Jamie Lee Curtis attended BlizzCon incognito, donning a World of Warcraft costume

Jamie Lee Curtis attended BlizzCon 2015 this weekend in her favorite World of Warcraft character.

A famous actress from Hollywood, Jamie Lee Curtis, decided to attend BlizzCon last weekend. While she would have normally been swamped by people if she went without a costume, she donned a disguise to stay incognito.

Going Under the Radar

Jamie Lee Curtis decided to dress up as a World of Warcraft Forsaken character, so she could enjoy the event without being recognized. This isn't the first time Jamie Lee Curtis has gone to a popular convention in costume. Earlier in 2015 Curtis went to Evo dressed as a Street Fighter character. 

During the Evo event, Curtis went with her husband, son, and son's friends. It's presumed that at BlizzCon she went with her family and friends as well, since her son also dressed up for Evo. 

What do you think of Jamie Lee Curtis's costume for BlizzCon? Was it a slam dunk or a dud? Share your thoughts with me below!

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Published Nov. 9th 2015

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