Minecraft Dungeons Celebrates 10 Million Players with New DLC

Minecraft Dungeons just keeps getting bigger, with more players than ever before and some brand-new DLC on the way.

Minecraft Dungeons has reached over 10 million players since releasing in May 2020. The news comes just a couple of weeks before Minecraft Dungeons' latest DLC, Flames of the Nether, releases on February 24.

Mojang included some extra details about what these millions of players have been up to. They've defeated the Arch-Illager more than 5 million times and the Redstone Monstrosity more than 7 million times, with over 100 million multiplayer sessions logged so far.

As a celebration, Mojang announced a new cape and a new pet will be added to existing players' inventories as free DLC on February 24.

Ancient Hunts, another free update, goes live February 24 with new endgame challenges against Ancient mobs that reward players with top-tier Gilded equipment should they vanquish these mobs.

That's also the day Minecraft Dungeons Flames of the Nether becomes available. It won't be free — Mojang hasn't announced a price yet — but it adds six new missions, a twist on existing biomes, and plenty of new gear and artifacts.

All three updates will be available across each platform at the same time.

[Source: Mojang, Destructoid]


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Published Feb. 10th 2021

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