in the image above), then the one on the other side of the cracked tree trunk to have the bear make a path for you.

Go right to get some coins and your first of this area's collectibles, a birdhouse.

Head to the previous area, then go up and right to make your way to the next room.

First things first: Hit the bear trap, then shoot the bird before it comes at you. Then head south to pick up a keycard.

Head back up, then up again. Take out the enemies (be aware of the bird) and use the keycard to open the gate to your left. Kill the bird in this room then keep walking left.

This area is a little more complicated. First, take out the gunman at the top right and get the birdhouse. Then set off the bear trap at the bottom and take out the enemy on the other side.

What comes next has to be done quickly -- and in order. Here are the steps:

  1. Shoot the beehive closest to the bear
  2. Set off the bear trap again
  3. Shoot the hive on the other side
  4. Go to the small area on the right and shoot the beehive in the upper area

If you've done it right, the bear will charge past the trap and through the log preventing your passage. Flip the switch and the first gate to the boss will open.

You went through a lot of work to flip that switch, but you're not done yet. Head through the passage at the bottom left of the area. Take out both enemies then continue into the next room -- hopefully with full health to shoot the birds out of the sky before they hit you. Grab the keycard, head back two rooms, then head north.

This is another room filled with birds. Being at full health will make this part much easier since Lucas can deal with all of the birds before getting pecked at. Go up once they're all dispatched.

This is another puzzle room, and it's not as complicated as it looks. Stand where you see in the image above, then shoot the left and then right beehives to get the bear to charge through. Once the bear resets, walk forward and set your sights on the next obstacles.

Hit the bear trap to the left, then the hive to the bottom right, and lastly the hive to the top right to get the bear to follow the correct path. Flip the switch to unlock another gate in front of the boss, then head up to the next area.

If you can, take out the birds here so they don't bother you on your way back.(Those coins are pretty enticing, too.) Go north into the next area, take out the enemies here, grab the birdhouse, and keep going north.

This room has a few enemies, particularly birds and a gunman. It's in your best interest to take them out before they kill you, so do so and make your way through the room to go to the north area. Take out the enemies here and grab the keycard found here.

Retrace your steps to the room with the pile of coins. Take a left and get ready for your next puzzle room.

Deal with enemies as you can here (don't get near the bald guy) as you set off the bear trap next to the entrance and open the gate at the bottom of this area. This is one we're going to go through step by step: 

  1. Stand above the beehive all the way to the right
  2. Shoot the beehive all the way to the right
  3. Shoot the beehive next to the chest to have the bear take out the bald enemy
  4. Stand above the beehive next to the bear trap
  5. Set off the bear trap
  6. Shoot the beehive next to it
  7. Shoot the beehive on the opposite side of the fence
  8. Walk to the area the bear initially was
  9. Shoot the beehive at the top left of the area

Walk your way through this room to go through the passage to the top left. Take out the enemy there and Nancy will join your party. Have Nancy bash through the fallen tree to flip the switch and open a gate to the boss.

Put Nancy in your party so that you have Nancy and Lucas, then backtrack to the area with the stack of money. Whack through the tree, get the money, then head south two rooms.

Take out the enemy here and unlock the gate using the keycard in your inventory. The next room is another enemy room. Defeat them and head right.

Take out the enemies in the next room, then go through the bottom right passage to flip a switch. Go back to the last room, then go down the passage next to the one you just went through.

The next room is yet another that will take some speed on your part. You need to disarm the bear traps above before luring the bear. This has to be done with Lucas. I'll walk you through this one step by step:

  1. Stay at the very bottom of the room
  2. Shoot the first trap
  3. Walk two spaces to the right and shoot the next one
  4. Take out the trap next to you
  5. Walk to the right-most section
  6. Walk up to the stump
  7. Shoot the beehive

Now go back two rooms and get back to where the switch is to make your way through this section without the bear blocking your path. Make sure to take out the birdhouse and flip the switch on the right side of the room to unlock the next gate to the boss.

