(Rumor) New PS4 Games to be Revealed Thursday Night?

Thursday night's PS4 All Access will be revealing some unannounced games

Viacom owned cable network SpikeTV is known for getting world premieres of games during its annual VGA awards. This Thursday night they will be airing a live event from New York City called PS4 All Access. 

There's been rumors that new games would be announced after host Geoff Keighley replied to this Twitter question on October 31st...


The rumors seem to be getting stronger as today some Gametrailers staff (also owned by Viacom) have been murmuring about some big announcements.

Here's what has been confirmed so far in terms of planned announcements for PS4 All Access. 

  • Last of Us Story DLC, as confirmed by IGN.
  • Hideo Kojima will be there live to make an announcement, which we know is the outed MGS:V Playstation exclusive content I reported on here.
  • A look at Destiny and likely a reveal at what the Playstation exclusive content for that game is.

Just a couple hours ago, Keighley posted this video of Shuhei Yoshida, genuinely surprised by a PS4 anouncement made during the taped portion of PS4 All Access. So let's play the speculation game!

  • We know Bethesda is working on a major game that isn't Elder Scrolls Online... there's been heavy rumors that they are working on Fallout 4 for next gen.
  • Naughty Dog has already revealed on Reddit that they are working on a PS4 title, we'll likely get a taste after the Last of Us DLC reveal.
  • Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has hinted he will be at the event and Capcom already released a PS4 focused Hadouken Cabs viral video I reported on here. Capcom also confirmed there will be an Ultra Street Fighter IV announcement this week.
  • There's a new game studio from 2K with Rod Fergusson (the former director of production at Epic games) at the lead... but it might be a little too early for them to announce anything.

So what do you guys think? Are there any other major game studios that have been too quiet lately. We know that Namco has been slowly working on Tekken X Street Fighter and could have something ready to show. 

We'll find out in just a little over a day. For those that don't have cable, you can watch the event live on Sony's Ustream.

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