Cross-Buy: Not enough effort behind it?

Why has cross-compatibility become such an unspoken phenomenon, when concerning eighth generation consoles?

With the recent announcement of Dragon Age: Inquisition's DLC, The Jaws of Hakkon, achieving "cross-buy functionality", I have to wonder why this game in particular is able to do this.

I am by no means saying that Dragon Age: Inquisition is not worthy of such a feat but there are some forms of "cross-buy functionality" that would increasingly improve the digital stores of the newest generation of game systems. One time in particular I found that the PSN card that I have redeemed on the PSN network on my PS4 did not cross over to the same account on my PS3. I have also heard similar stories on instances like this from my friends with the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The fact that DLC can be officially deemed as cross-buy compatible, files that are likely much more complex and difficult to code than the simpler concept of online credit seems a little odd to me.

However the sign that DLC is able to become "cross-buy" might mean that it might be a stepping-stone toward more games becoming cross compatible among the eight and seventh generation consoles. It seems only time will tell to see what possibilities of cross-compatibilities can become reality.


I'm a recent graduate from Kenyon College with an English Major, emphasis in Creative Writing, and a History Minor. I love video games passionately. I love most games, a little iffy on Sport Games. The first game I can remember playing was either Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 or the first Harry Potter computer game. The first console/gaming device I can remember owning was a Gameboy Advance and I loved my Pokemon Silver game to death.

Published Jun. 1st 2015
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    The real answer for why we haven't seen a ton of cross-buy is one simple thing: greed. I hate to be Negative Nancy (we've had more than enough negative posts/comments as is) to this development, but I cannot think of a single game that wouldn't have benefited from digital cross-buy. So many more people would feel at ease buying something like Battlefield Hardline or Destiny, and know that it would be on their next system. This wouldn't apply to remasters, but cross-gen games should have had this from the get-go, IMO.
  • Dalton White I
    yeah I definitely understand the logical business sense behind it, but I think it also makes some logical sense to allow cross-buy in order to win over the fans, to gain more approval from fans and new customers. I know its idealistic to ask for more, but the convenience for gamers could help with business, I think, at a certain point.

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