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Did you hear the news you were hoping for? Did anything blow your mind, foregoing your imagination. Let us know in the comments; and remember today several pieces of Nintendo history were made.


Super Smash Bros


For some this is the biggest piece of NEWS this year. Fans of Final Fantasy and Smash Bros will be pleased that one of the most requested characters has been announced. Cloud Strife is here with his buster sword and a new stage in tow. There are no dates on when he will be available, but we were told to expect news in early December. Have fun playing matches to the classic Final Fantasy theme song that will also be included.

The Wii U has not been totally abandoned by third party developers. There are still quite a few games coming to the console.

Hive Jump- Q1 2016


Kerbal Space Program- Q1 2016


Mighty No. 9- 2/9/2016


Lego Marvels Avengers- 1/26/2016


Terarria 4/12/2016




Dragon Quest: VII & VIII


Both games were announced and are set to release next year.


Hyrule Warriors: Legends 


Another bevy of good news; Hyrule Warriors: Legends gives us much to look forward too. A new original character was announced; a girl named Linkle that uses double crossbows. She is the first female version of Link. The release date was announced as March 25, 2016. You will also get a new home menu theme for your 3DS when you purchase the game.


Pokemon: Blue, Red, and Yellow


We were all blindsided by this one. All three of the first generation Pokemon games are coming to the eshop. The games will be true to their original versions sans one feature; players no longer need a link cable to trade Pokemon. You can now use wifi to trade and battle with your friends. These release the same day as the originals did twenty years ago -- February 27, 2016.


MegaMan: Legacy Collection


A collection of the first six MegaMan games; this title offers a lot of content for fans to collect in game. The game will have exclusive challenges that can only be accessed using a MegaMan amiibo. On that note there was also a new gold colored Megaman amiibo announced. It can only be obtained by purchasing a copy of the game's collector's edition. The game is available February 23, 2016.


Final Fantasy: Fates


Fans already knew the game would be releasing in two parts simultaneously. But today all the options for obtaining all three games was revealed. After completing one of the two launch games players will be given the choice to purchase the other game as half price. There is also a bundle available, as well a collectors edition that comes with an art-book and carrying pouch for your DS. This is available for $79.99. Other DLC maps are also planned for the games.


Final Fantasy Explorers


This game was initially released in Japan last December and has received a few updates since. The North American version of the game will gave players access to all of the game's released DLC free of charge. There is also a collectors edition releasing. It will include the game, an art-book, a CD sampler. and exclusive quests. Pick this up on January 26, 2016


Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 


A release date of January 22, 2016 was announced. If you love Mario RPG's then you need this title. New battle cards with effects to help you get past tricky levels and challenges were revealed. You can use your amiibo to create character cards which are more powerful than battle cards. Mario party amiibos will be compatible with this tittle.


Pokken Tournament


The fighting game everyone is waiting for received some new footage. It was also revealed how players would be able to access the Shadow Mewtwo character that leaked a while back. If your copy is from the first production run; players will receive a special card that allows them to use the character immediately. If not, players can complete a few things in game and use him later. The game releases Spring 2016 for Wii U.


StarFox Zero


Starfox Zero was finally given a new release date. After being pushed back from this holiday season, the game is now slated to release April 22, 2016. Mark your calendars now, people.




Of course these popular little trinkets were center stage. Almost every game had a mention of them. We also received a release date for some of the Animal crossing and the Lucas figures -- January 22nd


There are also four great new games coming to the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo is obviously eyeing its casual gamer market.

  • Typo Man-November 19th
  • \n
  • Fast Racing Neo-December
  • \n
  • Steam World Heist-December
  • \n
  • Pokemon Picross-December
  • \n

Nintendo Badge Arcade


A free to start title, this game gives you badges to customize your 3DS home screen. Collect the badges using a claw game. Players can pay to receive more chances to collect the badges. Some badges will be limited edition, so make sure you check back often if this is something you are interested in.


Xenoblade Chronicles X


For those waiting on a new Metroid or Legend of Zelda game this is the best Nintendo is offering; an open world space adventure that will release on December 4th. If buying the game physically, there are four packs that can be pre-installed to allow the player to load up the game faster. It is recommended to download the first pack at the least.


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash


An all-new move was revealed for this game. Performing a jump smash will allow players to jump up and attack the ball before it has had a chance to bounce on their side. This will add a new layer of strategy to matches. Knock your opponent off balance then use the jump smash from the designated point to perform an ultra smash.


There are also mega battles where Toad will add mega Mushrooms to the match to make characters larger; how exciting? Add in amiibos to use as a partner in online and expedition matches.


Animal Crossing amiibo Festival


This game will initially launch packaged with two amiibos and will be the only way to acquire the Isabelle and Digby amiibos. Digby will be even more exclusive as he is only available with the launch copy of the game. Some of the games puzzles and game modes were also showcased. 


Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon


This game will release on November 20th and feature every single known Pokemon.  The new connection orb will allow you to send and receive rescue requests. The game will also come with a free theme for your 3DS.




Nintendo has done well keeping this seasons sleeper hit stocked with new content. This was the largest update to a previously released game announced.

  • 80 pieces of new gear and outfits
  • \n
  • 27 new weapon
  • \n
  • New maps- Both have features that will have you changing your strategy as the match progresses.
  • \n
    • Museum d' alfonsino
    • \n
    • Mahi-Mahi Resort 
    • \n
  • New updates through July
  • \n
  • New matchmaking
  • \n
  • No additional charge
  • \n
  • New website to track stats
  • \n
  • A Nintendo treehouse tournament is also planned for next year. There are also player tournament modes in development.
  • \n

Super Mario Maker


A new portal site was announced that will allow you to search for particular levels on your PC or mobile device. Search for the type of level you wish to play or bookmark one you find while browsing. 


The Legend of Zelda Tri-Force Heroes.


A free update is being developed that will add the Den of Trials areas. Unlike normal dungeons where there might be 4 challenges, these levels will have an overwhelming amount at 30 plus! Did we mention that you and your team must defeat every single enemy in a stage to move on to the next one. But don't be discouraged; the den has checkpoints littered throughout to help you make it a little further.


New outfits are also planned: Linebeck's Uniform, which will let you see inside of chest before opening them, and The Fierce Deity Armor, which will make your sword fire off beams in four different directions.


These are both free updates that will release on December 2nd.


Zelda Wii U


New gameplay footage for this tittle was shown after the reveal of Twilight Princes HD. The new WolfLink amiibo will have an effect when used with this game.


The release window was not updated and the game is still slated for a Wii U release sometime in 2016.


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD


After a weeks of speculation and rumor, Twilight  Princess HD received an official announcement. The first announcement of the event included enhanced visuals, a new wolf Link amiibo, and other enhanced features. This will be a fun experience even for those who have played this classic a few times. The game will also be compatible with other amiibos from the smash series. Twilight Princess HD releases March 4th 2016. Preorder now to receive the official soundtrack for free.


Did you miss the Nintendo Direct event? Here's a recap of all that was announced earlier this week. Everything Nintendo has planned through early 2016 now has a release date. If you're a Nintendo fan, there is much to celebrate.

Tri Force Heroes Ultimate Costumes Guide: How to Dress for Success Tue, 27 Oct 2015 10:28:29 -0400 Autumn Fish

Link's latest adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes takes place in the fashionable kingdom of Hytopia. Humbly residing among the townsfolk is a magical tailor that crafts powerful costumes unlike any before her.

Unlike her jealous sister, Madame Conture has a strong sense of style and will craft any costume that Link can provide the materials for. Collecting materials for every outfit available in the game is an arduous task, but the array of costumes available once you are finished is well worth the effort.


The Ultimate Guide to Costumes and Outfits

There are 36 costumes available in Tri Force Heroes as of the game's release. Madame Conture will craft 34 of these outfits for you, while the remaining 2 come from playing through the story.

When you obtain a new costume, Madame Conture will ask you to try it on, and you will unlock the ability to select it anytime you go to the Castle for adventure in the Drablands.

Hero's Tunic
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Hero's TunicThe hero's way!
    • Hytopian Silk x1
      • 0 Rupees

The Hero's Tunic is the first costume Madame Conture will craft for you after proving that you indeed have stylishly pointed ears. This outfit offers no particular benefit or disadvantage and exists as a default option.

Cursed Tights
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Kinda Cursed TightsSlightly used tights!

The Cursed Tights are rewarded to the player upon breaking Princess Styla's fashion curse. This costume grants a 50% Lucky bonus to avoid getting hit, but you take double damage from enemies.

Lady's Ensemble
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Lady's EnsembleLift the curse!
    • Lady's Glasses x1
    • Lady's Collar x1
    • Lady's Parasol x1
      • 0 Rupees

While in the Drablands, the Lady's Endemble causes hearts to drop more frequently and adds an extra heart onto your max life.

Tri Suit
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Tri SuitA dynamic trio!
    • Friendly Token x5
      • 300 Rupees

When all 3 Links wear the Tri Suit, they uncover hearts and rupees more often, dodge 25% of all attacks, and deal more damage.

