timesplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2, the sequel to Free Radical Design's PlayStation 2 launch title, once again sends players hurtling through time, as they battle the malevolent TimeSplitters in ten unique time periods, from the Wild West to a futuristic space station, and everything in between.

The game's story finds Cortez, the series' hero, on a quest to discover the origins of the TimeSplitters, an enigmatic group that travels through time causing trouble for the good people of Earth. Using the paradoxes of time travel to his advantage, the hero can regularly join up with past and future versions of himself, to fight the enemy as a team. A wide selection of historical, modern, and futuristic weapons is available, and environments feature destructible elements.

Platforms: PlayStation 2 Gamecube
Developer: Free Radical
Publisher: Eidos
Genre: ActionShooter
Release date: Unknown
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