Star Wars Open World Kickstarter canceled

Star Wars Open World Kickstarter has been canceled. It is probably for the best.

Devin Tripp, a 20-year-old Star Wars fanatic, has canceled his Kickstarter campaign for an open-world Star Wars RPG. He asked for $200,000 to make this project a reality. According to a report from Kotaku, Tripp said he was “not a very good programmer” and “an even worse artist.” Before the Kickstarter was closed down, he had raised around $18,000. That's not too shabby, considering he obviously needs more experience before taking on such a hefty project.

Tripp wrote a Kickstarter update from his mobile phone in a bar (not a great star here), saying he was taking the campaign down out of respect for Disney and that he was never approached by them to take it down. His update is full of apologies to Disney and clearing up any rumors about him contacting them about the game.

You can read his unedited update here:

“Hello Everyone...

I'd like to start off by saying I'm sorry to Disney for using their logo and name. Having said that, I find it very disturbing that you want to report me to them. As if they didn't already know. You truly want to see some be in debt for the wrest of their life because they had a dream for a video game that they never created. Very selfish, and very ironic. Disney was created because Walt Disney had a dream, was it not? I find it ironic because on a lot of the news and the forums there was a quote from something I said. It read " I have talked to Disney, and they have informed me to contact Lucas arts". I believe most of you said quote " that's like a father telling the kid to go ask their mother because they do not want to deal with them." Yet I recieved emails from random people basically telling their dad to send me to timeout because they don't like me.

Secondly, I am taking this kick starter down myself. Disney has not contacted me to tell me to shut it down for those of you who think you own Disney. I am taking this kick starter down, because I very much respect Disney, and I do not want this to get to big. I love all their pirates of the Caribbean movies. I always wanted to be captain jack, but I think Mr. Depp is to good to be replaced. I have faith that somewhere in the future, a game like the one I described, will be made by Disney/EA/LucasFilms/Bioware or whoever is going to do it.

Thirdly I know my spelling and grammar sucks, but all you need is the force and you will do ok in life. I wrote the entire thing on my phone while in Childress Texas with a JUAN bar. So I did not care for spelling mistakes, because of that and I really didn't think I'd actually be doing this. As many of you pointed out I am highly unqualified. The point of this whole Kickstarter is to not let your dreams be dreams. Don't say tomorrow just do it.

-Devin Tripp”


Happy to be a gamer!

Published Jan. 8th 2016
  • Mackenzie Lambert_5420
    Can't say anyone should be surprised by this. The Mouse would never let this fly.

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