Timeless Tunic
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Timeless TunicNostalgia overload!
    • Friendly Token x3
      • 100 Rupees

When the Timeless Tunic is worn, the music transforms to resemble 8-bit style tunes.

Bear Minimum
  • Your original outfit!

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Bear MinimumYou arrive in Hytopia with the Bear Minimum. This outfit removes a heart of maximum life and causes Link to receive double damage. There is little reason to use this costume unless you're helping a friend gather materials in the PvP Coliseum.

Kokiri Clothes
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Kokiri ClothesMaster the bow!
    • Blob Jelly x1
    • Armos Spirit x1
      • 100 Rupees

Kokiri Clothes are crafted from various materials found in the Woodlands. Using this outfit with a Bow will cause Link to fire 3 arrows at a time.

Big Bomb Outfit
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Big Bomb Outfit CostumesBombs! Big ones!
    • Armos Spirit x1
    • Tektite Shell x1
      • 100 Rupees

The Woodlands houses all the materials you need to craft the Big Bomb Outfit. Wearing this costume will enlarge any Bomb you use or pick up. These Bombs deal double damage and have a larger blast radius, so be cautious throwing them around.

Legendary Dress
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Legendary DressTrue style wisdom!
    • Tektite Shell x1
    • Sweet Shroom x1
      • 200 Rupees

Rarer materials from the Woodlands will craft the Legendary Dress. This outfit increases the drop rate of hearts.

Lucky Loungewear
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Lucky LoungewearDodge attacks!
    • Sweet Shroom x1
    • Blin Bling x1
    • Gohma's Eye x1
      • 200 Rupees

Lucky Loungewear is crafted from rare materials found in the Woodlands area. Wearing this costume offers a 25% chance to avoid attack damage.

Zora Costume
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Zora Costume OutfitsSwim like a champ!
    • Fresh Kelp x1
    • Zora Scale x1
      • 400 Rupees

You can craft the Zora Costume by collecting materials in Riverside. This outfit allows for faster swimming in water with the use of the 'A' button. You could even swim through swift currents!

Torrent Robe
  • Zelda Tri Forcce Heroes Costumes Outfits Torrent RobeWater Rod revelry!
    • Fresh Kelp x2
    • Hytopian Silk x1
    • Aqua Crown x1
      • 600 Rupees

Adventure in Riverside to find the materials you need for the Torrent Robe. This costume doubles the radius of the Water Rod.

Jack of Hearts
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Jack of HeartsTake Heart!
    • Hytopian Silk x1
    • Octorok Sucker x1
    • Fairy Dust x1
      • 600 Rupees

Rare materials from the Riverside help you craft the Jack of Hearts. Wear this outfit to gain an extra heart container.

Goron Garb
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Goron GarbLove that lava!
    • Goron Ore x1
    • Monster Guts x1
      • 600 Rupees

Collecting materials in the Volcano allows you to craft the Goron Garb. Wearing this costume grant you the ability to walk on lava and pass through fire without getting burned.

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits BoomerangerRule the 'rang!
    • Goron Ore x1
    • Demon Fossil x1
    • Rugged Horn x1
      • 800 Rupees

Volcano materials are sufficient for crafting the Boomeranger outfit. With this costume on, Boomerangs pass through and damage enemies.

Energy Gear
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Engergy GearFeel the energy!
    • Monster Guts x1
    • Demon Fossil x1
    • Kodongo Tail x1
    • Keese Wing x1
      • 800 Rupees

The heavily inspired Energy Gear is crafted from rare materials in the Volcano. This outfit increases the size of your Energy Gauge by 50%, which allows you to use items more often.

Cozy Parka
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Cozy ParkaSayonara, slips!
    • Fluffy Fuzz x1
    • Serpent Fangs x1
      • 800 Rupees

A few trips to the Ice Cavern and you'll have the Cozy Parka in no time. Wearing this Ice Climbers costume allows you to walk on ice without slipping. You won't know how incredible this outfit is until you try it.

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits HammerwearTime to hammer!
    • Tiny Snowflake x1
    • Crimson Shell x1
    • Freezard Water x1
    • Chill Stone x1
      • 1000 Rupees

Hammerwear can be obtained from some rare materials in the Ice Caverns. With this costume on, the Hammer item becomes twice as powerful as before!

Tingle Tights
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Tingle TightsKooloo-Limpah!
    • Fluffy Fuzz x1
    • Tiny Snowflake x1
    • Freezard Water x1
      • 1000 Rupees

Some rare materials from the Ice Caverns will let you construct the Tingle Tights. While wearing this outfit, balloons tied to your back will pop whenever you fall, saving you from losing a heart up to three times per life.

Cacto Clothes
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Cacto ClothesCactus practice!
    • Supple Leaf x1
    • Thornberry x1
      • 1000 Rupees

The Cacto Clothes makes a fool out of any foe that has the audacity to approach you. If an enemy bumps into you while wearing this costume, they take damage.

Sword Suit
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Sword SuitPowered-up sword!
    • Stiff Puff x1
    • Silver Thread x1
    • Royal Ring x1
      • 1000 Rupees

Plundering some materials from the Fortress eventually nets you the Sword Suit. Wearing this costume causes your sword to deal double damage. Sword Beams also emit from your sword at full health.

Rupee Regalia
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Rupee RegaliaIt's raining Rupees!
    • Royal Ring x1
    • Antique Coin x1
    • Fancy Fabric x1
      • 1200 Rupees

Rare materials from the Fortress are used in the crafting of Rupee Regalia. This outfit increases the drop rate of rupees! Additionally, double rupees will drop whenever the wearer of this costume uncovers them.

Queen of Hearts
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Queen of HeartsSo many hearts!
    • Mystery Jade x1
    • Fairy Dust x1
    • Star Fragment x1
    • Exquisite Lace x1
      • 1200 Rupees

The Queen of Hearts is crafted with rare materials from the Woodlands, Riverside, Volcano, and Fortress. Gain 3 extra heart containers while wearing this outfit. If all 3 heroes are wearing this costume, your health effectively doubles.

Cheetah Costume
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Cheetah Costume OutfitsCheet the system!
    • Divine Whiskers x1
    • Beastie Patch x1
    • Brittle Papyrus x1
      • 1500 Rupees

Gain access to the Cheeta Costume by gathering gold materials from the Coliseum. Wearing this outfit grants you the ability to run twice as fast!

Dunewalker Duds
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Dunewalker DudsOutrun quicksand!
    • Palm Cone x1
    • Ancient Fin x1
    • Stal Skull x1
      • 1200 Rupees

Adventure in the Dunes for the materials to craft Dunewalker Duds. This costume allows you to safely stand on quicksand without sinking.

Gust Garb
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Gust GarbGusty goodness!
    • Vintage Linen x1
    • Gibdo Bandage x1
    • Sandy Ribbon x1
      • 1500 Rupees

The Dunes are a great place to farm for the materials needed for the Gust Garb. This outfit upgrades the Gust Jar to shoot further and faster gusts of wind.

Ninja Gi
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costume Outfits Ninja GiDash in a flash!
    • Rainbow Coral x1
    • Ancient Fin x1
    • Vintage Linen x1
    • Gibdo Bandage x1
    • Stal Skull x1
      • 1500 Rupees

The Ninja Gi is crafted from rare materials from Riverside and the Dunes. Pressing the Dash button (L/R) while wearing this costume grants the ability to instantly dash and deal triple damage while doing so.

Light Armor
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Light ArmorLight the way!
    • Currumpkin x1
    • Spider Silk Lace x1
    • Poe Soul x1
      • 1200 Rupees

Gather materials around the Ruins in order to craft Light Armor. Wearing this outfit illuminates the area around Link with a warm light. However, be cautious around anyone wearing this costume in the PvP Coliseum. It burns you when you touch it.

Fire Blazer
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Fire BlazerBlaze your path!
    • Mystery Extract x1
    • Twisted Twig x1
    • Lava Drop x1
      • 1500 Rupees

Rare materials in the Ruins allows for the creation of the Fire Blazer. Wearing this costume with the Fire Gloves upgrades them to shoot 3 fireballs at a time.

Serpent's Toga
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Serpent's TogaRock solid!
    • Ice Rose x1
    • Carrumpkin x1
    • Mystery Extract x1
    • Poe Soul x1
    • Twisted Twig x1
      • 1500 Rupees

The Serpent's Toga is crafted with rare materials from Ice Cavern and the Ruins. If you stand still while wearing this outfit you turn to stone. Stone Link is invincible to all but falling damage. This is great for tricking out people in the Coliseum, just don't let them pick you up.

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits ShowstopperSteal the spotlight!
    • Vibrant Brooch x1
    • Pretty Plume x1
    • Mock Fairy x1
    • Aurora Stone x1
      • 2000 Rupees

Showstopper is created from rare materials found in at Fortress and Sky Realm. Enemy attention is drawn to the one wearing this costume.

  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits RobowearGrab and go!
    • Cucco Feathers x1
    • Carmine Pearl x1
    • Sky Dragon Tail x1
    • Pretty Plume x1

Traveling around the Sky Realm will net you enough materials to make Robowear. Wearing this outfit with the Gripshot will extend its range, increase its speed, and let it inflict damage upon foes.

