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Some good games come to the Humble Weekly Bundle, through Arcen games. All available with Steam keys!

If you've been trailing the Humble Bundle like I do, you might already know about the Arcen Games Weekly Humble Bundle Sale. It's not as spectacular like the Humble Origin Bundle, but it does have some nice games completely worth the $5.81. Plus, all games are redeemable on Steam, giving you some well deserved gaming time.

Some games in the Arcen Bundle

A few games that should really stand out to you within the bundle should be Skyward Collapse and Tidalis. I particularly like Skyward Collapse because you can play The Creator within the game. It's like playing God, where you will control factions and lead them to prosperity and utopia. The bundle also includes a DLC called Nihon no Mura, which includes a Japanese faction. That'll definitely shake the game up compared to the normal Greek and Norse factions in the original gameplay.

Tidalis however is sort of like Bejewelled. It's a block matching game with about 115 levels and puzzles to get your brain working. You'll have some multiplayer gameplay to compare with your friends while also giving your brain a workout.

To really throw a curveball, the game Shattered Haven is also thrown in, which involves zombies. With co-op abilities you must solve your way through puzzles in this zombie ridden world, while staying alive. You can also make your own levels within the game, and enjoy some adventures.

AI War: Fleet Command is a type of space setting game where you can capture planets where you are in a war against artificial intelligence. You'll have to gather some resources and level yourself up to start battling against that AI. But be careful, as you level so will the AI and the game will slowly get more difficult.

With the bundle, you'll also receive A Valley Without Wind, and its sequel. The original game is only 2D with side scrolling features, where the sequel is definitely more high-tech with 3D and better graphics. You'll start out by rebuilding society in the first game, while in the second one is a strategy with a board game type layout.

Either way, I think this Humble Bundle will definitely be a good investment to those who like playing excessive games that spread across many genres.

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Published Sep. 6th 2013
  • CaptainBaams
    This sounds cool. Skyward Collapse and Tidalis sounds like something I would like.

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