Final Fantasy XIV: Lodestone Beta is live!

@FF_XIV_EN Just tweeted that A Realm Reborn Lodestone Beta version is live.


Try out the new Lodestone (Beta version)! We can't wait to hear your feedback! NA: EU:


The new Final Fantasy Lodestone Beta version is live! I've been trying all week to fix my account information on the old Lodestone forums because I never actually got around to posting on there during 1.0. However, the forums will not allow you to register a main character from 1.0 anymore, so I could only browse the forums while logged out. Good news though! Now as a Beta player, I can use the new forums!

What does this mean?

As far as I can tell, the original forums are going to remain active for now. However, I suspect they'll get transferred into the new Lodestone once A Realm Reborn goes live. Right now, the only individuals who can use the new forums are those with active characters in the current Beta. So if you have yet to take part in the phase 3 Beta you will not be able to log in. This goes for 1.0 players as well; I figured this out when my second account, which I did not use in phase 3 of the Beta, was not allowed to log in because it told me I had no characters. Any of you who have been using the 1.0 forums but have yet to take part in the phase 3 Beta might want to look into doing that this weekend so you can use the new forums.

Published Jun. 19th 2013
  • Kazemusha
    The new Lodestone reflects the beauty of what I've seen in the FFXIV Phase 3 beta. It's just awesome :3
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    the new one is basically just modeled after the new launcher

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