Sword Master Suit
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Sword Master SuitMaster the sword!
    • Golden Insect x1
    • Gold Dust x1
    • Fabled Butterfly x1
      • 1500 Rupees

Collecting gold materials from the Coliseum allows for crafting of the Sword Master Suit. This costume doubles the damage and reach of your sword, and shoots Sword Beams at full health.

Spin Attack Attire
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Spin Attack AttireSpin to win!
    • Crystal Skull x1
    • Sanctuary Mask x1
    • Steel Mask x1
      • 2000 Rupees

The Spin Attack Attire is crafted with rare materials from the Dunes, the Ruins, and Sky Realm. Holding and releasing 'B' with this outfit on will execute a Spin Attack with double the radius.  Big Spin Attacks are immune to foe's direct attack hazards (such as Fire Keese).

Cheer Outfit
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Cheer OutfitCheer up!
    • Frilly Fabric x3
      • 100 Rupees

The Cheer Outfit is arguably the most expensive costume in the game to craft. Wearing this outfit increases the Energy Gauge of you and your teammates by 50%.

Dapper Spinner Kit
  • Zelda Tri Force Heroes Costumes Outfits Dapper Spinner Kit???
    • Freebies x10

Lose at the Daily Riches mini-game 10 times to unlock the Dapper Spinner Kit. Wearing this costume allows you to execute easy spinning attacks by pressing 'B' three times in a row.

Dress for Success

Now that you know what each costume is capable of, you can conquer the Drablands in style! Don't be afraid to reach out of your comfort zone! Most outfits found in Tri Force Heroes are extremely useful in their own situations. Never turn down the chance to plan a fashionable advantage over your foes.

If you are having troubles collecting some of the rarer materials, make sure to check out our Materials Guide.

How many costumes have you collected in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes? Which outfit do you find yourself wearing the most?

Sound off in the comments below!

RR-sama Review - The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Mon, 26 Oct 2015 11:22:55 -0400 David Fisher

If you have been following my latest Rewind Review series, then you should know by now that Nintendo has had a difficult time making multiplayer games for The Legend of Zelda. Four Swords was a wallet nightmare that was hardly worth the payoff, and Four Swords Adventures was passable at best. Nevertheless, Nintendo has decided to give the green light to the multiplayer Legend of Zelda spinoffs with another main series title: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

With nightmares of simplified dungeon layouts, broken budgets, and misuses of system capabilities still fresh in my mind, I was tempted to skip over this title. However, my dedication to completing all Legend of Zelda titles pushed me to pick up a copy of Tri Force Heroes despite my better judgement.

I regret nothing, and was pleasantly surprised. Here's why...

The Plot

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes has surprisingly little to do with the Triforce, Zelda, or a legend. In fact, this might be the only main series Legend of Zelda title to not mention any of these items at all.

In Tri Force Heroes, Link has traveled to the distant kingdom of Hytopia following the events of A Link Between Worlds. In this new kingdom fashion is life, and looking to destroy this way of life is the Drablands Witch - otherwise known simply as The Lady. The Lady has cursed King Tuft's daughter, Princess Styla, to forever be stuck wearing a black skin-tight suit for the rest of her days. This has caused the land of Hytopia to fall into a state of mass paranoia where everyone is afraid of being stylish, fearing that doing so would evoke the Drablands Witch's wrath.

When Link arrives in Hytopia he finds a sign stating that the King is looking for three heroes to venture into the Drablands to remove the curse placed upon Princess Styla. According to a prophecy, three heroes can only enter the Drablands to break the curse on Hytopia if they have pointy ears, sideburns, and side-parted hair, and the ability to form a totem. It is only when these three heroes come together that Hytopia can be "blessed with everlasting peace and style."

Links have come to town, to save the Princess Styla! The Lady took her looks away, and now the onesie will stay... But they will, once Links come to save the day! HOORAY!

The plot is truly on the sillier side when it comes to Legend of Zelda titles - and possibly the silliest yet - but it is nevertheless enjoyable. The humor is similar to that found in Nintendo's Mario & Luigi series, and as such it is easy to forgive this almost self-parodying Legend of Zelda story. Just don't expect this to have anything terribly emotional, philosophical, or particularly mind-blowing.

The Gameplay

The Beautiful:

My major complaint about Four Swords was that the game felt like "baby's first Zelda." The dungeons were simplified to compensate for casual players, and as a result there was very little originality in design. There was also the issue of most puzzles being designed as regular dungeons plus three extra players. This resulted in a game that was a poor cooperative game at its best, and a terrible Legend of Zelda game at its worst. 

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes does not make any of these mistakes. In fact, Tri Force Heroes is perhaps the most difficult Legend of Zelda game to date - excluding The Adventure of Link.

Each dungeon takes full advantage of each new item introduced in the game, and none of the items are used exclusively in one area. Early dungeons have only one or two items among its variety, but this quickly becomes a situation where each Link has an exclusive weapon that each player will have to carry for the rest of the dungeon. To add on to this, each dungeon is designed in a fashion reminiscent to Valve's Portal 2 in the sense that they need to work together in tandem to ensure the puzzle is completed successfully. This leads to players carefully considering who should carry each item as it becomes less about which item you enjoy the most, and more about which player is best at using it.

Careful who gets that Gust Jar! Their mistake might cost you your lives!

The difficulty of the game has been increased a great deal by having players sharing a single life bar. Whenever a player gets hit they lose 1 of 8 heart containers. These can be filled the traditional way - by collecting hearts - but the maximum never increases unless certain costumes are worn. This further increases the amount of consideration players must take when setting out for adventure as there is no all-situations costume.

Another addition to the game is challenge modes. These range from defeating monsters with certain weapons, time attack modes, and various other limitations. I must warn, however, that Tri Force Heroes is already a difficult game as is. As such, only play challenge mode if you have two equally competent friends or else you will suffer the wrath of the Drablands. In challenge mode, planning is a must!

The Good

Another problem with the previous multiplayer Legend of Zelda games was the inaccessible nature of the games. Players needed several copies of a game, multiple consoles, wires, and various other criterium in order to play a game that they would likely only play for a few minutes at a time.

Tri Force Heroes has addressed this in a number of ways. The first is the online multiplayer mode which allows players to play with random players over Nintendo's own server. This same method can be used to play with friends that you have registered on your 3DS, allowing you to play together even if you're not in the same space. These options are a great alternative for those who do not easily access 2 friends to play with.

That said, Tri Force Heroes also supports DS Download Play, as well as local multiplayer. Unlike other Download Play titles, this game allows your friends to access all dungeons in the game. The only drawback to this is the lack of ability to save progress for the downloaded games, and the host reaps only the rewards they acquire during gameplay. Regardless, it's a nice feature and can save you - and your friends - quite a bit of money.

It should also be noted that this is quite a lengthy game. With 32 dungeons, each filled with 28 different enemies, 8 minibosses, and 8 main bosses, Nintendo has not pulled anything from this game. Tri Force Heroes is certainly the definitive multiplayer Legend of Zelda experience.

The Bad

The game is not without faults. A blacklist system helps players prevent trolls and undesirable players from being encountered again via online, and most functions in the game are well polished. However, the one fault of this game is one of the game's selling features: costumes.

At the end of each dungeon, players are presented with 3 chests. Only one can be opened by each player, and the item within is randomly generated. These items must be collected in order to create new costumes, and as such it can become quite the chore trying to collect that one item that you need to finish a suit.

The traveling merchant in town can provide you with many of these items, but the prices can reach into the thousands of rupees for rarer items...

Another problem with the gameplay itself is the lack of communication. While the placards available to players are useful, there's no way of properly communicating where you want that item to be used, or who should use it. Also, the totem card is just about useless for distinguishing between "I need to be on top!" and "Let's just make a totem!"

While neither of these are issues with proper dedication and local play, it can be a slight issue in online play with random players. Items are hard to find when you have to play roulette with multiple self-serving players, and cooperation is difficult when you have no idea what the other person is suggesting.

Does Red want to be on top? Do we just need to make a totem? What's going on? We may never know... unless it's local play!

I should also mention that while the game does support a single player mode, it has been executed poorly. Since the game was intended to be solely a multiplayer release, the single player has had no tweaks to make it friendlier to lonely heroes and leads to the game being nearly impossible to beat.

The Presentation

Much like A Link Between WorldsTri Force Heroes has a beautiful art style that takes full advantage of the 3DS's rendering capabilities. Each environment is colorful, well-detailed, and overall pleasing to the eyes. The art direction steals elements of both The Wind Waker's cartoon style, and A Link to the Past's exaggerated features. It is a beautiful style that can be appreciated by just about any Legend of Zelda fan.

Speaking of 'A Link to the Past', players are sure to recognize this "Faux Hero" who claims to be the true protagonist of the game!

As for the music in Tri Force Heroes, the game sports an entirely new soundtrack that borrows very little from previous titles. Earlier stages have a very flamenco-guitar inspired beat to them, while later stages have more choir style themes. The music feels fresh, upbeat, and matches the quirky nature of the game. If I had to draw a comparison for the music style, I'd draw a line to a game like Rayman: Legends.

