Nintendo Announces 2DS - A Flat 3DS With No 3D

Nintendo announces their new handheld, the 2DS

Having just bought my 3DS XL last week, I wasn't terribly pleased to see that Nintendo announced their upcoming handheld, the 2DS. 

Then I saw what it actually looks like.

With no 3D capabilities, the 2DS is the new entry-level handheld which will come in on the market at $129.99. Considering the price of the 3DS, $169.99, this is a great entry price that has a fairly decent chance of competing with the recently lowered Vita, which was reduced to $199 on August 21st.

The 2DS will be able to play both DS and 3DS games (without the 3D, as mentioned) and features this flat tablet-like design. It also has all of the other features of a 3DS, including WiFi and local multiplayer.

Set to launch in October, this handheld only has one speaker, but has full stereo sound through its audio jack.

IGN says that

According to Fils-Aime, the idea for the 2DS came from wanting to appeal to younger consumers, as the standard 3DS is aimed at players age seven and up.

This move makes Nintendo one of the leading sellers to audiences younger than seven--if not the only.

The low price point and lack of 3D capability, which causes headaches in some users, makes this an outstanding choice for parents with younger children.

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Published Aug. 28th 2013
  • Lui Galletto
    Hmm might consider this... how well does the 3D work on the regular one? Is it worth the extra $40?
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    The clunkyness of the device itself is a turnoff, then again I have a 3DS so I don't need one lol
  • Ryan Chizmar
    Featured Correspondent
    But I think that's just it, people like us would get the 3DS and then parents can get the 2DS for their children. It's a smart move by Nintendo because not only is it only in 2D it's also $40 cheaper than the 3DS, making parents more willing to get it for the little ones.
  • Ryan Chizmar
    Featured Correspondent
    Woah, that looks...funky. It's a smart move though because this way parents won't have to worry about their child getting sick from the 3D option (although I'm pretty sure you can turn it off in the settings of the 3DS, but some parents might not know how to do that). Also with it being flat, I guess you don't have to worry about the hinge breaking? Then again you have to worry about the buttons and the slider more... Either way, I still think it's a good idea since it's aimed at younger children.

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