Go right to pick up the Lens Filter Jonathan was looking for.

It's time to backtrack a bit. Head to the room where you see Nancy's face in the image below and use your last keycard on the gate here. Go left an pick up the VHS tape.

It's now time to go fight the dungeon boss. Take a look at your map and make your way there.

Chapter 2 Boss Strategy

This boss fight is actually very easy.

Try to get some hits in while each soldier is going in circles, and after that phase, just stay out of their way and wait to get some hits in. Each soldier only takes a few hits to KO. It's really that simple. 

Outside the Dungeon

Exit the dungeon and head south instead of through the Upside Down now that you have Nancy. Destroy the tree trunk in your way, then keep going south to give Jonathan his lens. He'll give you a backpack that increases Lucas's rock capacity in return.

There are a couple of things you can do now -- like go to the general store in town or Bradley's shop to buy items people need and deliver them -- but for the sake of this walkthrough, we're going to stay on the story's track.

Walk left along the road until you get to the spot indicated in the image below and bust through the fallen tree blocking your path.

Walk to the location shown in the next image and bust the fallen tree to make a path to Hawkins Middle School. Once you enter, Chapter 3 will begin.

That's it for Chapter 2 of the Stranger Things game. I highly recommend exploring on your own because a big part of the fun is exploring and finding things. Be sure to check out our other Stranger Things guides for more walkthroughs, tips, and tricks! 

Stranger Things Chapter 1 Walkthrough Wed, 11 Oct 2017 10:12:31 -0400 Ashley Shankle

To say the Stranger Things mobile game is better than I expected is a bit of an understatement -- it's a lot better of a free mobile puzzle adventure game than anyone could have thought it would be.

The first chapter of Stranger Things sets the tone for the rest, giving the player relatively easy puzzles and easing them into the flow of the game. You go through an area (dungeons), solving puzzles and whomping on enemies as you go.

This walkthrough will go through any notable tasks in chapter 1, The Lost Boys. This is the only chapter that does not make use of the overworld map, and the puzzles themselves aren't too hard to figure out.

You can find a map of this chapter's dungeon above the boss strategy section. With that in mind, let's start with the walkthrough for getting through Hawkins National Laboratory.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Leave Hopper's trailer and head south to start the chapter.

Talk to Powell to get the keycard. Grab it and head inside Hawkins National Laboratory. In this dungeon you can bash cabinets and barrels for money and hearts.

There are a few things you can interact with and smash in this room but all you need to do is get the keycard from the chest, then take the north door to the next room.

The next room has your first enemy encounter. Each of these guys takes two hits to be killed. Just tap to hit them, and make sure you do it before they hit you. Hopper charges toward anything he can hit if he has full health, which can make getting around easier.

Also make sure to punch the security camera on the north wall, which will count toward a heart piece.

Go to the right to flip a switch and nab some coins, then go back to the room the enemies were in and go up.

This is the room that leads to this dungeon's boss. You can't get in there for now, so head right.

In the room next to the multicolor laser room is the first switch (purple) as well as another security camera, which can only be destroyed by Lucas.

Keep heading through this area (it's mostly a straight-shot) until you get to the end. You can find both a keycard and another security camera that must be destroyed by Lucas here.

Go back to the room with the (now) 3 lasers and go through the left door using the keycard you just picked up. In this room dispatch the enemies and go up.

Two rooms up you find a room with three enemies and some lasers, two of the enemies having guns. You simply have to brute-force your way through these enemies and flip both switches to the north to get the keycard in this room.

Go down two rooms, then enter the left door using the keycard. Make your way through this room then head up.

This is your first taste of using the environment to win a fight, but it won't be your last. The easiest way to deal with this guy is to get right next to him so he notices you, then immediately run to the switch on the bottom (making sure to trigger it from the top and not the right side) to get rid of him. Get the coins he drops and head upward to have Lucas join you.