Don't just take my word for it, have a listen!

Oh, and I should probably mention that there is also a secret mini-game in which players have to hit a ball in the lobby in order to listen to well-known Legend of Zelda themes. Here's the video if you want to give them a listen!

The Verdict

I was quite honestly blown away by this game. The level design is great, gameplay is solid, and the overall presentation is beautiful. The game is barely recognizable as a Legend of Zelda title beyond the superficial, and it does so in the best ways possible.

I would certainly suggest picking up this game if you know two people who can play with you, or if you don't mind playing online with random players. If you can't stand the idea of multiplayer Legend of Zelda titles, then give the game a pass - unless you want to take a shot at the extremely difficult single player mode. However, I must warn you that you would be missing out on one of the greatest Legend of Zelda titles yet.

For raising the bar of difficulty in Legend of Zelda titles, providing brand new gameplay and mechanics, as well as reigniting my hopes for future multiplayer Legend of Zelda titles, Tri Force Heroes gets a 9/10.

Have you already picked up Tri Force Heroes? What do you think of the multiplayer mechanics? Do you feel like this game has presented players with a challenge that has not been seen in a long time? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Also, if you want to see more reviews on Legend of Zelda titles, be sure to check out my Rewind Reviews where I'll be covering every single Zelda title from the original NES game to A Link Between Worlds!

Tri Force Heroes Placards Guide: How to Communicate using Emotes Mon, 26 Oct 2015 10:36:26 -0400 Autumn Fish

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a multiplayer co-op adventure tailored for three heroes, and the first in the series to offer Online Play. In order to overcome the challenges laid before you, it is essential to communicate and cooperate with your fellow hero.

While connected to Multiplayer in Tri Force Heroes, you have access to a collection of 'placards' on the touch screen to communicate with other heroes. When the placard icon is tapped, a small bubble appears on the screen with the emote you selected. The emote grows in size with consecutive taps to the placard.

The placards Nintendo has provided are adorable and functional, but there isn't enough variety to communicate with your team when you get stuck. Tri Force Heroes is the most difficult Zelda game to come out in decades, and you need to sync up perfectly with your partners in order to complete it.

Placards alone are not enough to communicate effectively. However, placard icons turn out to robust and enjoyable when combined with a series actions, tricks and other emotes to get the point across.

Learn to Communicate through Placard Emotes

Each placard conveys something different depending on the situation they get used in. For example, the Shrug emote is often used to say "I don't know what to do," but when tapped after tossing your partner into a lava pit, it means "I'm sorry!" Deeper communication can even be reached by cleverly combining placards and actions to overcome complex puzzles.

There are 11 Placards in total, and 3 of them can only be used in the Lobby. This leaves 8 emotes for you and your partners to puzzle out while you play.

Wave Placard

Found in Lobby

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emotes WaveAt first glance, I thought the Wave emote meant "Hello", but then I noticed there was another one just for that purpose. In this icon, Link is looking over his shoulder to wave - this is a strong sign that he is leaving.

When you see the Wave placard in the Multiplayer Lobby, this likely means that player is departing. If you want to say "Goodbye" to the player as they go, a Thumbs Up will suffice.

Let's Go Placard

Found in Lobby

ZeldaTri Force Heroes Placard Emotes Let's GoThe Let's Go emote is pretty straight forward. It conveys an eagerness or impatience to get started. If you're in the PvP Coliseum lobby, it could even be used to challenge other players.

Hello Placard
  • Found in Lobby

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emotes HelloThe Hello emote takes first place as the most unmistakable icon in the game. There is literally no way you can misinterpret "Hello"! Have fun with it. Mash that icon.

Over Here Placard
  • Found in Co-Op

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emotes Over Here

While in-game, you can use the Over Here emote to guide your partners where you need them. Are they running around missing a key puzzle element? Tap it. Did they rush ahead, leaving you in the dust? Spam it.

Do you need a specific player to solve a puzzle? Tap their Hero Panel then press Over Here.

Over Here is the best placard to use when you really need to get your team's attention. Just don't spam it if your teammates are trying to convey something else.

Item Placard
  • Found in Co-Op

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emotes ItemThe Item emote is a mixed bag because it could be used to refer to almost anything the player can interact with. This is one of the icons that is read differently depending on the situation.

Many times the Item placard simply means "use your item." Tapping a Hero Panel before the placard conveys who needs to use their item.

If a player is near a key object, the Item emote would mean "pick up" or "use." Never forget that all placards are context sensitive.

Throw Placard
  • Found in Co-Op

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emote ThrowLuckily the Throw emote is quite literal, as you'll find yourself throwing around not only various key items but your partners as well. If no one is presently holding anything, it can easily be combined with the Item or Totem emotes for desirable results.

Totem Placard
  • Found in Co-Op

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emote TotemThe Totem emote is quite specific in its depiction. When you tap it, it means that you want to be picked up. However, you don't always want to be at the top of a totem.

When you want someone else picked up, tap on their Hero Panel before tapping the Totem. After enough trial and error, your partners will eventually understand - be sure to reward them when it happens.

Pom-Pom Placard
  • Found in Co-Op

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emote Pom-PomEverybody loves the Pom-Pom emote. The cute animation of Link pumping his pom-poms stands completely unrivaled, and is appropriate in most situations. It only translates into one thing: Optimism.

Use the Pom-Pom placard to cheer on your partners or dance for victory. Tap it when you need to raise team morale after a crushing defeat. It doesn't matter, tap it when you are bored!

The Pom-Pom emote is never inappropriate. Ever.

Shrug Placard
  • Found in Co-Op and Lobby

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emote ShrugSomething about the Shrug emote leads to some pretty wild interpretations. It is one of the icons that should be observed in its proper context.

Shrugging in the middle of regular gameplay is usually interpreted as being confused. Tapping it as you hurt or cause death for your team is often seen as apologetic. If someone else kills you, however, tapping the Shrug placard will translate to "Eh, whatever."

Additionally, it can be used if you don't understand what your team is trying to say. There are so many uses for the Shrug emote that it's near impossible to list every potential context here.

Nooo Placard
  • Found in Co-Op and Lobby

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emote NoooThe Nooo emote is pretty plain: no means no. When someone says no, stop whatever mischief you are up to. You're probably trying to beat the puzzle or boss all wrong.

The unequivocal Nooo placard is also used often as a complaint. It's a quick and easy solution for any expletive you can think of.

Thumbs Up Placard
  • Found in Co-Op and Lobby

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Placard Emote Thumbs UpThumbs Up emotes are often used to congratulate each on on a good run! Tapping it encourages other players and lets them know they are doing a great job.

The Thumbs Up placard is unique; it can be used in any situation, but it might not always be for the best. For example, tapping it right after killing the group or hurling a team member over the edge (on accident, of course) is sure to cause some animosity between you and your partners.

Hero Panel Communication
  • Found in Co-Op

The Hero Panel is a wonderful tool that, when held down on the touch screen, centers the camera onto one of your two partners. You can use this to check on your teammates as they progress through different parts of the level.

A message appears on the screen when you tap someone's Hero Panel, notifying the player that they are being watched. This is great for letting someone know you are referring to them while using your placard emotes.

Placard Emotes Inspire More Communication

Placards as Tri Force Heroes' main form of communication is unique because it allows you to convey everything that you need to just by tapping the touch screen a few times.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is still freshly released, and it takes awhile to fully understand emotes through context. However, this system that Nintendo developed is ultimately intuitive by nature, and I have no doubts that any player can learn to communicate what they need to perfectly fine with practice.

Pay attention to the clues left by your partners and revel in the success of communicationg solely through the use of quick yet adorable Link emotes. Learning to use and interpret the placard system to its fullest is a truly rewarding experience.

Image from Miiverse user LoZfan03

  • What is your favorite placard emote?

I'm a huge fan of the Pom-Pom placard - its charm never gets old. Which emote do you use the most excessively?

Sound off in the comments below!

Tri Force Heroes Materials Guide: How to Craft All Costumes Fri, 23 Oct 2015 20:45:03 -0400 Autumn Fish

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a delightful multiplayer game where you control one of three heroes on an adventure to restore fashion to the land of Hytopia. No amount of hacking and slashing with the Master Sword is going to save you here - in the Drablands, enemies only fall to your superior sense of style.

The hero arrives in Hytopia wearing the Bear Minimum. Unfortunately, Madame Conture's shop has run into a bit of a rough patch ever since Princess Styla was hit with a case of the Fashion Curse. It is up to you to collect materials for Madame Conture to tailor new outfits. In exchange, her magical costumes will protect you while modeling them off in the Drablands.

Only heroes with the pointiest-of-ears can hope to collect enough materials to craft all the outfits available.

The Ultimate Guide to Materials and Costumes

Before Madame Conture will even craft you a new outfit, she needs proof that you are really a hero that can save the fashion industry in Hytopia. After having your ears checked - to make certain they are indeed stylishly pointed - she promptly tailors you a Hero Tunic free-of-charge, and a portion of her catalog becomes available.

