11 Best Hearthstone Cards from The Boomsday Project for Standard

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All the fans of Goblins vs. Gnomes set can cheer up, as the new Hearthstone expansion returns to the theme of Mechs and is titled "The Boomsday Project." It includes 135 new cards and is set for a release date of August 7.

A couple of new mechanics have been introduced as well, such as Magnetic, which allows certain Mechs to merge, and Omega, which triggers extra powerful effects when players reach ten mana crystals.

This opens up a lot of new opportunities for deck-building, and if you're a Standard laddering enthusiast, then you need to be sure which cards will be the best in this meta.

Follow our guide for 11 of the best standard cards from The Boomsday Project, including:

  • 2 common cards
  • 4 epic cards
  • 5 legendary cards

Biology Project

Cheap ramp is back in Hearthstone! Many non-Druid players will now have a lot of trouble playing against an already top-tier class.

Surely, this card is a double-edged sword, and accelerates your opponent's mana base, too. But Big Druid decks don't care about the opponent's mana base -- all they want is to get faster to that magical ten mana number, and the game is over in their favor.

Biology Project is even better than the pre-nerf Innervate, because it let's you keep the mana crystals, which is essential for ramp decks. And with the introduction of the Omega cards, this will be one of the most overpowered cards in any Druid archetype.

Lab Recruiter

Rogue players get a significant boost to the Gang Up spell, as now it's attached to a 3/2 body. Just imagine playing this on Fal'dorei Strider and summoning nine more spiders from your deck.

Another fantastic possibility is combining it with Cavern Shinyfinder and Kingsbane. As a result, you will literally have no problem finding your weapon anymore.

Lastly, what Mill Rogue would do without this card? When it comes to fatigue this card can single-handedly win you the game by putting more copies of friendly minions in your deck. And this is just a short list of all the things you could do with this great card.


Academic Espionage

Here is another potentially broken card for Rogue class. If you can play it on turn one with the help of Preparation, there is a big chance that you will most likely never fatigue during your matchup (especially if you have two copies of it in your deck).

All you are left at this point is to draw as many cards as you can with the help of Sprint and Elven Minstrel. Then, you can play all those cards in one turn, since they will cost only one mana each.

Of course, you could get some bad cards too in the process, but when they cost so little, it won't matter anymore.

Juicy Psychmelon

Essentially, Juicy Psychmelon is a 4-mana card that draws you four cards, which is absolutely broken when you think about it. Yes, it's limited to expensive cards only, but when you play Big Druid, big cards is really all you have.

Even if it draws you only two or three cards, it's still incredibly valuable. Taking into consideration the new ramp spell, Biology Project, Druid can now get to seven mana in just two to three turns depending on the coin. This means that you can then draw your big cards and play them on turn four already.

So Blizzard really just gave us another reason to play Druid these few coming months!


Reckless Experimenter

Priest is getting a couple of strong cards, too. Reckless Experimenter, for example, offers a whole myriad of possible combos with such cards like Voodoo Doll, Devilsaur Egg, and Carnivorous Cube.

But that's only the beginning! You can now draw cards for free with the help of Loot Hoarder and Bloodmage Thalnos, or gain free armor with Plated Beetle, and so on and so forth. The possibilities are limited only by the number of deathrattle cards in Standard and your imagination.

Some of the new Mech synergies from The Boomsday Project will also help this card stand firm in the new meta.

Dreampetal Florist

What makes this card extremely powerful is the repeatable effect that reduces the cost of minions in your hand by seven mana. This means that if your opponent doesn't have the means to remove it right away, it will keep reducing the cost of your minions.

This card will do wonders in combination with Juicy Psychmelon and Drakkari Enchanter that will make it trigger twice. Just imagine having 1-mana Lich King, 2-mana Hadronox and 2-mana Malygos all in your hand.

All this does look really good, but any experienced Hearthstone player will sense an incoming nerf, so be prepared for that as well.


Flobbidinous Floop

This new legendary Druid card will make sure that the Malygos Druid deck will stay on top of the tier list for at least a few more seasons before the release of the next expansion.

It allows you to play Malygos and then follow it up with another one but only for four mana. A huge upside of the Flobbidinous Floop is that it doesn't have to be played that same turn.

So even if your opponent removes the original Malygos, you can still play the Floop next turn and win the game with that massive +5 Spell Damage.

Whizbang the Wonderful

Whizbang is a perfect legendary card for beginner players! You can make up any deck with 30 cards, which should include Whizbang the Wonderful. As a result, it will turn your deck into one of the 18 available deck recipes in Hearthstone, regardless of the fact whether you have the required cards or not.

So, if you're a budget player, or a new player, but you have enough dust for one legendary card, then you probably should craft Whizbang above all others from The Boomsday Project.

It will let you play with other expensive cards and help you understand meta better.



Among all the great number of keywords printed on Zilliax, Magnetic is probably the most important one. On its own it's still pretty good, but if you can buff another Mech on board with all these effects, then you will end up with an absolutely OP card.

It combines well with Corpsetaker as well, and basically serves as the neutral Al'akir the Windlord for three less mana, but without the Windfury effect. This could be a great card for Mech Hunter that simply begs for heal effects.

All in all, Zilliax is not a must-have legendary, but in the right deck it will be an indispensable card.

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

Dr. Boom is back! This time in the form of an alternate hero with five different hero powers that change each turn. The battlecry is probably the most significant feature of this card, which gives all your minions Rush. It isn't Charge, but you will be able to attack enemy minions right away.

This is undoubtedly the most powerful card in The Boomsday Project, and all Warrior players would want to have it. Not sure, if it will replace the Garrosh alt-hero, but there is a big chance that these two legendaries will be combined in one deck for flexibility.

If you want to be aggressive, play Dr. Boom, and if you need to be in a control mode, then play Garrosh.

Luna's Pocket Galaxy

Overpowered is the word that comes to mind when looking at this legendary Mage spell. Just imagine making your Antonidas or Alexstraza cost one mana, without even mentioning the possible discovery of the Luna's Pocket Galaxy through Primordial Glyph.

However, note that this spell doesn't mention the minions in your hand, but only the ones in your deck. So if you already have your expensive combo pieces in hand, then it wouldn't matter too much.

In any case, this card will do a lot of damage in the upcoming seasons, so be prepared to witness some of the most explosive turns in the history of Hearthstone.


Share your thoughts below on your favorite cards from The Boomsday Project, and for other Hearthstone guides at GameSkinny, check out the list below:

Published Aug. 2nd 2018


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