Rambo, John McClane Hear The Call of Duty in Black Ops: Cold War Mid-Season Update

Rambo and John McClane are the latest operators to be added to Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War in the mid-season update.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has a distinct style to it, reminiscent of the era in which it's set. Going along with that style in the latest mid-season update, two '80s action heroes have made their way into the Call of Duty franchise: John Rambo and John McClane. 

The two characters will also be added to Call of Duty: Mobile, and players can start wreaking havoc and yelling yippee-kai-ya with both of these new operators in both games today. A trailer was also released to go along with the announcement, showcasing new weapons like a Combat Bow and points of interest like Nakatomi Plaza. The trailer can be seen below.

A ballistic knife has also been added as a weapon for Warzone, while on the multiplayer side of things, Cold War players can look forward to two new maps, new game modes, and a new main quest for zombies. 

Just don't try to claim "Warzone Victory" barefoot, and make sure to keep a gun taped to your back if your caught without a weapon and need a backup (all puns intended). 


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Published May. 20th 2021

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