5 of the Best PS4 Games on PlayStation Plus

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Rocket League

Rev up your engines and take to the skies in the game that surprised everyone and set itself among the best game of 2015. Introduced onto the PS4 through PS Plus, it grabbed gamers with its frantic paced, adrenaline-filled battles. Easy to pick up but difficult to master, Rocket League is an intensely layered competitive game that veterans have sunk days in, perfecting their aerial hits and goal line clearances.

The games can be chaotic, as players duke it out 4v4 in a game mode aptly titled Chaos. Or it can be calculated and cooperative in 2v2, sussing out your opponents and striking a winning partnership with your teammate.

With an ever growing community and developers always looking to give back to their strong fanbase, Rocket League is updated regularly with new maps, new cars, and new game modes like Basketball and Ice Hockey. Even if you weren't fortunate enough to grab this when it was free, it is undoubtedly worthy of a purchase. 

These are just a handful of the great games PS Plus has to offer, and they are just my personal favorites. Games like Magicka 2, Zombi, NBA 2K16 have also been available for free, covering plenty of different genres. So no matter what games you love playing, PS Plus will have one for you.

Published Jul. 3rd 2016

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