Zumba Fitness

Less of a workout and more of a party, the Zumba Fitness craze has helped millions of people shed unwanted weight through invigorating high-calorie-burning workouts. Now you can harness the benefits of Zumba right at home with this interactive exercise program. The one-of-a-kind Zumba model is based on easy-to-follow dance moves blended with addictive Latin and World Music rhythms.

Sculpt your body and burn excess fat with 30 routines designed and guided by Zumba creator Beto and an array of renowned Zumba instructors. Multiple skill levels help you learn the steps, then find more challenges as you go. The more precise your movements, the more electric the atmosphere gets.

Platforms: Wii Xbox 360
Developer: Pipeworks Software
Publisher: Majestic
Genre: CasualMusicSports
Release date: Unknown
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