[Interview] Jesse Sosa on Dinosaur Games, MechKnight, and Office Cats

"We looked at the state of the industry and decided it was time... I knew that as long as I was comfortable I wouldn't take the risks needed."

Jesse was kind enough to re-record an interview with us after audio gremlins ate our interview with the Dinosaur games team at PAX East.

The up side to that audio snafu is that since PAX, MechKnight Chronicles has been put up for Green Light on Steam, so now we can chat about that experience too. 


  • 00:35 Jesse tells the Dinosaur Games origin story
  • 3:10 Office Cat Interrupts Serious Business
  • 4:00 Discussing visual style of Mechknight with game footage overlay
  • 6:37 Combat design in Mechknight
  • 8:50 Jesse makes me feel better about being a button masher
  • 9:55 Jesse talks release dates for Mechknight

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Published Apr. 26th 2013

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