Gotta Get Gat! Saints Row IV GATV DLC Free Today Only On Steam

Get the Jonny Gat look for FREE, today only!

Although Grand Theft Auto V today marks its place in gaming history as the highest ranked game of all time, rival Saints Row IV is making sure it isn't edged entirely out of the news. For today only you can own the GAT V (not "GTAV") pack for FREE via Steam.

Go Jonny, Go!

The pack commemorates Saints Row series stalwart, Jonny Gat, by enabling players to don on his trademark tight-fitting leather jacket and slicked back hair. Furthermore, included in the pack is some heavy weaponry, namely the Reynolds .50 Heavy Machine Gun, and a weapon that launches a myriad knives at your enemy. You'll be looking sharper than ever before.

But wait, there's more! You'll also receive the only official Aisha outfit for your character; a stylish purple jacket, boob tube, silver boots, and black denim hot-pants combo, available for both men and women.

The GAT V DLC content in action. Screenshot: Courtesy of Deep Silver.

Even if you do miss out on today's giveaway, the pack will be available on both PC and console for $2.99 thereafter.

 Saints Row 4 GAT V DLC is available to download for FREE until September 18th 2013 on Steam.

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Published Sep. 17th 2013

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