EVE Online World War Bee Kicks Off Largest Battle in EVE History

EVE Online experienced one of it's greatest battles.

Only surpassed by the great battle of B-R5RB in 2014, EVE Online has experienced one of its most ruthless, intense, and costliest battles yet -- whether you call it the Easter War, World War Bee, The Northern War, The Mercenary Wars or something else. On March 28th, 2016, 5,608 players participated in The Battle of M-OEE8. March 28th marked the most kills in all of nullsec in the history of EVE Online.

If you want to know what a battle of this size looks like see below:

EVE Online is an MMOG in which players battle, conquer, and triumph in a science fiction universe with larger than life stakes. Many players and game analysts say the battle on March 28th, was only a mere taste of what is to come, as the largest and greatest battle in EVE history is on the horizon.

The total amount in USD has yet to be calculated, however, experts and gamers are estimating the cost to be enormous. If you want to learn more about the complex history leading up to the battle you can click here.

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Published Mar. 31st 2016

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