Make sure to add Lucas to your party, then head back to the room that had three enemies and a keycard.

From here, first go through the left door and have Lucas shoot the switch to go through the next door and press the button to turn off the red laser.

Head back two rooms and have Lucas again shoot a switch Hopper can't reach (pictured above), then head right.

The next room has three enemies, two of which have guns. You can have Lucas shoot them with his slingshot to make quick work of them and move onto the next room.

In this room, shoot the switch below the door you came through with the slingshot, and then shoot the enemy to get him to walk into the lasers and die. Lastly, shoot the switch on the far side of the room to open the next door.

Make your way through the next room to get to the next puzzle room. Below are the steps:

  • Walk to the right and hit the switch on the right wall
  • Use Lucas to shoot the switch you can't reach
  • Go to the bottom of the room and flip the switch there
  • Use Lucas to shoot the first switch you flipped to turn all the lasers off

Then make your way to the next room, which also happens to be a puzzle room. There is also a security camera here for you to take out.

Let's do this one step by step, too. It's quite easy! Though if you do it the wrong way one of the enemies will chase you.

  • Shoot the switch all the way to the right
  • Shoot the enemy below you to get him to walk into the laser
  • Shoot the switch all the way to the right and the one at the bottom left
  • Shoot the second enemy

Head south to the next room and dispatch the enemies to get the next keycard. Use Lucas to press the blue laser control button, and destroy the security camera found in this room.

Head back up two rooms to the first puzzle room and use the keycard to get through the door to the top right of the room.

Go up two rooms to find two enemies, one with a gun and one immune to normal damage. Stay in the doorway and use Lucas's slingshot to take out the enemy with a gun, then flip the switch at the far side of the room to have lasers take out the big guy. Lastly, have Lucas shoot the yellow button.

The way to this dungeon's boss is now open. But if you want this area's heart piece, you need to go back to previous rooms and destroy some security cameras using Lucas's slingshot.

For reference, here's a map of Hawkins National Laboratory. Security cameras are marked with red dots and areas meant to be accessed by other characters are marked using text stating what they are to avoid spoilers.

Chapter 1 Boss Strategy

The boss at the end of Chapter 1 in Stranger Things has a couple different phases, and they're easy enough to figure out.

Here's the fight step by step:

  1. Shoot the Evil Scientist until he gets into a defensive bubble
  2. Shoot one of the switches behind him, then go into its corresponding door and flip the switch inside
  3. Punch him a few times with Hopper
  4. Rinse and repeat steps 2 and 3

Once you've gotten the Eggo, go to the room to the left after you've defeated the Evil Scientist to get this dungeon's VHS tape.

Once you've finished the Hawkins National Laboratory dungeon, you need to head outside (you can do this easily by opening your map and tapping "Exit Dungeon") and go left and up to make your way off the property. Use Lucas's slingshot to flip the switch to turn off the security laser and you are on your way.

Head right until you come up on the entrance to the woods, and then enter Mirkwood. Be aware there are a lot of bird enemies here, which fly directly toward you.

While you're in the Mirkwood, be sure to stop by the Castle Byers shack to the north to pick up Joyce's keychain, and by the Byers house itself to give Joyce the keys and get another heart piece, as well as pick up a romance novel for Flo in one of the bedrooms.

Leave the house then head right and up to talk to Steve, who informs you Nancy has gone into the woods.

Before you do that, take a left and head to the next screen downtown to find the Morgue. Head inside and use Lucas to flip the switch to head to the back room and pick up the Hazmat Suit.

Now head back to Steve and take the path into the woods to the right.

From here you can go right into the Upside Down and end chapter 1.

That's it for the chapter 1 walkthrough. Each chapter is more difficult than the last, so look out for walkthroughs for the rest of the chapters in the Stranger Things mobile game here on GameSkinny. Get hyped for season 2 later this month!