Begin Your Conquest: Best Gods for Beginner SMITE Players

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So, you want to play SMITE? Well, if you've been following this year's HRX we really don't blame you for wanting to jump in on all the fun especially with the latest patches, the introduction of The Morrigan and the newest Celtic Pantheon.

There's a lot of fun to be had but it's also easy to be intimidated. I mean, there are dozens of Gods all equipped with different attacks, power types, classifications and damage/defense levels and 9 Pantheons to choose from so it's understandable. However, understanding the basics and who is who is vital.

First off, SMITE is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) that is composed of several game modes and has five basic roles that can be filled by the Gods of your choice. Those roles include; the solo, the mid, the support, the jungler and the carry.

So who is the best for each role? While this can be a matter of opinion, there is a popular consensus, so keep reading to find out our 5 best picks that will have you well on your way to total conquest -- or at least not an epic fail.

The Solo

God of Choice: Vamana
Pantheon: Hindu

Vamana may be little but he will make a huge difference in the role of a first time solo player.

Solo's main purpose is crowd control. They are meant to hold back all enemy players and minions on their lane and because he has a melee attack type, Vamana is ideal.

Possessing abilities with straightforward target shots and an easy to use Clear the Path, when you're faced with the overwhelming task of taking down enemies for the sake of the group, Vamana certainly delivers.

The Mid

God of Choice: Ra
Pantheon: Egypt

May the power of Ra compel you to pick this Egyptian Mage when it comes to being thrown into the middle of battle. Since you are in the thick of things and are mainly concerned with clearing the tower you want a God that has a powerful area of effect.

As a Mage, Ra possess magic, and magic means range. Range leads to an easier time of keeping enemies at length as well as clearing them out without risking hand to hand battle that a physical type God would require. 

The Support

God of Choice: Athena
Pantheon: Greek

To protect, ward, and dominate; the support is one of the most complex roles in SMITE no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. It's highly demanding as you are the main caretaker of the group so what better God to fill the role than the Mother of Wisdom, Craft and War? Athena is a force to be reckoned with especially when one of her teammates are being attacked.

Through her Preemptive Strike she will dash through minions and attack the first god in her sight, and with her Defender of Olympus she can launch herself to an allied god providing back up as well as giving them the power to mitigate up to 20% of the damage they're taking.

Note: as Support it is such a multi-faceted part of the game, practically any god is ideal for the role, but we feel that Athena is among the best suited.

The Jungler

God of Choice: Kali
Pantheon: Hindu

Often this role is misspelled and you will see "juggler" instead, but it is understandable as often in this role you will find yourself being juggled all across the map by your teammates. In this role, you'll find yourself killing off AI monsters, clearing out camps and then subsequently guarding them from being taken over again. Note, while there are tasks put before the jungler, you'll often be subjected to any call for help your teammates may send for.

Luckily, Kali has more than enough hands to handle this high pressure role and with an average difficulty level, as a first time player you'll be able to keep a fairly level head.

The Carry

God of Choice: Neith
Pantheon: Egypt

To be The Carry, you have one main job and that's to kill, so why not pick the Weaver of Fate and Egyptian huntress?

While Neith has high level powers including crowd control and sustain, she has a very easy difficulty level making her an ideal pick. Carrying your team to victory will be less of a hassle with this goddess and with your teammates hopefully feeding you kills throughout the gameplay, this huntress will seal a fateful victory.

One last thing! While you are now armed with knowledge to help your first game go a bit smoother, in order to be completely successful in SMITE transition is key.

Knowing your role is important but being able to transition from conservative solo to utility god at any point in time, especially as the game progresses will ensure you a swift victory.

Now, go forth into the world of the online battle arenas and good luck my future SMITE player.

May the Gods favour you!

Published Jan. 8th 2017


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