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Materials Costumes Guide

Unlocking Madame Conture's Full Costume Catalog

She doesn't just give out her premium catalog to every hero-type that comes walking through her door. Only a true hero is privy to Madame Conture's latest fashion secrets.

As you progress through the game, the costume catalog will gradually update with new outfits. The entire catalog is available as soon as you finish the main story.

Luckily, Tri Force Heroes isn't all that difficult to complete. Progression is as simple as beating the 4th Level of each World. Once you've unveiled every costume, you can begin gathering the materials needed to craft them.

Identifying and Collecting Materials

If you desire to attain a perfect wardrobe, you need to know where to find all of the materials! You find materials all over Hytopia, hidden in every nook and cranny. Those who take the time to seek out the rarest materials are rewarded with powerful costumes!

There are dozens of different materials scattered about. While most are common drops from the Drablands, there are many unique materials in Hytopia that are needed to create special outfits.

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Materials Costumes Guide

Story Materials

At specific points in the game's story, you are rewarded with a material that goes towards the Lady's Ensemble. This costume is essential and the game cannot be completed without it.

  • Lady's Glasses - Found in World 1-4
  • Lady's Collar - Found in World 5-4
  • Lady's Parasol - Found in World 8-4

These materials are considered extras and only ever appear once per save.

Unique Materials

A few materials found in town are totally unique and go towards crafting only a handful of outfits.

  • Frilly Fabric - Sold by Street Merchant for 3000 Rupees
    • Crafts Cheer Outfit
  • Friendly Tokens - Received from Local Multiplayer
    • Crafts Tri Suit and Timeless Tunic
  • Freebie - Received from wrong chests in Daily Riches
    • Crafts Dapper Spinner Kit

Zelda Tri Force Heroes PvP Unique Materials Costumes Guide

Rare PvP Coliseum Materials

Each of the 8 worlds in Tri Force Heroes has its own Coliseum for some PvP mayhem. Each Coliseum offers the chance to win a rare, exclusive material.

When you win in the Coliseum, you are rewarded with material from whichever world the match took part in, with a 20% chance to receive a rare material exclusive to PvP.

  • Supple Leaf - Woodlands Coliseum
  • Thornberry - Riverside Coliseum
  • Divine Whiskers - Volcano Coliseum
  • Beastie Patch - Ice Cavern Coliseum
  • Brittle Papyrus - Fortress Coliseum
  • Golden Insect - The Dunes Coliseum
  • Gold Dust - The Ruins Coliseum
  • Fabled Butterfly - Sky Realm Coliseum

Coliseum outfits boast awesome abilities befitting of all the hassle put into making them.

If you're having trouble getting these materials from PvP, you can instead choose to complete every single Drablands Challenge available. After completing every challenge in a world, visit the king and he will reward you with the rare PvP material found in that world.

Drablands Challenges Exclusive Materials

Each world in Tri Force Heroes comes with a fresh variety of 8 materials. One of these is reserved exclusively for the Coliseum, but playing through the game normally will only fetch you up to 5 materials per world. The final 2 slots are saved for the Drablands Challenges.

This leads to a total of 16 bypassed materials if you skip the Drablands Challenges for any reason. Just don't feel the need to deal with them as you unlock them - they are hard, especially for beginners.

Zelda Tri Force Heroes Drablands Challenges Materials Costumes Outfits

General Tips for Farming Materials in the Drablands

Farming materials in Tri Force Heroes is not as simple as killing 1000 of 'x' mob and watching the loot pile up. Materials distribute in chests at the end of every level, and there is no guarantee that you will get what you are looking for.

  • Check Drablands Challenges for a higher chance to get rarer materials.
  • Farming with friends is far faster than farming solo (or even with randoms).
  • Pressing the 'X' button while inside the Costume Catalog shows you what worlds you can find your missing materials on.
  • Check your progress on costumes and materials even while you're online: just talk to Madame Conture's Assistant in the right corner of the lobby.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as wearing a brand new outfit that you put a lot of time and effort into creating.


Link pulls off a lot of new looks in this quirky, multiplayer A Link Between Worlds sequel. I adore each costume the game has thrown at me - in both practicality and design!

If you want to find the details on every outfit's abilities or check up on the exact materials you'll need, make sure to check out our Costume Guide.

What is your personal favorite outfit in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes? Currently my favorite costume is the Lucky Loungewear, which is great for saving a few deaths, but I really love the look of the Cozy Parka!

Sound off in the comments below!

Everything you need to know about The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Thu, 22 Oct 2015 03:46:09 -0400 Autumn Fish

There's nothing like the smell of a brand new Zelda game! The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a huge departure from the main series. Instead of having an open-world singleplayer adventure per the norm, Nintendo has delivered a Four Swords-esque multiplayer game with a cooperative focus.

The puzzles Tri Force Heroes hurl at you and your companions are designed to accommodate the modernized 3-player system. The shared heart bar makes tight cooperation essential in order to survive the crazy worlds of the Drablands.

With some intuition, luck, and the touch of a fabulous wardrobe, three heroes set out to restore style to Hytopia - one stylish costume at a time.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Map

Overworld - Hytopia

Tri Force Heroes is set in the kingdom of Hytopia - which is nothing like the diverse open world of Hyrule. You will find:

  • A Castle
    • Serves as Multiplayer Lobby (more on that later)
  • A Town
    • Costume Shop
    • Material Shop
    • Daily Mini-Game
    • Miiverse Gallery
  • The Drablands
    • 8 Themed Worlds, 4 Levels Each (32 Unique Levels)
    • 3 Drabland Challenges per Level (128 Level Variations)
  • A Multiplayer Coliseum
    • 2-3 Player PvP Free-for-All
    • Winner Rewarded w/ Unique Materials

The castle and surrounding town serve as a peaceful hub to craft costumes and share with fellow Hytopians. Only heroes with pointed ears fight in the Drablands, and they're all after the same thing.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Forve Heroes Items Combat

Progression - Fighting the Fashion Curse

While you start with just World 1 unlocked, you only need to complete the 4th Level of each World in order to unlock the next set.

  • Begin with World 1
    • Woodlands
  • Unlock Worlds 2, 3, 4
    • Riverside
    • Volcano
    • Ice Cavern
  • Unlock World 5
    • Fortress
  • Unlock Worlds 6, 7
    • The Dunes
    • The Ruins
  • Unlock World 8
    • Sky Realm

The story in Tri Force Heroes isn't much more than an excuse to bring some much-needed style into Zelda, and that's okay.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Fashion Costumes

Materials and Costumes - Dress for Success

Costumes are not just for style in Tri Force Heroes - they augment your abilities and offer special perks to heroes braving the Drablands.

In order to craft costumes you need to land some materials first. You will find materials hidden all over Hytopia:

  • Material Shop
  • Daily Mini-Game
  • Drablands Dungeons
  • Drablands Challenges
    • Rare Materials for Powerful Costumes
  • Multiplayer Coliseum
    • Unique Materials for Special Costumes

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Forve Heroes Multiplayer Communication

Multiplayer - Tri Force Heroes

The Castle is where three brave heroes can band together to conquer the terrors of the style. Online and with friends is the definitive way to play Tri Force Heroes. If you neglect to try out multiplayer, you will completely miss out on the experience.

There are several ways you will connect with heroes to brave the Drablands:

  • Local Play
    • Connect with 2 Local Heroes
  • Online Play
    • Connect with Friends
    • Connect with Random Players
    • Mix between Friends and Random Players
  • Download Play
    • Brave the Drablands with 2 Local Trial Heroes

While connected with other players, you will have access to up to 8 emotes. These are used to effectively communicate within levels without totally spoiling the puzzles for new players - no matter how much you want to shout out the solution.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Totem

Single player -The Lone Hero

Single player in Tri Force Heroes is awkward and tedious at best. At worst, it's an incredibly frustrating experience for the poor fool who tried to fly solo in a game so carefully balanced for three people.

While in Single Player Mode, you gain control of 2 additional characters. You can switch between them on the fly by tapping their respective portraits, but that's about all you get.

There are no balance changes to accommodate for the fractured reaction times of 3 figures being controlled by a sole entity. Let's not even get into trying to take on Challenge Levels on your own.

Hero's Call To Action

All heroes with pointed ears may qualify for the quest to save Hytopia from the fashion curse.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes releases in North America and Europe tomorrow, October 23rd, 2015.

Who's ready to save Hytopia and bring back the funk with your best costumes? Plan your trip to the Drablands in the comments below!

Nintendo's first-party release calendar 2015-2016 Fri, 16 Oct 2015 09:51:34 -0400 David Fisher

While Nintendo might not have the best reputation when it comes to third-party titles, their first-party lineup rarely fails to impress players. However, with many big titles being pushed further back each passing day, I've decided to compile this list of upcoming games that can tide you over until the next big Legend of Zelda or Star Fox hit!

