The 11 Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2016

Last Year: The Nightmare

You might be doing a double take looking at the last slide and then continuing on to this one. That's because it's literally the same idea about the same characters – just without the name Jason Vorhees. Just which one was announced and in development first is a point of contention for the developers behind both games, who have unfortunately been feuding.

There's been cease and desists, canceled and reactivated crowd funding campaigns, redesigned enemies without hockey masks and a whole lot of online bluster. The status of the game is actually a bit up in the air, as the developer is now only sending updates to those who originally backed the project, with no major announcements coming to the wider world.

All that nonsense aside, I'm just glad we're getting more horror games, and I hope at least one of these manages to succeed and show us some unique gameplay twists we didn't see coming.

Published Nov. 12th 2015

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