New Pokemon games confirmed at Pokemon Direct

Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming to the Nintendo 3DS holiday, 2016.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon Red and Green launch in Japan, the next era of Pokemon games has been announced! Titled Pokemon Sun and Moon, they will be released on Nintendo 3DS this holiday, 2016. Rumored by a trademark leak yesterday, Nintendo confirmed the details in their Pokemon Direct that these games will contain a new world with new Pokemon. 

Nintendo did not stop there with the information. Using Pokemon Bank, you'll be able to transfer the Pokemon you've caught in the previous games on 3DS into Sun and Moon, This also includes the recently released virtual console versions of Pokemon Red and Blue. Players wishing to know more can visit the Pokemon Bank Page

Pokemon Sun and Moon will also be the first games in the series to allow players to play in nine languages -- Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Now more than ever, Pokemon will be accessible to the world. 

The announcement of these new titles offers interesting insight on Nintendo's strategy for 2016. With the announcement of the NX on the horizon, does this breathe new life into the 3DS or is this the last hurrah for the handheld? Many are still hoping for a console version of the famous franchise, and this recent announcement deflates those hopes. What new changes will we see?

Let us know your theories in the comments below. 


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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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