Wii U

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Release Dates:

  • JP: April 29, 2015
  • NA/EU: December 4, 2015

Xenoblade Chronicles X is the latest title in Monolith Soft's Xeno series of video games. In it, players will be able to command their very own "Skells" ("Dolls" in the Japanese version). The game looks and feels much like its predecessor Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii and 3DS, but aims to take full advantage of the Wii U's hardware. Science-Fiction and Mecha fans will certainly want to keep their eye out for what looks to be a promising smash hit.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

Release Dates:

  • JP: November 21, 2015
  • EU: November 20, 2015
  • NA: November 13, 2015

One of the few games coming to North America before PAL releases, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is a virtual board game that bears similarities to the Mario Party series of games. The game requires amiibo cards and toys to play, and looks like a somewhat decent game. I mean, surely it can't be worse than Mario Party 10, right?

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Release Dates:

  • International: ~November 20th, 2015

One of Nintendo's least talked about titles, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash aims to add... something to the regular tennis formula. Previous Mario Tennis titles have seen Mario and co. getting special rackets, power-ups, and more. However, we have heard and seen nothing about Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash other than a 50-second teaser trailer where players pick up Mega Mushrooms. All we know is that this game will probably offer more of the same that we expect from Mario Sports games, and that's never a bad thing.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE

Release Dates:

  • JP: December 26, 2015
  • NA/EU: TBA 2016

Originally announced as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire EmblemGenei Ibun Roku #FE is a turn-based RPG that takes elements of the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem series, combining them into a colorful game centralized around music, swords, and demons. From what footage has been released so far, Genei Ibun Roku #FE looks like an over-the-top fun RPG that fans of either series will undoubtedly be excited to get their hands on.

The Legend of Zelda: Wii U

Release Date:

  • International: TBA 2016

If Nintendo had stuck to their original plans, we would be seeing a Wii U Legend of Zelda title flying off store shelves in the next few months. However, the game has since been pushed back to 2016. The game promises to include a massive overworld, non-linear gameplay, and more horse-riding action than previous Legend of Zelda titles. Let's just hope that those rumors about Twilight Princess HD are true so that it can tide us over until Zelda U is ready.

Pokken Tournament

Release Date: 

  • International: Spring 2016

Ever want to see Pokemon fight in a real-time environment, just like they do in the anime? Pokken Tournament is the game you've been waiting for. Similar to Namco's Tekken series, Pokken Tournament gives players control of a roster of familiar Pokemon as they relentlessly battle in circular arenas in true arcade fashion. This is looking to be one of the major Wii U titles in the foreseeable future post-2015.

Star Fox Zero

Release Date:

  • International: April 22, 2016

Another game that players were hoping to see in less than a month from now, Star Fox Zero has since been delayed until early next year. The game features classic on-rails and all-range modes that we have seen in games like Star Fox 64, but with all new dual-screen mechanics and transformation abilities. Hopefully - like Zelda U - the delays will improve the game beyond expectations.

Nintendo 3DS/New 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes

Release Dates:

  • JP: October 22, 2015
  • NA/EU: October 23, 2015
  • AUS: October 24, 2015

Tri-Force Heroes seeks to offer a more co-operative experience than the competitive nature of the Legend of Zelda: Four Sword series. In Tri-Force Heroes three heroes bearing a resemblance to Link set out across the kingdom of Hytopia to stop the evil Drablands Witch, who has put a curse of ugliness on the beautiful Princess Styla. The game looks to be much more whimsical than previous Legend of Zelda titles, and only time will tell if this game lives up to the franchise's standards.

Yo-Kai Watch

Release Dates:

  • JP: July 11, 2015
  • NA: November 6, 2015
  • AUS: December 5, 2015
  • EU: TBA 2016

A game that has recently trumped Pokemon in Japan for sales, Yo-Kai Watch aims to be the next big thing in childhood monster-catching. While it will be interesting to see whether or not Yo-Kai Watch has the same international success as Pokemon; if its sales are anything to go off of, Yo-Kai Watch might just be the go-to brand in the near future. Better watch out Pokemon Company!

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Release Dates:

  • JP: September 17, 2015
  • NA: November 20, 2015
  • EU/AUS: First-Half 2016

Speaking of Pokemon, the Pokemon Company seems to be carrying on with the success of its Mystery Dungeon spin-off series with Super Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will be the first Mystery Dungeon title to have all 721 Pokemon in full 3D. If dungeon crawling is your thing, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon might just be up your alley.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.

Release Dates:

  • JP: December 3, 2015
  • EU: December 4, 2015
  • AUS: December 10, 2015
  • NA: January 22, 2016

Following the trend of almost releasing every 3 years, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. is the 5th installment of both the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series. In this game, Mario and Luigi team up with Paper Mario to put all of the characters in the Paper Mario world back where they belong after Luigi trips over a mysterious book and lets them loose. Both series are known for their hilarious antics and timing focused turn-based RPG elements, and so seeing what Nintendo does with both series in the same game is sure to be interesting.

Hyrule Warriors: Legends

Release Dates:

  • JP: January 21, 2016
  • International: March 25, 2016

Hyrule Warriors: Legends is a 3DS port of the well-received Hyrule Warriors game on the Wii U. The game features everything that was found in the Hyrule Warriors Wii U title - including DLC maps and characters - as well as several new characters, maps, bosses, and battlegrounds. The game can also link up with the Wii U title to unlock all the characters added in the 3DS version, although other features may - or may not - be exclusive to Legends.

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest/Birthright

Release Dates:

  • JP: June 25, 2015
  • International: TBA 2016

The latest installment in Nintendo's Fire Emblem tactical strategy games, Fire Emblem Fates sees the player take control of their very own avatar who is torn between two sides - their adopted home, and their birth home - in a war orchestrated by an unknown force. The game features interesting new classes that seem to be based off feudal Japan or Europe depending on the game you choose.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Release Date:

  • International: TBA 2016

This game has received a lot of controversy since its reveal at E3 2015. However, the game still appears to be in development with a release date in 2016. The developers have since released information that the game will have both a single player element, and have Nintendo's leading lady - Samus Aran - make an appearance. We can only wait and see if this game will live up to the expectations of Metroid Prime fans.

Bravely Second: End Layer

Release Dates:

  • JP: April 23, 2015
  • International: TBA 2016

Bravely Second acts as the sequel to Bravely Default, a game that sought to bring back classic Final Fantasy elements that have not been seen in the series since the days of Final Fantasy games on the Super Nintendo. While not much information has been released about international distribution, it is known that the game will be arriving in other regions... eventually.

Will there be more?

That is the question on the minds of Nintendo fans. With the NX looking like it will be released in 2016, many of us will be wondering if the Wii U or 3DS will receive more first-party support before the next console comes around the corner.

Unfortunately, it looks like this might be the end of the foreseeable release calendar for now. These titles do look promising, though, so let's keep our heads held high and enjoy these first-party titles as they come!

Also, remember to keep this article on hand as I will update it whenever news comes around about new release dates and games in the future!

Zelda and The Late Show became one last night and it was glorious Wed, 14 Oct 2015 09:49:12 -0400 Ashley Shankle

If you happened to be watching The Late Show at the right time last night, you just might have gotten to see all 75 members of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of The Goddesses perform a medley of beloved tracks from The Legend of Zelda series.

How they fit 73 people on that stage is beyond me, but between the Tri-Force Heroes footage and gorgeous music, this is one piece of late night television any Zelda or even gaming fan should definitely check out. Has there been anything like this on American television before? Not to my knowledge, but hopefully it's not the last.

The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes, the game shown in the footage in The Late Show video, is slated to arrive on Nintendo 3DS systems on October 23rd.

10 Games to Look Forward to in October Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:24:07 -0400 Bryan C. Tan

Halo 5: Guardians

Master Chief returns, but this time he's missing.


In a 4-player cooperative epic that spans three worlds, you will have to hunt the truth in search of Master Chief while a mysterious and unstoppable force threatens the galaxy.


Two new multiplayer modes breathe new life into the storied franchise: Warzone brings in both friendly and enemy AI to mix up the experience with up to 24 players battling it out, while Arena gives players the competitive 4-vs-4 combat that we all know and love.


Choose your Guardians on Xbox One on October 27th.


What game are you excited about this October? 

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

While the next The Legend of Zelda game for consoles is still missing in action, fans of the franchise can keep themselves occupied with a Zelda game with not one Link, but three.


The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes lets three players team up via local or online multiplayer to cooperatively solve puzzles and battle bosses in inventive dungeons. Single players can also use paper dolls instead of real players to complete the team of three.


The new Totem mechanic lets the three Links stack themselves on top of each other to reach new locations and attack enemies on higher ground, while loot can be collected to create wearable outfits with different boosts and abilities.


With a visual style and top-down view reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between WorldsThe Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will surely give fans a satisfying sense of nostalgia.


Tri Force the Legend on Nintendo 3DS on October 23rd.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Another year, another Assassin's Creed; this time, we'll be jumping into haystacks all the way in jolly old Victorian England.


Set in 1868, twin siblings Jacob and Evie Frye travel to London to rally the underworld in the face of widespread corruption caused by the age of the Industrial Revolution. 


The birth of the modern age gives birth to all-new weapons and technology, such as brass knuckles, cane swords, and rope launchers to scale buildings in seconds and take enemies by surprise. Play as either protagonist, hijack carriages, and even brawl on top of them as you save London from Templar control.


Assassinate the Syndicate on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 23rd, and Windows on November 19th.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

What's Halloween without some horror?


