PokeCamp Revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, New 'Mon Shown Off

The September Nintendo Direct gave us a glimpse at a new Pokemon Sword and Shield feature called PokeCamp, plus a brief look at two brand-new 'mon, among other updates.

As promised, the recent Nintendo Direct provided some new details about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield, including new 'mon, new ways to bond with them, and curry.


Pokemon Amie and Pokemon Refresh are getting repackaged in Galar as PokeCamp. PokeCamp is pretty much what it sounds like: a feature where players can take their Pokemon on a camping trip, bond with them by feeding them treats and playing special games, and even interact with other trainers' 'mon in the Wild Area. For those who haven't heard about the Wild Area yet, check out our previous coverage for all the details.

The Direct strongly recommends interacting with other trainers' Pokemon as well, but it didn't say whether it offers any specific benefits.

Curry on Rice

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl let players make special items called Poffins to help improve bonds with Pokemon and certain attributes as well. While Poffins are still a thing of the past, Sword and Shield are bringing in the "Curry on Rice" feature. Players can choose various ingredients and a special addition of heart to improve their relationship with their Pokemon, among other things.

New Pokemon


Polteageist is a Ghost type 'mon that doesn't just live in a teapot; it is tea. These Pokemon tend to live in hotels and restaurants, though it has trust issues with trainers. Only those it trusts the most can sample its tea. Polteageist's ability is Weak Armor, which lowers defense and raises speed.


Cramorant is a Flying/Water Pokemon that happily eats anything it can find. After using Surf, Cramorant finds a special something in the rising water, and if it's attacked while holding its special catch, Cramorant's ability Gulp Missile kicks in and damages the opponent again.

Some Minor Updates

The Direct showed off a number of customization options players can utilize to make their trainers uniquely theirs. Not only can shirts and bottoms be changed this time around, but outerwear and gloves can also be changed.

The trainer card used to be a static thing, a one-size-fits-all representation to the player's trainer — but not anymore. Sword and Shield are introducing customizable League Cards, where players can change the trainer's appearance, the card frame, and more.

Finally, Sword and Shield are introducing a new type of trade called the Surprise Trade. Players simply activate the feature on their Y-Comm device, pick a Pokemon they might want to trade, and then the game automatically finds a trade partner from anywhere in the world. The "Surprise" element of Surprise trades comes from not knowing what Pokemon will be received in return.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on Pokemon Sword and Shield as it develops, including our official review later this year. Catch more from the most recent Nintendo Direct over here


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Published Dec. 20th 2019

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