The Sims 4: 'Cool Kitchen Stuff' expansion pack coming August 11

The Sims 4 is releasing yet another expansion for all the Sims fans out there. It'll give your Sim more variety during chow time and is sure to be a huge change for Sims in the cooking career.

Sims love to eat, right? It's a great way to sit and socialize with friends and family. A love for eating doesn't necessarily mean it comes with a love for cooking (depending on skill level, mood, traits, and age), but on August 11, Sims everywhere will be able to cook foods of a different variety - and with an assortment of new kitchen appliances (stainless steel, for example) and furnishings for both dining rooms and kitchens.

According to, the new The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff  will make breakfast, lunch and dinner so much better now that Sims will be able to cook new dishes. Also, the expansion comes with new outfits and hairstyles for the chef in your Sim and an ice cream maker with 30 flavors and toppings like sprinkles, banana slices and whipped cream that will affect Sims' moods and feelings in 30 different ways, whether it be with gelato or soft serve.

An upcoming update for Sim enthusiasts will grant their Sims a brand new dishwasher. So if players decide not to get the expansion, they can at least have a way for their Sims to clean just a little bit faster in the kitchen, which comes in handy for Sims who aren't too fond of cleaning.

Meanwhile, some Sims fans are waiting for expansions similar to those from The Sims 3 that have cities, beaches, pets, toddlers, schools, and some variety in weather and seasons. There's a lot of universal ideas floating around from international Sims players about what would make the game so much better to play.

What kinds of expansions would you like to see for your Sims?


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Published Aug. 4th 2015

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