Death Stranding Won't Be a PlayStation 4 Exclusive After All

Kojima Productions has confirmed that Death Stranding will be coming to this platform in 2020.

Death Stranding is possibly one of the most anticipated titles of 2019. Since its reveal, the Kojima Productions' game has been a PlayStation 4 exclusive. However, that's all set to change. 

Earlier today, Kojima Productions confirmed on Twitter that Death Stranding will also release on the PC in summer 2020. The game will be published by 505 Games, the company that published such hits as Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Control

505 Games also confirmed the news via Twitter about an hour after the tweet by Kojima Productions. No firm release date was shared by either 505 or KP. It is not yet known if Death Stranding will launch on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or a combination of several launchers. 

Hideo Kojima is certainly known for imbuing his games with a certain weirdness, though Death Stranding might be his weirdest, most unique title to date. While we don't know a ton about the game, we do know that it's set to release on the PS4 on November 8. 

Maybe then we'll know what infants have to do with putting the world back together, if that's even what's really going on. Until then, here's almost one hour of gameplay from the Tokyo Game Show. 


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Published Oct. 28th 2019

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