5 Creative Dark Souls 3 Builds to Prepare for Ashes of Ariandel

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Let's face it, Dark Souls 3 may be lacking in the weapon variety department -- especially when compared to Dark Souls 2 -- but it's not lacking the builds department. Since we're all not restricted to straight swords and estocs, there are quite a few awesome (and interesting) Dark Souls3 builds out there. 

If you're tired of smacking people into the dirt with Yhorm's Great Machete or ripping apart the foolish trash mobs that fall on your Carthus Rouged Anri's Straight Sword, the builds in this guide are for you. 

The simple and familiar is nice, but it can make Dark Souls 3 feel repetitive and boring. Nothing is worse when you have a fresh, morale-crushing DLC full of new baddies and bosses on the horizon. Why not get ready for Ashes of Ariandel with some crafty new build ideas? Let's prepare to try. 

Published Sep. 21st 2016

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