Tom Clancy's The Division Confirmed for PC

The Division will now be making it's way to the PC as announced my Ubisoft.

Earlier this morning Ubisoft's Twitter account decided to surprise us.  We all know The Division was not originally announced for the PC but Ubisoft seems to have heard what we said.

Going to the official site you will now see a PC symbol sitting comfortably next to the Xbox One and PS4 symbols.  This was a long time coming when fans originally cried out after hearing that the game would not be coming to PC at E3.  Just like they said, they listened.

Dispite this seeming an obvious move from the beginning, they are making things right.  The only concern I feel is that the PC community is not very forgiving to obvious console ports.  I can never forget the shitstorm that ensued when it was announced that Dark Souls for the PC was receiving almost not facial lift graphically or that it was Games for Windows Live only.

Just remember folks, don't look the gift horse in the mouth.


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Published Aug. 27th 2013

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