Heavy Rain in PlayStation's forecast

Heavy Rain arrives on PS4 today (March 1. Unfourtuanetle there is no physical release palaneed for North America.

It's a good day for PlayStation fans, because Heavy Rain is available on PS4 today. Released in 2010 for PS3, this horror narrative is releasing on PSN digitally in North America. The game has been re-mastered and improved for this launch.

Heavy Rain is an interactive drama published exclusively for PlayStation. The game follows four characters and their interactions with the Origami Killer -- a serial killer who uses periods of extended rainfall to drown his victims. Players use the game pad to make decisions that drive the narrative. The game has several endings, and the main characters can be killed during the story. The film-noir story hasn’t lost its touch over time.

Heavy Rain was critically and commercially successful, selling over three million copies on PS3. Aside from the PS4 version of the game, a film adaptation is in development.

Those who purchase the developer's other title, Beyond: Two Souls, on PSN can download Heavy Rain discounted for $7.99. Heavy Rain is bundled with its first DLC Chronicles 1.

Several new features and improvements come with the PS4 version:

  • Enhanced Audio and visual effects. The game now runs at 1080p with improved lighting and shadows. The DualShock 4 speaker is also utilized while playing as the Entity
  • Highlights at the end of scene compare your choices to other players.
  • The game is playable in chronological order from the start. A fan requested feature for the PS3 version.

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two souls released as a physical combo set in several other territories. I'm not sure why America does not receive a physical version. It is always possible we see a physical release of the title later on. Whether you are rediscovering or playing for the first time, Heavy Rain PS4 looks great.


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Published Mar. 1st 2016

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