INSOMNIA: The Ark's Launch Trailer

Take an early look at Object 6 -- the massive space station that makes up the world of dieselpunk RPG INSOMNIA: The Ark.

It's taken eight years for Russian developer Studio Mono to complete their dieselpunk RPG, INSOMNIA: The Ark, but it's finally ready for players to explore. The epic sci-fi game takes players to Object 6 -- a massive space station filled with people on a 400-year journey to find a new home. When the player awakes from cryogenic sleep they discover they are suffering from a rare disease -- and that they're also the key to saving humanity.

INSOMNIA: The Ark is a story-centric game where player choices matter. Players are free to explore the game their way, avoiding class restrictions and character grind. They will also feel the impact of their decisions, as the game features "points of no return" that will affect the story as they go on. This offers plenty of replay value to those who want it, with the possibility of discovering twelve different endings.

Sci-Fi RPG fans will be able to pick up INSOMNIA: The Ark via Steam on September 27, at a cost of $29.99 / £29.99 / €29.99.

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Published Sep. 25th 2018

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