This October marks the highly-anticipated return of Japanese cult horror franchise Fatal Frame with its first core entry since 2008. Utilizing the Wii U GamePad controller as your only defense, you will have to save yourself from hostile ghosts by taking photographs of them.


Three interconnected stories will converge uncovering the truth behind the history of death and darkness on Mount Hikami. Armed with the power of the Camera Obscura and the ability to see the shadows of spirits, you will have to survive a deadly stream of water flowing throughout the mountain while investigating the ruins of an eerie inn, a shrine filled with life-sized dolls, and a lake full of dead priestesses.


Capture Fatal Frame on Wii U on October 22nd.

Tales of Zestiria

The Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) genre is as strong as ever, as Bandai Namco celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Tales series with the fifteenth main entry.


Tales of Zestiria tells the story of a Shepherd named 'Sorey', blessed with powers by the mystical spirit race, the Seraphim, as he travels with his friends to free the land from creatures spawned by negative emotions. 


Improving upon the series' famed Linear Motion Battle System, Tales of Zestiria's seamlessly integrated Advanced Battle System lets certain characters fuse into a single entity in battle to deliver powerful attacks. With the help of Seraphim, you can discover diversified and huge environments throughout your adventure in the medieval fantasy open world.


Discover Zestiria on Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 on October 20th.

Life is Strange - Episode 5: Polarized

One of the most pleasant surprises of the year will be sadly coming to an end.


The fifth and final episode of Life is Strange will close the books on what has been a thrillingly dramatic adventure through Arcadia Bay, Oregon, in the shoes of charming protagonist Maxine Caulfield. Her power to rewind time has changed the course of her world, and only she has the power to prevent it from being stuck in time.


The choices made throughout the season will come full circle in the last episode, and different choices will lead to different endings. But while it might be the last time we will be entrenched in Max's story, the lovely soundtrack will be there to ease our sorrows.


Polarize the end on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 20th.

Guitar Hero Live

Talk about a comeback; we're getting a new Guitar Hero after five years!


Guitar Hero Live will introduce a revamped six-button guitar controller, two new innovative gameplay modes, and hundreds of new tracks. 


The new single-player GH Live mode gives you a first-person view of real crowds, real venues, and best of all, real reactions. If you're missing too many beats, your bandmates will be trying to give you a wake-up call, but if you're on fire, the cheers will be off the charts.


The most significant feature of Guitar Hero Live is Guitar Hero TV (GHTV), the world's first playable music video network. At anytime, you can pick a channel and discover new songs to play, earning in-game currency and leveling up to access Premium Shows. GHTV also lets you play with your friends locally or online all over the world, so the competition to be the best guitarist never stops, no matter your skill level.


Go Live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 20th.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone

Arguably the most popular family-friendly video game of this era will finally be getting a story, and it sure looks interesting.


Thanks to adventure game powerhouse Telltale Games, Minecraft: Story Mode will be coming into existence and giving players a different spin on the big, wide, pixelated world of Minecraft.


As a male or female hero named 'Jesse', you will have to save the world from oblivion by traversing through storied places such as the Overworld, the Nether, and the End in order to find the legendary Order of the Stone. Five episodes, tough decisions, and thrilling action will all be rolled into one for an an adventure of a lifetime through the world of Minecraft.


Minecraft your own story on Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 13th, and on iOS and Android on October 15th.

Rock Band 4

The band is back and it's ready for current-gen!


After three years of plastic instruments collecting dust in cupboards, Rock Band 4 will be stepping back on stage with upgraded wireless controllers, all-new single-player and multiplayer modes, and of course, brand-new tracks. More than 2000 songs will can be downloaded from the Rock Band Music Store, including those previously purchased at no additional cost.


In addition, Rock Band 4 will have backwards-compatibility for all last-gen controllers, so whether on lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, or vocals, all of us can once again get back to being rock stars.


Rock on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 6th.

Read Only Memories

Let's face it. Not all of us will make it to see what the world looks like fifty years from now; we might not even be able to make it to next year. But thanks to the wonders of technology, we won't need to wait very long for our first taste of the future.


Developed by Midboss, Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk adventure game set in 2064 Neo-San Francisco. As a young struggling journalist, you have to investigate and uncover the mystery of the disappearance of your friend, the creator of the world's first sapient robot, Turing.


Fast-paced puzzles, decisive dialogue choices, and an exciting world of side quests and character arcs await to be explored as you experience unique graphics and exotic sounds in a dystopian future. The inclusion of queer and diverse characters in meaningful roles brings the tense story of multiple paths and missed opportunities to life, and gives us a world that might not seem so different from ours at all.


Read Only Memories is out on Windows, Mac, and Linux on October 6th.

Deathly Hallows

As the first month of autumn draws to a close, most of us will have settled decently enough back into our regular routines of ample work and not a lot of play. On the other hand, the gaming industry is gearing up for the flurry of games ingrained in the annual holiday season.


But while it may not be time for shiny bells and tempting offers just yet, the changing weather brings with it winds of change to major franchises, old genres, and a host of thrilling, dramatic stories.


To help us in our transition to longer stays indoors, here are ten exciting games that will be bursting on the scene in the dark and stormy month of October.

Hyrule Gold New Nintendo 3DS XL Gamestop Exclusive - already sold out, Tri Force Heroes Bundle added Mon, 31 Aug 2015 20:59:02 -0400 Courtney Gamache

GameStop is giving Zelda fans around the world a gift of a New Nintendo 3DS XL themed in Hyrule Gold. This GameStop exclusive handheld device is set for pre-order until it's October 30th release date, for the price of $200. It's unfortunately already sold out, but will hopefully be back very soon.


Later today, GameStop officially added a Tri Force Heroes bundle for pre-order with this limited edition New Nintendo 3DS XL. The large price is $240. The single handheld console is sold out, and unsure when it'll be coming back for purchase alone. 

New Nintendo 3DS Features

Nintendo has added some new features in their New Nintendo 3DS XL model, specifically in hardware. While this New Nintendo 3DS will be themed after Hyrule, there are no games that come digitally with the handheld console, but it is bound to be limited-edition and loved by many collectors. Below is a full list of the upgrades and changes:

  • Face Tracking 3D
  • New controls, C stick
  • Built-in amiibo support, no add-on NFC reader needed
  • Faster processor

The New Nintendo 3DS XL does not however come with a charging cable, so buying one separately is required.

Just in time for Tri Force Heroes

The new highly anticipated edition in the Zelda franchise, Tri Force Heroes also releases in October, on the 23rd to beprecise. Featuring clever dungeons, multiplayer capabilities, and a great use of the 3D technology, the game is only releasing a week before the new Hyrule Gold New Nintendo 3DS XL.Do you plan on purchasing this New Nintendo 3DS XL or the bundle? Do you know of any collectors that would love to have this device? Share your thoughts below!

PAX Prime is approaching! Check out what Nintendo has in store for you! Tue, 25 Aug 2015 17:58:05 -0400 Steven Troya

PAX Prime starts on August 28th and Nintendo has plenty in store for everybody. Games like Super Mario MakerStar Fox Zero, and many other games.

Check out what Nintendo's doing at PAX Prime:

  • On August 29, you can check out Wyvern Theater at 2:30PM to see the Xenoblade Chronicles X panel. Here, you can see the inspiration of the game as well as take part in a Q&A session and concept art of the game.
  • From the beginning to the end of PAX Prime, you can try out the games such as Super Mario Maker, The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes and more.
  • There will be multiple tournaments out for Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and the latest Pokemon games, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.
  • You can also go to Sheraton Seattle Hotel to check out some Nindies games, chat developers, and play some games.

Don't forget that Nintendo will be hosting an event before the actual PAX Prime, so if you make it there early, you should check it out.

Release Date Announced: Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes Wed, 05 Aug 2015 20:18:52 -0400 Andrea Koenig

Will your hero be Red, Green, or Blue come this October? That's the question that so many Legend of Zelda fans need to be asking themselves as Nintendo announces an official release date for their new 3DS Zelda game: The Legend of Zelda: Triforce heroes on October 23, 2015 in North America and Europe. 

zelda costume

This upcoming action-adventure puzzle solver was announced to the public at E3 2015, where they showed players that their characters, on top of the red, green, or blue outfits that long-lived Zelda fans have come to know and enjoy, will also be able to strap on some other outfits that hold different purposes. The above Zelda dress can be comical for some, but the bomb suit below helps users designate weapon roles and heighten special abilities between their three heroes.

If you couldn't guess already, one of the anticipated features to this new addition to the Zelda family is playing via local and online multiplayer setups. Players must work together, taking away the competition aspect as Nintendo incorporates a special totem mechanic for you and your friends to work with. This helps to reach higher places in the game, defeat taller enemies, and find new, interesting ways to get through dungeon puzzles. 

Can't wait until October to order? The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes is currently available for preorder on Amazon right now.

Fallout 4 officially snags E3 Best of Show award Thu, 09 Jul 2015 19:38:34 -0400 Victor Ren

Along with it probably being the most anticipated game at E3, Fallout 4 took home the Best of Show honors for this year's E3 that was presented by game critics. In total, Fallout 4 walked away with 3 awards, joining Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to lead every other game shown during E3 in the awards category. 

