PAX News: Mighty No. 9 in Kickstarter

At PAX Prime today, Keiji Inafune announced a new game in development, Mighty No. 9. Currently it's on Kickstarter, heading to be developed if fully funded by October 1st.

Today at PAX Prime in Seattle, the creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune announced a new project in mind. This project is called Mighty No. 9 and is currently requesting funding on Kickstarter.

Character, Beck

Within the game, Mighty No. 9, the main character will be called Beck, and is "the 9th in a line of powerful robots, and the only one not infected by a mysterious computer virus that has caused mechanized creatures the world over to go berserk."

Theres not much to be said about the game yet, or features but there is much speculation due to concept art. Based off the art, it definitely looks like a Mega Man game. The gameplay will be 2D and have side-scrolling movement. Based off the Kickstarter page, you will be able to steal items from your enemies, run, jump, blast, and transform. Definitely an older styled game that has new thoughts and will be made for the PC.

Kickstarter Details

For those of you who aren't going to check out their page, know that they're definitely offering a lot for you guys to be involved. Like with any Kickstarter, they will be taking money to help produce the game and will also be giving out many goodies for as much as you give. Some can be very extensive as for you to help design and enemy or have your face in the game. You'll know every step of the way how the game's going during development, with surveys and polls.

The idea based off the Kickstarter is to raise $900,000 by October 1st which only gives them 31 days, starting today! I sure hope they can get this all funded by the time, because it looks to be a very good game!

Editor's note: Mighty No. 9 has already been funded on Kickstarter as of September 2nd, 2013.

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Published Sep. 2nd 2013

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