5 Most Popular Age of Empires II HD Mods in the Steam Workshop

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#1 - Enhanced Blood

Who doesn't enjoy some extra bloody carnage on the battlefield? Well this mod from creator Silent Ape aims to deliver exactly that for Age of Empires 2 HD! With over 1000 modified sprites -- tons of bloody work was put into to deliver the best possible gore you can experience in this beloved game and with well over 1300 ratings it is one of the most downloaded mods for the game on the workshop.

Now imagine if you took all five of these mods and used them at once? You'd have a cleaner main menu design, the ability to add unique architectural designs for your different civilisations and the ability to have different looking generic units. All the while having this potentially set in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings universe with a bloody aftermath for all your epic battles thanks to this mod!

Kudos to you Silent Ape for delivering a simple, yet effective mod that anyone can enjoy. You can subscribe to it here! But for everything Age of Empires, modding, and possibly even blood and gore -- stay tuned to GameSkinny!

Published May. 4th 2017

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