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On April 28, indie developer Reflect Studios announced on Twitter that a Welcome to the Game sequel is coming.

Welcome to the Game is a horror puzzle simulation game released in June 2016. It's priced at $1.99 on Steam, and it has received very positive reviews over the year.

In the game, players browse the deep web on an interactive computer in search for the Red Room -- a part of the deep web that contains information on torture and murder, as well as requests to murder others. 

For the Welcome to the Game sequel, Reflect Studios will be teaming up with game developer and 3D artist Brian Clarke. He will be responsible for the game's assets. 

Meanwhile, Reflect Studios will be working on Rides With Strangers, another upcoming life simulation game that raised over $30,000 during its Kickstarter last year. You can read our demo review for that game now.

There are no further details about the Welcome to the Game sequel at this time. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all the latest news about Reflect Studios and their indie developments.