New Friends are Everywhere in No Man's Sky Companions Update

The No Man's Sky Companions update means there's a friend around every corner just waiting for a cuddle and some gene sequencing.

It gets lonely in space, but the No Man's Sky Companions update is here to fix that. The free Companions update is live now on all platforms and lets explorers make friends with the space oddities they find on their journeys.

Hello Games' Sean Murray said in a new PlayStation Blog post that players can tame any creature encountered in No Man's Sky and call them up whenever, even in the Space Anomaly.

Each companion has a distinct personality and communicates through a special link with the Exosuit. There's even a chance that, if they're raised with great care, companions will lay eggs and give birth to a new generation of friends.

But life in No Man's Sky isn't just about dressing your pets up with accessories and stickers (editor's note: it is, actually). There's work to do, and these companions are here to help. They'll explore alongside their human friends, complete chores, and even don some shoulder lasers to take out Sentinel threats.

No Man's Sky also includes a scientific component to the companion relationship, with gene sequencing and genetic customization for greater control over the future generations of space pals.

If you still haven't taken the leap into procedurally generated worlds unknown, now's the time to do it. No Man's Sky has more to offer than ever before, and it's also on sale in the PlayStation Store's Double Discounts sale.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


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Published Feb. 17th 2021

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