Overwatch Competitive Mode to be Released in June

On May 23, 2016, Overwatch game director, Jeff Kaplan announced that they aim to release a Competitive Mode approximately by late June.

Several weeks after Blizzard's last-minute decision to suspend the Competitive play mode in Overwatch, a Q&A video was posted on the company's Facebook to talk a little bit more about the future of competitive play in the game.

Featured was game director Jeff Kaplan, announcing that "he hopes to have the mode back next month."

“Our first big content update for Overwatch will be Competitive mode. I don't want to promise an exact date, because I'm sure whatever date I say right now will be wrong...My rough commitment, or 'not-commitment,' would be sometime toward the end of June—middle to end of June. We want to have Competitive mode in. We already have it in internally, in fact we were playing it this weekend and we're starting to get a feel for it.”

Changes to Competitive mode will include lengthened seasons and a reduction in the frequency of Sudden Death.

More information will be revealed as Competitive mode comes closer to re-launch. Like the Overwatch Facebook Page to stay updated on the latest news, and keep an eye out here at GameSkinny for new information as well. If you're already playing Overwatch and want to get in shape for ranked play, check out our guides.

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Source pcgamer.com
Published May. 29th 2016

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