Nemesis Will Find You in Resident Evil 3 Remake [Update]

Safe rooms are no longer safe, zombies work in groups, and the city is bigger than ever in Resident Evil 3 remake.

[Update 3/6]: It turns out the idea of Nemesis busting into safe rooms was actually a misunderstanding. The Official Xbox Magazine writer stated Nemesis followed Jill into a room with a typewriter, but that room isn't actually a safe room. However, unlike Mr X, Nemesis will bust down doors and overcome obstacles to find Jill.

The original story follows below.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake is out April 3, and we're getting some more details about what's different this time around. The Official Xbox Magazine's April issue goes in-depth on Resident Evil 3 remake and dishes tons of information about how the experience changed for the modern version of the horror classic.

One of the biggest details? Nemesis follows you into safe rooms now. His AI is also vastly improved and responds in different ways depending on environmental contexts. However, it's not all 100% chase Jill and kill with Nemesis. Capcom says that would get boring fast, so there are certain in-game reasons for why Nemesis won't follow or try to kill you at specific points.

When you do confront him after major story events, though, you get the chance for rare items should you manage to knock him out temporarily.

Nemesis himself gets more of the spotlight in the remake. We know the Resident Evil 3 remake doesn't include alternate endings like the original does. However, it explores more of Jill's character and background, her relationship to Nemesis — in other words, why he's so determined to destroy her — and the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service as well.

Carlos doesn't get his own campaign, though he's playable at times and has a bigger role overall.

Raccoon City is, as we knew, bigger and better than ever before. It's full of side content, more monsters — including spiders, Hunter Betas, and Grave Digger — alternate routes and shortcuts you can take, and smarter zombies. Zombie AI was improved so their behavior changes depending on what's around them, and they sometimes work together in groups too.

Finally, you'll get access to the city's subway as a form of fast travel, which is handy because there will be optional backtracking that grants you special items and gear should you be brave enough to risk it.

If you don't have a magazine subscription, you can check out a detailed summary of important points on Reddit.

After the short Resident Evil 3 remake livestream earlier this week, we're super-psyched for the game. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Resident Evil 3 remake news as we shamble ever closer to launch.


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Published Mar. 6th 2020

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