New Update for Star Fox Guard Released

The update balances player-created robot squads and extends the online lifespan of player creations.

Nintendo released a patch for its Star Fox-themed tower defense game, Star Fox Guard. The patch does not affect the main and extra missions, but focuses on balancing player-created robot squads. Also included in the update are extensions to the time player-created robot squads and replay data are kept on Nintendo servers before facing deletion. 

Overall, certain robots will be seeing a boost to their performance. Snailblazers received an increase in strength, while the Drill Ho-Ho and K.O.F. Unit both received a boost in their speed. The B.O.O. Unit's cost in chaos points has been decreased as well to make it just a little cheaper.

Of course, it's not all buffs and boosts in Star Fox Guard's latest update. The Jumprella's combat point cost increased, and the P.O.P. Unit's yellow and red forms both received a reduction in speed.

In good news outside of gameplay, Nintendo is adjusting the time that player-created robot squads and replay data remain on servers. For both squads and replay data, their availability on Nintendo servers has nearly doubled.  

The adjustments should improve the overall experience for those trying to put together the perfect squad to spoil someone's defenses. Add to that the server-side adjustments to squad/replay data retention, and fans of Star Fox Guard can expect much more to play with online. Full details of the patch can be seen here.


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Published May. 29th 2016

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