Lol you can see your butt in Dark Souls 3

The latest addition to the list of legendary video game glitches. A glitch lets you see your characters bottom in game.

Wow, this is just amazing. The Dark Souls series is normally known for its difficulty and somber tone. How surprising that we would get the most ridiculous glitch of 2016 from Dark Souls 3. Under the correct conditions, players can get a view of their character's bare backside.

It takes little set up to get the mooning to occur. Equip your character with a robe and have them bow or squat. You'll get a clear view of your bottom through a cut in the robe.

It's currently unknown if there are other ways to replicate the glitch. Considering butt glitch made it through to the final version. It wouldn't be surprising to find a few more glitches of variable effect in the game.

The glitch went viral on Twitter after a Japanese player posted a pic of his experience. The glitch doesn't cause any permanent damage and is safe for you to play around with.

For whatever reason, the glitch wasn't discovered before the Japanese launch. It's likely to be fixed by the time of the Dark Souls 3 North American release later this month.


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Published Apr. 29th 2016

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