Overwatch Gives a Big Tracer Reveal in its Newest Comic

A revelation turns Tracer from a sex icon to something completely different.

The cast of playable characters in Overwatch, currently numbering 23, are beloved by all who play it. One of the ways we've learned more about them is through the free-to-read webcomics Blizzard releases. And with the newest issue, we've learned something new about Tracer.

The comic mainly features Tracer trying to get a gift, and then get home for Christmas, but her good heart keeps getting in the way, as she can't just ignore a theft in progress, and won't even buy a scarf when she sees that someone else wants it.

Down and depressed, she's surprised to find that the daughter of a man she helped has gotten her a present.

It's at this point that we meet Tracer's, AKA Lena's, girlfriend, Emily. 


      The daughter gave Tracer the scarf she was planning on getting for Emily.

Considering the hullabaloo that was started over one of Tracer's original victory poses, it is a little funny to learn that she isn't straight. People may have thought that Blizzard was using her to arouse male players -- but as it turns out, even if she was real, no guy could have her.

Lena and Emily are clearly shown to be in a happy, loving relationship, and its quite touching to see them sitting down to Christmas dinner together with Tracer's best friend, Winston.

Blizzard has previously announced that multiple Overwatch characters are LGBTQ, and now we know that Tracer is one of them.


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Published Dec. 21st 2016

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