Fallout 4 was nominated for 4 categories, and the victories came in for Best PC Game, Best of Show, and Best Role Playing Game. In comparison, Uncharted 4 was nominated for 3 and won Best Console Game and Best Action/Adventure Game. Another award was given to it as a commendation for its graphics. 

Some other games that also gained some recognition and were able to take home some decorations included Star Wars BattlefrontNo Man's Skyand FIFA 16

On the same note of gaining some bragging rights between games, Sony Computer Entertainment came out with the most wins with the games they showed off. second came EA, and third came Bethesda. The PlayStation 4 also had the most games on an individual platform that took home awards with 14, and the PC came second with 9.

No playable female characters in the Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Wed, 01 Jul 2015 05:29:11 -0400 Courtney Gamache

The newly anticipated hand-held installment in the Legend of Zelda franchise, Tri-Force Heroes, doesn't give the player a gender option citing story reasons.

Gender matters in this story

During an interview with the game director, Hiromasa Shikata, it was stated that this team based three-player Zelda game will not support the option of switching genders due to the storyline. IGN posed the question of playing as a woman in Tri-Force Heroes during E3 2015, and Shikata revealed some of the story in his explanation

The game's story begins in a kingdom in which the ruler calls for heroes to step forth onto a journey, and Link volunteers his efforts. Since Link is prominently a male character within the game, the option of gender switching isn't given as the story revolves around him

"The story calls for this sort of legend/prophecy where heroes will come together to help solve a problem,"

"And in that, they are male characters. So, because the game is set with that as the story background, you cannot choose a gender; you are a male character." - Hiromasa Shikata, E3 2015

This lack of gender options could rattle some feathers within the gaming community. There are, however, some feminine customization options within Tri-Force Heroes, which includes dressing Link in Princess Zelda's wardrobe. 

Shikata defended the new installment by identifying how many of their female employees are fond of the game already.

"I understand what you're saying, and just as general information, we do have a lot of female staff members who are playing this game and enjoying it,"

"It doesn't seem to be a big issue to them. They still are getting emotional investment in this game."

"[These aren't] the most masculine of guys in the world." - Hiromasa Shikata, E3 2015

Hopefully when Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes releases this fall on the Nintendo 3DS, many gamers can identify and also become "emotionally invested" in the game. If you're more interested in the new game, you can view my earlier article that gives a larger insight to the gameplay and specifics.

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes co-op mode is only playable with three people Sat, 20 Jun 2015 05:06:41 -0400 SwordandSorcery

For those of you who were hoping to play The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes with one other friend, you are out of luck. According to an interview with director Hiromasa Shikata earlier this week with Kotaku, the co-op mode that was announced at E3 2015 is only available to three people, due largely to puzzle design.

He also noted that should a player have to leave, a replacement must be found or the two remaining players must shift to single player mode.

Shikata sounds kind of like he's reading from the Book of Armaments in Monty Python and the Holy Grail:  "Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three." 

There is, however, a game mode capable of being played with two people (or three...but not four), called Colosseum, which is entirely competitive.

Is the game being rushed in development?

While Kotaku seems to think that the single player mode will be solid, some commenters seem to have worries about the game being rushed. 

Kotaku comment

Others even consider the lack of two player co-op a deal breaker.

The choice to design all the puzzles for three players, and to program single-player to work with these puzzles (with two controllable, mindless Links at a single player's disposal), but to not program a two-player function that operates similarly to the single player is just bizarre. Why not program separate puzzles for single, two, and three player modes, and a possible four player mode? Like a commenter above noted, this reeks of rushed development.

And a rushed Zelda game, or any game for that matter, is not a good game. We have known main series Zelda games to often be delayed by a few years, only to turn out so well that the extra time was truly worth it. I think this is a design choice worth reconsidering, given that a lot of people seem upset by it. 

Everyone 'won' E3 - If you play games, you win Fri, 19 Jun 2015 18:45:04 -0400 Michael Slevin

During and after E3, there tends to be a lot of analysis. Although I see no problem debating who had the best presentation, it is important to keep it all in perspective.

Yesterday I formed a list of the five games from E3 I am most excited for, and I realized that in my top 5 was at least one game from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Even though it can be fun to debate which company won E3, it would appear that video game players were the real winners.

Big three software lineups

From Xbox, we saw an incredibly strong first party lineup including Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Gears of War 4. These games, along with the new Microsoft IP Recore, have me incredibly excited as an Xbox One owner. Outside of software, we learned about backwards compatibility on Xbox One, a very consumer-friendly move that makes me feel respected as an owner of the console.

In the Sony conference, it was all about games. Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and let's not forget the Final Fantasy VII remake. Sony brought the games this year. Although many of them are not slated for 2015 release, it is a great time to own a PS4. Street Fighter V and Persona 5 will both be coming to PlayStation 4 this year, along with great third-party titles.

Even Nintendo, who by all accounts had a rough press conference, had exciting games to show off. The two that I am most excited for are Xenoblade Chronicles X and Super Mario Maker. At the very least, these games look great, but once you add Star Fox Zero and The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes you have a pretty decent 2015 lineup, with Zelda Wii U and Fire Emblem: Fates on the way in 2016.

Third-party support

Let's not forget the great third-party publishers' games. EA, who had an awful press conference, had Star Wars Battlefront. Ubisoft brought South Park: The Fractured but Whole, The Division, and Rainbow Six Siege. Square Enix brought the Final Fantasy VII remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Rise of the Tomb Raider amongst other great games. Of course Bethesda also brought a great game in Fallout 4, along with Doom and Dishonored 2.

The point that I am trying to make is that each company offered something great. It doesn't matter what platform you own or love, there is something for you and your fellow gamers. Even EA and Nintendo, who are thought to have had the worst conferences, had at least something great to offer.

Just remember that these companies are vying for your dollar, and that is a very good thing, as evidenced by this year's E3.

Nintendo E3 2015 recap Tue, 16 Jun 2015 09:03:01 -0400 Michael Slevin

The 2015 Digital direct opens with puppet versions of Iwata, Reggie, and Miyamoto transforming into Star Fox characters. It has begun.

If you didn't have time to watch, here's everything that Nintendo showed off at this year's E3.

Star Fox Zero 

Nintendo made a multitude of announcements today during their E3 presser, beginning with Star Fox Zero, the newest entry in the series. Packed with new vehicles and the beloved Star Fox crew, Star Fox Zero is slated for Holiday 2015. 

It was revealed that the GamePad will provide a cockpit view, providing a first-person view on the GamePad and a third-person view on your TV. 

Nintendo then went on to discuss amiibo, and a new partnership with Activision and their Skylanders franchise. Three Nintendo figures will be usable only on Skylanders Superchargers for Wii U, and will be usable in Nintendo games outside of Skylanders.

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

Then, a new game was announced, The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes for 3DS. This game allows players to work together, solving puzzles and dungeons. The game has the same visuals as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes received a Fall 2015 release window.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Nintendo detailed Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a Metroid game with 4 player co-op. Not much was really revealed, other than a 2016 release window. The game will be on 3DS and come with Blast Ball.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

We were then shown a trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X, in which the game received a 12/4/15 release date. With Zelda Wii U slated for 2016, Xenoblade Chronicles X will be one of the most anticipated Wii U games this year. 

Loads of misc. titles from familiar Nintendo faces

Nintendo went on to unveil Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival for Wii U, which is essentially Mario Party meets Animal Crossing. The game utilizes amiibo functionality, and new Animal Crossing amiibo are on their way for the new game. 

We then got a closer look at Yoshi's Wooly World. The game offers couch co-op and amiibo functionality. Yoshi's Wooly World also got a U.S. release date of October 16th, 2015.

Then, Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.,a game that combines Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario, was announced. This game looks really cool, and will release Spring 2016. 

A new Mario Tennis game was also announced, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. This game will come out in Q4 2015, which could mean holiday time of this year or early 2016. Not much here, it looks like a standard Mario Tennis game. Visually it looks pretty good, and will, if anything, beef up the Wii U library.

The next installment in the Fire Emblem series was then named for the west, Fire Emblem Fates. It will arrive in 2016. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will also release in 2016. 

Mario Maker

Nintendo then went in-depth with Super Mario Maker. We learned that Link, Marth, Isabelle, Yoshi, Luigi and Wii Fit Trainer will all be playable in Super Mario Maker via amiibo. Super Mario Maker will release in the U.S. on September 11th of this year.The next installment in the Fire Emblem series was then named for the west, 

No PokemonZelda Wii U, or true Metroid? The press conference left a lot to be desired, while offering some exciting games in 2016.

Out of what Nintendo has to offer this year, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Super Mario Maker look great. Star Fox Zero has me cautiously optimistic, however, I feel that it will come down to the controls and how the new vehicles make the player feel. 

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes has me excited as well, and the co-op should be very fun. But perhaps the reason I am truly unhappy with this press conference is because of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. I feel that this isn't quite what makes Metroid great. I haven't played the game so I have to reserve judgment, but based on what I saw this is not a Metroid entry that I wanted.