Race Up To 40 People In NASCAR Heat Evolution

NASCAR Heat Evolution will allow you to race up to 40 other players within their online multiplayer.

Monster Games is no stranger to NASCAR racing, as they are known for developing classic NASCAR games like the original NASCAR Heat and NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona.

Teaming up with Monster Games is Sean Wilson, Executive Producer at Dusenberry Martin Racing. And he's taken to the Official PlayStation Blog to discuss more details about their upcoming game, NASCAR Heat Evolution, which is set for release on September 13.

In order to create a NASCAR game that lived up to everyone's expectations, the team had to push themselves to find innovative ways to create an in-depth, realistic NASCAR racing game. In order to do so, Sean stated that the game would need to feature:

"Extensive car tuning options, adaptive AI that adjusts to your skill level, in-depth Career and Championship modes to capture the exhilaration of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, and a new Challenge mode for those who want to step into the cockpit of their favorite drivers and recreate real-life history."

As you can see in their latest trailer (below), NASCAR Heat Evolution is committed to providing the players with the most realistic NASCAR experience possible. NASCAR Heat Evolution will allow you to race up to 40 other human players within its online multiplayer mode. With the power of the PlayStation 4 behind them and being the first NASCAR game on PS4, the team is able to provide players with experiences that they are yet to see in any other NASCAR game.

In order to accommodate 40-player online races, a new hosting system has been built to help prevent poor connection issues and hosts leaving. The new system has been built so that each online game’s data is hosted by a server. This will result in all race data coming from the server, so the entire racing experience will no longer be tied to any one player.

At launch, there will be three different lobbies available: No Rules, Normal, and Hosted.

  • No Rules: If you’re a beginner just looking to learn, bump, and crash (or you just want to bump and crash), the No Rules lobby is for you. This is a great place to practice, try things out, or just have a good time with friends.
  • Normal: For players who want to test their skills but are still looking for a good, clean, and friendly race.
  • Hosted: This lobby is for people who are more serious about racing. Race hosts will have the option to decide which level of player can join the race session. For example, if the host only wants racers level 5 or higher, he or she can set that parameter when creating the session. In addition, hosts have the right to boot players from their game.

Sean has also taken to the comments section of the trailer to clarify that only humans will be on the track during online racing mode. And unfortunately, the team didn't have enough time to add split-screen racing, so that feature is not available as of yet.

Are you excited to race up to 40 other players in NASCAR Heat Evolution? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Aug. 9th 2016

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